How to Use a Bathmate: A Video Guide

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When things are heating up in the bedroom or wherever the magic happens, the last thing a guy wants to think about is if his package can truly deliver. That’s why we offer products that enhance what you’re working with so you can always seal those sensual deals.


If you’ve been wondering how you can add a few extra inches and make your penis rock hard without taking drastic measures like surgery or medications, we have the solution—a Bathmate penis pump. Now before you roll your eyes and groan, hear us out. This isn’t an as seen on TV at 2 a.m. deal, so you won’t get a huge case of disappointment and a free toaster with it.

About The Bathmate Brand

Based in the U.K., Bathmate has sold more than 250,000 penis pumps in more than 70 countries yearly for the last seven years. And given the reported results, it’s no surprise that they sell so many. Bathmate’s penis pumps have been shown to help increase size, produce stronger erections and help improve sexual endurance. According to the company, if you use the pump on a regular basis, you can increase your penis length up to three inches and beef up its girth by 30 percent. Wow. Bathmate surely is doing its part to make the world a happier place! When it comes to Bathmate reviews, our customers have summed it all up by simply saying, “Cool!” and “Very good!!!”


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Bathmate Penis Pump Quality

Bathmate thoroughly tests their pumps throughout the production process to ensure there are no dermatological issues. The company uses high-quality materials like body-safe silicone, high-strength polycarbonate and stainless steel to craft each pump. This gives users peace of mind in knowing that every Bathmate penis pump has been engineered with quality and safety in mind.

"How To Use A Bathmate" Video Tutorial

We know you’re here to get pumped up. But before you get started, we recommend that you take some time to get familiar with your Bathmate penis pump. Read the instructions and take note of its construction. Also, see how the pump feels once you slide it on.


PinkCherry offers Bathmate’s HydroMax7 series penis pumps. These pumps are designed for penises that are up to seven inches when they’re erect. So, make sure you fit inside it comfortably or your penis enlargement dreams will deflate pretty quickly.

We could explain how to use a Bathmate, but we figured we’d spare the extra keystrokes and show you how to use one instead. So, we’d like to present this very helpful instructional video from PinkCherry’s YouTube channel to help you get started.



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