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Super Head Honcho Masturbator

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  • Super Head Honcho Masturbator
  • Super Head Honcho Masturbator
  • Super Head Honcho Masturbator
  • Super Head Honcho Masturbator
  • Super Head Honcho Masturbator
  • Super Head Honcho Masturbator

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SKU: CE-9573-10-3

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  OMFG! (Joe)
Absolutely amazing. Fits like a glove and feels so good. Little bit of lube and you're good to go!

  Awesome! (Anonymous)
My boyfriend loves when I use this on him. It's awesome when I'm feeling tired and don't want to give a blow job or have sex because it requires very little effort and feels awesome for the guy. Definitely would recommend!

  head honcho (Jeron)
This is definitely the best value out there if fleshlights are too expensive for you.

Product Description

Voted Toy of the Year by sex educator Sue Johanson

talk sex with sue johanson

Find out for yourself why the Super Head Honcho deserves its title of Toy of the Year, this best selling masturbator has a long and impressive list of pleasure features, making it a must-have in any collection of toy for boys.

At the detailed, lifelike entrance, the soft, squishy, clinging jelly material clings immediately, drawing you into highly textured inner walls separated into distinct pleasure chambers that create subtle, stimulating suction. The back end is open for quick and easy cleanup, though it can be covered with a finger to increase the suction even more, if desired.

Made from soft TPR, the Super Head Honcho is compatible with both water and silicone based lubes, and, as with most masturbators, you'll need lots. This material is quite porous and can't be fully sterilized, so keep it all to yourself.

  • Orifice: Vagina
  • Length: 6"
  • Special Features: Open Ended

Manufacturer Product Code: SE-9573-10-3
UPC Code: 716770051264


Customer Reviews

  Works fine (DICE)
I've had fleshlights in the past and this Honcho works just as well. The price is worth it. Clean up was easy.
If you are looking for your first toy start here.

  Cheap and does the job! (Cameron)
This is the only male masturbator that I have purchased, and this is the second time I am purchasing it! cheap and effective! I will say that it feels amazing when you are masturbating, but when I climax it almost feels like it is rubbing too tightly on my dick and it's uncomfortable. Not sure why that is. Still I would recommend it if you are average sized.

  Great starter toy (Danielle)
I bought three of these when they were on sale

Two were intended as gag gifts but the third was for the hubby. It turns out the two who received them as gag gifts love them! I also figured it would be a nice change of pace to handjobs and blowjobs. He really enjoyed it and we use it frequently now.

Easiest handjob I've ever given! Just make sure to lube up around the lips and a good stroke of the shaft so you don't end up with an ooey gooey mess of lube everywhere!

Definitely worth a buy as a good change of pace!

  WOW (Anonymous)
just got it and still weak in the knees , great price a well

  Great toy (Ryemann)
I've had it for about a week can't tell ya how many times I've came love love it

  WOW (Anonymous)
just got it and still weak in the knees , great price a well

  awsom tightness in the wife (dude with 7 kids, )
bought this 2 years ago , wife was using it on me and decided to ride it , with me in it , WOW ...
like a new pussy , if you know what I mean..

  Good for the price (olwhatshisface)
This works as intended, feels good and gets you off. I still prefer my fleshlight as it feels considerably more soft and realistic than this. That being said, for the money, this is a good buy

  Not bad (Chris)
This is my 1st purchase for a men toy and im not disapointed , its not like the real thing but it does a good job , i was worried about my size ( large 8 inch) but its was totally ok .

  Not worth more than 12 bucks. (Billy)
It is not a bad sleeve for a guy just starting out in the world of masturbators. Easy to clean, affordable and durable. The sensation is fair. Although not a mind bending experience, it will get the job done better than the hand.

  Superb (Junior)
Makes my girlfriend and I our FaceTime sessions way more exciting. Need to buy, you will not regret...

  Excellent (Anonymous)
Brought this 2 months ago and I have never regretted it.Does excellent Job.Works better with lubricant (There's a very small open hole on the other end for pouring lubricants).Three pleasure spots on the lube is fantastic.

  LOVE IT! Buy 2! (Gonzoholic)
Bought one a few weeks ago... Love it! Just bought another one to have as a back-up because I love it so much!

  like, do you not understand how to use it? (Philippe)
you lube it up and stick yo dick in it. Not complicated. No lube, yea you goin' ave prawblems. Lube it up real nice and you goin' have real good time. I agree that if you don't use lube it's rough on yo dick, you don't stick yo dick in the pussy befoe gettin' it wet do you? You gotta get that pussy nice 'n wet, then you can stick yo dick in it. Preach!

  Feels about right (BJimmy)
It's my first masterbater and can't complain too much about the thing. Had for 6 months and hasn't started to deteriorate. My biggest recommendation would be to soak it in hot water before use, not only to heat the plastic, but being wet on the inside makes lube last ages longer.

  Hard Shooter (Anonymous)
wow this things great. first time I used it I shot my load further then I have ever seen. defiantly worth it to have in the collection cant go wrong for what you pay.

  It works but.... (Anonymous)
Could they make it any harder to get into this sleeve? The orifice is super tight. Once you are in it will get you to your goal. The material is sticky feeling and picks up every speck of dust. If you powder it the stickiness goes away but you loose the transparent quality.

  Toy of the year? What year 1990? (Anonymous)
There is far better technology out there than this. It takes forever to get off with this thing. Just doesn't feel that great. Not sure why this got such high rating. I can get off faster with my hand.I bought this because of all the great reviews it got and was seriously disapointed in it's performance.May have been good in the 90's but we have come much further than this and I would recomend a flight Fleshlight or any Fleshlight over this anyday. Absolute garbage.Dont waste your money. Its cheap for a reason!

  Wow (Billy)
First time my wife and I have ever used something like this.. FANTASTIC and EASY to clean!

  Works great (cath)
My boyfriend can be hard a long time, but with this toy, last only 5 minutes. LOVE IT :)

  Super Head Honcho well named! (Anonymous)
The first one I have tried so I can not compare it to anything else. I can say though that I really enjoy this toy! Nice fit (I am fairly wide and it is not too tight) and good feel. If you are unsure - I keep thinking 'why did I wait so long!'

  Ok... but too small / thin (Anonymous)
I wouldn't rate this one quite as highly as others. It's ok, but I found the thickness and texture was not the greatest.

  This Rocks!!! (Peeps)
If you're going solo, this is so much better than using your hand, I love it.
Buy it, nuf said!

  Woah! Totally a must buy!! (Anonymous)
I have tried masturbators before, this one by far tops them all. Being uncircumcised with quite a bit of girth, most masturbators I have tried are either too tight or too 'rigid' on my sensitive head. The Super head Honcho is super stretchy and extremely soft, easy to clean, doesnt require alot of lube, and best of all its cheap. So far my time with it has been mind-blowing.

  Extreme sensations (Anonymous)
Picked this up for hubby on my last order and just gave it a go last night. He said the orgasm was completely intense. Almost too much if that makes sense. I think perhaps as its used more the feeling will become. Bit more normal and less intense. Either way its def worth the cost! Only down side is it had no care instructions, had to google how to clean it.

  Awesome (Anonymous)
I bought this to use on my husband, we've tried a few other brands but this one is his favourite. It's really great and you can't beat the price. It's great to use on your partner to spice up a regular hand job, or, if he has enough endurance, it's good to use as foreplay.

  Great Toy (Anonymous)
My first toy for me. My wife has a few. This is great for nights when the wife is out of town or not interested. I've had mine for about 6-7 months now and the only problem I'm having is that its splitting pretty severely at the entrance. It still works though.
I recommend this to anyone. Works great and reasonably priced.

  Love it (Anonymous)
Better than I expected.... first few times it got me off w/ just a few strokes. It was so smooth and tight at the top. Nothing and nobody ever finished me so fast. Now I last longer (maybe it stretched). Needs warming up to really feel nice, so I throw it in a sinkful of warm water before use.

  Great fun for us both (Hot Sexxy )
I bought this for my boyfriend as he and I travel for work and as I have a toy I decided to suprise him with this, not only does he enjoy it solo but it gives a new spark to our phone and skype sex, Its hot to watch each other play long distance. This toy is very easy to clean and it gets him off when we cant please each other, very good toy box edition

  Very Happy (HappyGuy)
Great product, i use it just as much as my two fleshlights combined!

  Good toy for two (Anonymous)
Surprised the husband with this, we've been enjoying it. Nice starter toy, not sure it is as durable as the higher priced models but easy to use and clean, and gets him off!

  Great toy for men! (Jess)
I bought this toy for my boyfriend and he loved it! Its a lot of fun.

  What is that smell? (Anonymous)
This toy reeks! I've washed it five times now and it still smells like varnish. Not exactly a turn on. The material is also incredibly cheap. I was expecting something similar to Doc Johnsons $10 jelly cockring but this is definitely not the same type of jelly. Also, the fact that there is no real product description on the box isn't really helping my confidence. I find it hard to believe that this was toy of the year. It feels alright and adjusting suction with your finger is nice but it's way too short and floppy. I'm regretting not having spent the extra $5 on a better toy from another company.

  Good - but durability...? (Anonymous)
This was my first toy for myself. I'm not sure what I was expecting, but I don't think this quite achieved what I was hoping for -- but it's still waaay better than old Rightie!
The material is a little "odd" as others have mentioned. Not unpleasant, but there's no way you'll be confusing it with the real thing. I'll have to try the corn starch trick A2Z mentioned to reduce the stickiness. I also wish it had a little more "grip." It stretches nice and wide, but the material is simply too stretchy.
Covering the open end to improve suction can definitely help improve the sensation. (Not to mention control the mess!)
My biggest concern is that I've only used it a half-dozen times and the material is already splitting at the "mouth." I suspect that turning it inside out for proper cleaning is too much for it. I'm concerned that it won't last long.
I also like A2Z's suggestion of trying this out as a "toy for two." Have to give this a spin with my wife some night!

I ordered something similar before..and it was ok..but the reviews on this were so great and the price was, that i had to try it. As soon as i got it..i was like WOW...!!!! i hid it from my wife for like a month..haha.. then showed it to her..and we tried it out..i was off in less then 4 min. it's easy to clean and rinse. i love love love this!

  Unbelievalble fantastic! (NavyDad!)
This is absolutely fantastic! My wife likes to use it on me. Before her arm and hand would cramp long before I would be satisfied. Now, that never happens! Wow! Best buy ever!!!!

  Amazingly surprised... compared to... (Pleased Customer)
I've just recently become a fan of toys, and my first purchase was a fleshlight which I used for about 2 weeks and decided to try another product. I gave this one a shot based on it's very affordable price. I was for lack of a better term... BLOWN AWAY. This toy is amazing, it feels incredible and actually does feel like a tongue on the inside. It's texture is a bit weird compared to the design of a fleshlight but it feels much much much better to me. My advice, lots of lube.... my first impression was that it wasn't going to work well because it's actually fairly difficult to get on your buddy downstairs but once it's on there and it's sufficiently lubed it feels amazing. I highly recommend this to anyone who wants an affordable toy. I'm at work right now on the laptop actually excited to go home and use it again haha.

  Awesome! (Anonymous)
My boyfriend loves when I use this on him. It's awesome when I'm feeling tired and don't want to give a blow job or have sex because it requires very little effort and feels awesome for the guy. Definitely would recommend!

  OMFG! (Joe)
Absolutely amazing. Fits like a glove and feels so good. Little bit of lube and you're good to go!

  head honcho (Jeron)
This is definitely the best value out there if fleshlights are too expensive for you.

  Great Buy! (J (Canada))
I bought this in the states to replace my FL and wasn't disappointed. While it's not as good as a real FL it was a good replacement that got the job done+.
Really easy to clean up too!!

  Over-rated (Charley)
Curious as to how Sue could evaluate this properly. It is too short and for some reason does not stimulate as well as others I have tried.

  Not Bad (Anonymous)
Make sure ya warm it up first, gets a bit cold -but works great!!!

  Should have got one long ago (dopenerd)
This toy is awesome. i have seen them for sale for a long time and had thought about getting one . Instead i went for the fleshlights.i should have got this before because it feels as good as half of my fleshlights and is a fraction of the cost.i also like it more than the tenga soft cup or eggs.

  Amazing (A2Z)
This is an excellent product. The texture is sticky when washed, but a little corn starch make it soft and silky. The open end is a big advantage as it facilitates cleaning and gives full control on suction pressure and timing. It also feel good to play with finger inside from the open end. Pushed in to the maximum, the cock emerges at the open end and give extra pleasure. It can also joint two for shared feeling -use condom. Lot of possibilities with imagination. A great toy. Highly recommended.

  So so (Guyco)
This masturbator is not bad at all actually. The material is pretty soft and the inside texture feels pretty good. However, you cant compare this with a fleshlight. The only downside is its durability.

  nice and tight! (annonymous)
Just a little lube will do and everything glides right in! the 3 chambers make it a nice feel and you can plug the hole at the end to give it an even better suction. Its really nice and soft as well.

  Great! (annonymous)
I bought this toy for my husband. He loved it! Said it was very realistic feeling. Easy to clean out as well. Come on girls, lets not forget our boys need there toys too!

  Not as good as orginal (annonymous)
The hole in the top prevents suction so it does not feel as good as the original Honcho- but still good

  Not a disappointment after all (NM)
I bought this item because I loved the original Head Honcho. I agree with the previous review that the hole in the end ruins the suction sensation like which is provided with the original. However, put a piece of duct tape over the hole and go at it. Pull the tape off and it is actually easier to clean than the original. A little longer in length than the original which is nice. Made from very soft, stimulating material.

  First toy and what fun its been (Firstimetoyuser)
It isnt going to replace the the real deal, but it comes pretty close. Rest assured guys it will get you off every single time, paired with a good waterbased lube and your off to the races. I am away from my girl quite often and this has been welcome edition for a little variety and something new, I highly recommend it.

  Super Head Honcho VS Head Honcho Update (TheFiend)
ok! well I have used a few months now and I really get a sense of what each toy does, I seem to like Super Head Honcho better. Its longer so I can get my penis in as far as it goes which the Head Honcho falls short at. The texture is less abrasive than the Head Honcho and needs less lube. All in all if i were to pick one up right now, THIS is the one I would pick up... the Head Honcho is great in itself, but if I had to choose one, I would choose the Super Head Honcho... Now they need an Ultra Head Honcho which would start out like the original head honcho, then change to the texture of the super head honcho....... that would be heaven!

  Amazing (Steve)
I suffer from phimosis meaning my foreskin doesnt retract all the way. There's scar tissue around one side and it can only retract about half way. Ive always wondered if I could use one of these devices without pain and finally decided to give it a try. Much to my delight, I can. I couldnt slide in all the way, but I slipped a finger inside and pushed my penis in further until it was full inside and it worked great. The sensation, the texture etc... Are amazing. Highly recommended.

  First toy did not disappoint... (Matt)
This was the first thing I have owned/used just for myself and I thought it was great--a little lube and you're off to the races. Plus its super super easy to clean! The soft gel feels great and the suction control you have with the open end is fantastic. In the few times that Ive used it since owning it Ive already learned different techniques that give different sensations. Bonus fun can be had by getting your significant other to take it for a spin on you :

  Mind blowing! (Doug  Canada)
OMG I never thought a toy would feel this mind blowing! The best is when you are about to cum hold the base down and pull on the the top above the head of the penis and watch your man/yourself have a climax of epic perportions! Easy cleanup and only hint... use lots of water based lube!

  Yeehaw!! (Annon)
This was well worth the purchase for fun time with the hubby....it will work great for when I am away as well...excellent toy for excellent price.

  Super Head Honcho vs Fleshlight (Dan)
If you cant make up your mind, here are some things to think about. FEEL - Not as realistic in feeling or appearance as the Fleshlight material, but still way better than your hand. LENGTH - This holds 6 inches of your junk, but can easily be stretched during use to accommodate bigger dudes. Fleshlights have a usable 9 inches with no funny business. CLEANING - Cleaning a Fleshlight sleeve, case, 2 caps, and optionally 3 vibrators with the Vibro models can be a huge hassle, whereas the super head honcho is one piece, and only requires a quick rinse-through. VARIETY - The flesh-light has a hard enclosure, that contains any fluids. Well, that is mostly true, but with a LOT of lube, fluids can actually be forced out the base cap, closed or not, with the air pressure from your thrust. Anyway, the case allows you to pin it in or between things for hands free use without worrying about lube going everywhere, whereas the super head honcho must be held by you or your partner. CONCLUSION - If price and ease of maintenance or your deciding factors, the super head honcho is a wonderful, easy to clean product at a third of the cost of a Fleshlight. However, if you want more options for use, are exceptionally well endowed, or you want to the closest thing to your partner? A Fleshlight heated up in very warm water before use is as good as it gets. Both products are top-notch in their own ways.

  Wow (Jeramy)
Its this first one I have bought-Used it right away! And Fucking awesome!! But after a few weeks. Used 3-4 times a week. I saw Rips in the tip... Now it has a few holes in it. But great toy and lasted me a good 4-5 months.

  Better then the original (Jay)
Compared to the original Head Honcho this one is better in every way. It feels better, is easier to clean and longer inside. Not quite as good as a FleshLight, but a great starter toy for a lot less money.

  Great toy for him (Annonymous)
I bought this for my husband who is completly against toys, has this ever changed his mind. He was hesitant to let me try it on him, and actually will get it out for himself now. It has opened up the endless possibilities of toys and fun in our bedroom. Just ordered another to have for a back up...

  first toy (Annoymous)
When I first got this toy is was different for sure. But got used to it and have enjoyed it everytime and with great end results!! Easy to handle and use. Although it started to rip and a hole appeared near the top. I think the soap I used to clean it caused that. But I found it was better and easier too use than the Fleshlight.

  great stuff (annonymous)
Feels like a really soft pussy...for the price, you'll enjoy it....

  Fantastic (Annonymous)
Better than my Fleshlight. great for first time sex toy. starts to wear out after a whle, but hey, its cheap.

  Does the job (annonymous)
Hard to get on, have to use lube. Should have a cap on the end to reduce the mess.

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