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Astroglide Liquid in 5oz/148ml

Astroglide in 5oz/148ml

  • Astroglide in 5oz/148ml
  • Astroglide in 5oz/148ml
  • Astroglide in 5oz/148ml
  • Astroglide in 5oz/148ml

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Astroglide Liquid in 5oz/148ml



Great (Anonymous)

Does the job

Slippery AND Wet (Anonymous)

Works great!

Slip n slide (Anonymous)

First time I've bought lube and I used it with my silicone vibrator. Works great, doesn't smell bad, and need very little at a time.

Product Description

One of the best known personal lubricants out there, Astroglide is popular for good reason. It's very light, yet extremely effective as both a lubricant and a moisturizer for vaginal dryness. Very long lasting, water soluble, ph balanced and designed to act and feel very natural, this lube enhances any sexual experience, be it with toys or a partner. Astroglide is completely safe for use with condoms and most toy materials. 

  • Size: 5 oz
  • Special Features: Unscented

Product Code: AG010533
UPC Code: 015594010533
ITEM: ASTRO-010533


Customer Reviews

Best Lubrication (Anonymous)

I absolutely love astroglide for use with fleshlight toys. This lube is amazing!!!

good product! (OhHenry!)

My gf had no bad reaction at all with this product.
astroglide is long lasting water based lube, won't stain clothes and almost odor free. Works well with latex, silicone toys and for sensitive skin.
BUT this lube tends to spread itself all over the place! a little goes a very very long way! very nice product and when you first try it : go very gentle on the amount you wanna use ;)
to be honest when we use this lube we make sure to have a towel close to us.

Simple yet Effective (Anonymous)

Such a good lube. No funny business!

Parfait avec fleshlight (Heyvans)

Se lubrifiant est tres bon mais faite attention il coule comme de leau sur les partits intimes ... J aime bien utiliser une seringue a lubrifiant pour l inserer a l interieur de ma copine sinon il tache un peu les draps :)

astro glide enough said (900mike)

The name speaks for itself. Great lube no issues

Good Stuff (Norm)

It's good for a lot of uses, but I wouldn't recommend it as anal lube. It's too light a solution for that. Otherwise, it's great.
Weird fact: According to Wikipedia: "...formulated... while working on the cooling system of a space shuttle at Edwards Air Force Base in 1977" (hence the brand name). This guy was obviously thinking of a different rocket at the time. :-)

Don't you put it in your mouth (Count Cockula)

This classic lube has been around the block for a good reason: it is ooey-gooey and lasts forever.
However, it tastes awful and throws off everything.
As such, this stuff is amazing, just don't put it in your mouth!

best lube ever :) (Ray)

use to be able to get this in local stored . i was very happy to see they sell it hear. thanks

Great lube! (Anonymous)

I totally recommend this as a little goes a very long way! It can get messy if you pour too much so be careful. But it is great!

Best lube (Anonymous)

It's the best lube I tried

Top Lube (Anonymous)

That's my favorite lube and price's is very good!

best ever (Anonymous)

used ten different lubes this is by far the best for all positions and great with the boy toys too

Perfect lube (BV)

Lube is very slippery and last a long time.
taste is not bad

This stuff isnt sticky at all (Anonymous)

definitely worth it!

lube (James)


The Best ! (phil)

I loved this product! I've tried so many personal lubricants and this one is by far the best. You need to use only a little bit, which means the product will last longer. I won't use anything else now that I've tried this product!

Glide,, the glide (Anonymous)

Is the best lube you ken have
Just a little ,and they do the job,,

Mr (Yas)

The product is excellent

Great stuff (Anonymous)

The best!

Slip n slide (Anonymous)

First time I've bought lube and I used it with my silicone vibrator. Works great, doesn't smell bad, and need very little at a time.

Great (Anonymous)

Does the job

Slippery AND Wet (Anonymous)

Works great!

amazing (mike)

i have been using this lube exclusively for years now its perfect, no smell super slick, good with toys, easy clean up. love it

The best (Anonymous)

We have tried several lubricants and keep coming back to Astroglide for its lightness and silkiness.

Effective (Anonymous)

Works as intended. Definitely worth a buy

Good but... (Anonymous)

The lube is really good except it doesnt taste very good and if you get some on areas the arent always wet during sex it dries out real fast and becomes sticky.
The parts that werent exposed to air like the penis and inside the vagina seemed to stay slippery.

can't go wrong with this classic lube (Anonymous)

it's been around forever, and it just works.
my partner is sensitive to many lubricants and this one does the job nicely without causing irritation.
easy 5 stars for a quality product

Best lube ever (Sherry)

If you like extra slick non-sticky lube that won't dry out then this is a bedroom must-have. IMO the absolute best lube on the market and will not disappoint you and your partner.

The best (Rjc)

Try a lot of lubes, this one is the best

Damn good lube (Anonymous)

Great lube. Been using it for years.

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