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Crystalessence Gyrating Penis Vibe


Waterproof Crystalessence Gyrating Penis

  • Waterproof Crystalessence Gyrating Penis
  • Waterproof Crystalessence Gyrating Penis
  • Waterproof Crystalessence Gyrating Penis
  • Waterproof Crystalessence Gyrating Penis
  • Waterproof Crystalessence Gyrating Penis
  • Waterproof Crystalessence Gyrating Penis

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Crystalessence Gyrating Penis Vibe


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ITEM: CE-0727-14-2

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love it (syrena)

i think its the perfect size, its got a nice vibe to it, not to strong or weak. realistic. me likes

ask me and I tell u (Robert )

I love it feels so in my ass

ask me and I tell u (Robert )

I love it feels so in my ass

Product Description

A classic vibe featuring uniquely deep, rumbly stimulation and a super-slick flexible touch, the Gyrating Penis vibe will enhance any collection with it's lifelike shape, gorgeous transparent purple surface, and fabulously powerful multi-speeds.

Placed up near the tip, an embedded motor transfers stimulation directly to whichever body part is lucky enough to be in contact with the Gyrating Penis' smoothly tapered head. A simple spin dial at the easy-grip ribbed base varies the intensity quickly, letting you or a playmate effortlessly customize the vibrating effect.

Made of safe, slick, subtly plush and phthalate free PVC, this vibe doesn't need much in that way of maintenance, it cleans easily and can be used with either a water or silicone based lubricant. Requires 2 AA batteries (sold separately). Waterproof.

  • Length: 8"
  • Insertable Length: 7"
  • Girth: 6" at largest point
  • Width: 2.5" at largest point
  • Materials: PVC
  • Battery: 2 x AA Batteries
  • Special Features: Waterproof, Flexible, Multi-Speed, Phthalate Free
  • Color: Pink

Product Code: SE-0727-14-2
UPC Code: 716770026699


Customer Reviews

great but dies (Samantha)

i love it this was my first ever purchase and i was not dissapointed the only thing I do not like however is how fast the batteries die

Got me to where I needed to go :) (Anonymous)

Ordered this and within two days received it. I was so surprised. Needed to try it right away and love it!

Not the best toy I've had (Anonymous)

As far as dildos go it's an appealing visual design - the dildo's size is fine but the head of the dildo is hard and the ridge of the un-cut head actually hurts and feels like it's bruising me... which takes away from the delight of the the dildo itself. If it were softer and the head a little less pronounced it would be perfect. Understandable that it's good for some people but it just hurts me too much for me to really have fun with it. Oh well!

Wonderful (Anonymous)

Just big enough to make your eyes pop open. The vibration feels amazing. Instant fun!

Buzz (Anonymous)

It was good for the price

Amazing (Anonymous)

In love !!! Great buy.. Best bang for your buck .. I promise ;)

Love it (Candi)

This toy is my new favorite. It hits all the right spots for me with its vibrations and gyrating. The price makes it an even better deal. Definitely worth every penny.

Just ok (Jackie)

I have mixed feelings about this vibe. The size and length was exactly what I was looking for. But the vibes are not that strong and drains the batteries super fast. Kind of a disappoint in that sense. When used with another toy it is a great insertable but not my fav. :/

Pretty Darn ok! (Tara)

Size is on large size but very good with lube! Shape is good with veins. Vibration is strong and perfect. The only maybe complaint is it's a little too plasticky feeling... But really not that bad. It is however a dildo

Great for penetration (Anonymous)

Great for internal play! It has a very week motor but a very realistic feel. Great when used with other toys!

I'm in Love (Anonymous)

This one is awesome! Good vibrations and for me, I don't need to lube. Woohoo!

vibe (Laura)

This vibe is pretty fantastic. Feels great!

Huge!! (Ash)

I was not expecting this to be as large as it was! It personally is a bit big for me, it takes a lot of warming up to play with it at all. Otherwise, it's really nice and super powerful. The smell was initially pretty strong, but after a few washes it is fine! Definitely a great vibe for people who enjoy girth.

not bad (Anonymous)

girth, length great.. gyrating meh

Satisfied (Anonymous)

Love the feel of it, especially compared to a metal or hard plastic vibrator. A little wide for my personal preference, but a good buy overall :)

Best vibe ever! (Ladyfingers)

Never again will i have to buy another! Even without batteries it fills me up so good! I cum in a matter of minutes!

Happy Wife, Happy ......... (R&R)

Got this and a couple of other toys, she loves them, this being her favorite one though. We love alternating between different ones, and WOW. I would definitely recommend getting one of these in your repertoire.

happy boyfriend! (anon)

Got this for my girlfriend sort of doing the long distance thing. It was her first dildo and she absolutely love it.

its alright (yuki)

It doesn't have much power I was a bit disappointed but other then that its great :)

Awesome (Anonymous)

Is fantastic!! My first and I am quite pleased!

So amazingly!!! (Anonymous)

Wow. This is such a fantastic toy. Loved it. I never had such a great orgasm like I did with this. It hit all the right spots

Girlfriend loved it (Anonymous)

It's better then just a regular vib good size but the way the batteries go in is a bit cheesy

Not so big (Jbus)

I thought this thing would be larger given the complaints in the review of being to big it's the first larger toy I bought to use on my wife I was hoping for it to be a bit larger then my own but it's smaller. Should be fine tho I'm not sure if she will even like it but im pritty confident she will cuz mine don't vibrate it is a bit flexible too.ill let u know how she goes;)

It is pretty big (Anonymous)

It doesn't girate, is kind of hard, vibrations aren't super strong but it gets the job done. I've put this one away as I feel it is too large for me to use regularly

Best. Vibe. Ever. (Anonymous)

I can't recommend this enough. I've had a few vibes over the years, and all of them have been way too loud and almost none of them have been powerful enough. This one is totally different - remarkably quiet, and yet it has great vibrations. I also love the size and hardness, but I can see how that would be a bit much for some people.
I loved it so much I went back and bought another, because no vibe lasts forever and if my first one broke and I couldn't find another I'd be super sad.

love it (syrena)

i think its the perfect size, its got a nice vibe to it, not to strong or weak. realistic. me likes

ask me and I tell u (Robert )

I love it feels so in my ass

ask me and I tell u (Robert )

I love it feels so in my ass

Play Date (Chamara)

Perfect for pleasuring yourself and even better for creative nights with the Mr/Mrs

Play Date (Chamara)

Perfect for pleasuring yourself and even better for creative nights with the Mr/Mrs

favorite (Anonymous)

this is the second one of these i've bought, and it is as great as i remember it being. the vibrations come from silver piece in the top only, instead of the whole thing. it really does gyrate instead of just vibrate. my favorite out of any toy i've ever owned. big, but with a little finesse it will fit.. and then amazement!

first toy ever (Anonymous)

Size is perfect. Power could be a little stronger for my preference but thoroughly enjoyed it

Too big (Honeybee )

I love using it on my clit as I cannot get it in me! I'm tight! I still make good use of it!

Okay (Anonymous)

A little big, and not enough vibration. Any amount of pressure slows it waaaayyyyy down.

Omg <3 (Anonymous)

This is an amazing item. I was looking for something a little larger then a lot of the vibrators out there and this is perfect! Thick and long and it is shaped very realistically. Fun colored and I love that it is water proof and I can bring it in the shower. It is also very quiet but has just the right amount of power.

It's okay (Anonymous)

This toy is pretty big. It's definitely not for a beginner. I was pretty disappointed with the power -it's pretty weak. However, the size is great when you need something a bit bigger.

A must have (Alicia)

BIG (literally) big hit in my bedroom.. Its definitely a must have.. size was a little intimidating at first but lots of lube and its is amazing.. i definitely have a favorite!!

Shocking! (Rjylen)

Some days I love this toy; other days I find it really uncomfortable.
Even with lubrication, it's girth is a bit overbearing for me, however sometimes it feels fantastic. My husband loves using it to play with me due to the reaction I make when it's inserted.
I feel like if it were padded more, it wouldn't be so bad; but it's quite hard. If the head were slightly squishier, and had a bit more padding around the shaft, It would be near perfect. However right now, the firmness of the toy makes it incredibly uncomfortable when it gets pushed past my pelvic bone.
The vibrator runs out of juice really fast (probably about after 3 turns) and once it's low, it won't work until you turn it up to the highest setting, and then sometimes it can shock you with the intense vibration (not in a good way, since it's not gradual).
All in all though, I did enjoy the way it stretched me from the inside; I felt really full and I love that feeling. I'd only make it more padded with a softer silicone, and it would be pretty near perfect.

Not bad (Anonymous)

I got this on sale last year; I was really intrigued with the size. It's a bit too big for me though - only just. That's not necessarily a bad thing though; my husband has a lot of fun with my reaction when he uses it to play with me. I really do like how it stretches me from the inside when it's in.
My only complaints:
It's a bit too hard - it's uncomfortable when it gets pushed past my pelvic bone, but once it's in, it's alright. If it had more padding it would be nearly perfect.
It drains battery UBER fast; I'm not sure if this is normal for a toy, since I'm a newbie, but I only used it about 3 times before it ran out of juice. When it's low on power, it basically won't work at all until you turn it up to full and then WHUP it's a bit surprising, haha.

Feels amazing!! (Anonymous)

It is a bit too thick to fully insert, but the vibrations are to die for. Wouldn't recommend for someone looking for a first time toy or in need of something small. Works best for clitoral stimulation in my opinion. But well worth the money!!

Little too big (Anonymous)

Loved the color & feel but it was too big! Not length, but could not get it inside! I do make use of it 'tho!

pretty sweet (Alex)

worth the money you spend on it. wish the vibe was a little more intense but that's just me. very amazing vibrator though.

Nice but did not wow me (Anonymous)

This vibe is very pretty!- with the vibrations there is no real difference and it didn't really make me explode like others have. It works better as a dildo then a vibe but that's just me.

A little too big (Anonymous)

I was super excited about this toy, but it's a little too big and the ridge on the head is too hard. Would be better if it was more squishy.

AMAZING!!! (Anonymous)

I ordered it Tuesday night. And got it Friday morning. I told myself I would wait to try it out a couple of time. But to write this. I didn't. I used it once. And I know it's lovely. Worth the money! This was the 2nd toy I purchased. And I don't know if I will need another.

for a first toy, omg perfect (Anonymous)

I love this! Totally worth the money. Love the power, length and girth, not to mention the ridge of the head. Love love love this vibrator. Gorgeous appearance too <3

For a first toy it's pretty good (y) (Becca)

I purchased this vibrator along with another product on this site and by far I have to say I love this vibe. It's not too strong but not too weak, perfect grith and length, pretty, and actually does not have a bad smell to it, it was worth the price. I def like it.

AMAZING (Anonymous)

First toy I have ever bought and omg i love it


Perfect size!!! Perfect Vibe!!! Very nice toy......only reason i did not rate a five star is because it has quite a strong plastic smell......BUT AWSOMEEEE

quite nice! (andrina)

little firm, but of so good once you get into it ;) definitely a favorite in my collection!

FANTASTIC!!!!! (Anonymous)

This is an amazing toy. It fills you and touches every inch- its amazing.I HIGHLY recommend!!!!!!

Your Own Little Private Party <3 (Anonymous)

Best toy ever! Not only is it packed with power, it is so quiet no one would suspect anything (Especially if you have roomates) I wish I could give it Ten stars!! This vibe was worth every penny spent! Definitely my go to vibe :)

Not for first timers (Shay)

This was my very first toy, and I was a little taken aback by the size. I ended up only using it for clitoral stimulation, as it's a little too big for this little lady. Its quite quiet.. which is great. :)
Aesthetically, very pretty. Its a fun toy to bring in the shower. From a first time toy owner's perspective, I would not recommend it to other first timers, but if you've had them before, and are looking for something a little bigger, I would recommend this.
My only other complaint is that if used for more than 10 minutes, the battery cover/speed dial does get quite hot.

Hits the spot! (Anonymous)

This was the first toy I have ever ordered and I love it! I picked this one because I thought it looked pretty, but boy! It's more than just pretty! The size and the vibrations are excelent! This is my go-to toy

I didn't like this one :( (Meli)

I tried it It was a little too thick and I didn't like the way it moved in circles. I wanted to try it just wasn't my thing.

Good Buy (J)

Very good buy, My wife absolutely loves it, especially since it's waterproof it has made for some very exciting showers. Smell is a little overpowering at first but as you use it you don't even notice it

worth it (kar)

this is toy is popular in our bedroom. the vibration is pretty strong, nice size, great price and its cute. the only down side is the smell.

A Fav (Tracey)

A great toy for the price... very enjoyable!

Highly Recommended! (PJ)

Wow, this is my new Favorite Toy for sure! I love the realistic feel, specifically the ridge around the head. The gyrating just makes it better. I thought some of the other reviews were exagerating but I was wrong; they were totally right. The size and length are perfect and it hits all the right spots. The vibration control is well placed and easy to control. Don't wait to get one, you wont be disappointed.

AMAZING TOY! (Cadessa)

My husband bought this for me. Its now my new favorite vibe for playtime with hubby or solo!! EVERY time. It has a satisfying firmness to it and the vibrations really are strong, On max speed you can feel it in your whole pelvis. My only objection to this toy is that it does have a little rubbery smell to it, but I've had toys that had a stronger smell so I'm still rating it 5 stars! Highly recommend this toy to anyone who wants a good hard orgasm!!

Great!!! (Tash)

Great toy. Ive never had an orgasm as powerful as the one I had using this toy. The head hits the spot just right, I would have liked the veins to be a bit more defined but that's not a big deal at all, the gyrating makes up for it. The size is perfect. The gyrating is what makes it such a good toy. There is next to no smell to it. The material its made out of is very smooth and its not sticky. Great addition to my collection. Its quite possibly my new favorite.

<3 (Missy)

I love this toy so much more power then I thought it would have...this is my fav toy to take in the shower <3

Feels so good!! (annonymous)

The size is fantastic, and the vibrations hit the right spot!! The smell is a little off putting at first, but the price more than makes up for it!! Would definitely recommend!!

Wifes First (Dave)

This was the wife's first toy. The first time she used it it gave her multiple orgasms. The thickness is perfect for her as is the length.I have found out that she loves it so much she sneaks some free time while I am at work to play with her new toy alone!!.Has a bit of a rubber smell to it.. if it didn't I would have given it a 5. Another nice thing is its waterproof. Great toy for the price.

Hot Damn! (Chucky)

I purchased this product for my wife and she had the most powerful g-spot orgasm that she has ever had since we've been married. She immediately told me that this was her new favorite toy. She was very impressed with the ridge on the head of the toy combined with the gyrating action. The length and girth are perfect. Excellent toy for the price. Highly recommended!

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