Prostate Toys & Massagers

The prostate gland is an ultra-sensitive erogenous spot in the anus with one of the highest concentrations of nerve endings and pleasure receptors. It's no wonder then that prostate toys can create multiple mind-blowing orgasms in men. A vibrating prostate massager provides the ultimate power, stimulation and targeted sensations for a muscle-clenching, sheet-twisting good time. Tap into your p-spot today.

80 Products

    80 Products

Pick Your Prostate Pleasure

New to prostate toys and prostate play in general? Don't worry. Simply lube up your finger and slowly insert it into your anus about an inch or two. Feel around for something about the size of a walnut. Once you tap it a little, you'll know you've found it. When you get comfortable exploring 'round the mountain, you can begin to use prostate toys. A really good prostate massager can hit multiple spots in the anus while still targeting the prostate with vibrations or pulsations.

Prostate toys come in a variety of colors, shapes, sizes and vibration levels. At PinkCherry, you can choose from long, slender styles to gradually swollen probes with maximum thickness. We even have kits that can take you from beginner to advanced with everything you need to explore and enjoy anal play. And for all-around stimulation, you can't do better than a vibrating prostate massager. Shop our titillating selection of prostate massagers and anal sex toys today to satisfy your deepest desires.