Nipple Nibblers Tingle Balm 1.25oz/35g in Strawberry Twist

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Product Description
A sweetly flavored lickable treat from Jelique, Nipple Nibbler Tingle Balm adds lots of chilly toe-curling tingle to erogenous zones, from lips to nipples and beyond. Inspired by the taste and scent of plump strawberries mingled with sweet vanilla sugar, playmates won't be able to keep lips and tongue off each other.

Gliding smoothly over and around desired areas, this foreplay-ready enhancer sweetens the skin, adds  eye-catching glossiness, and creates that namesake tingle. Apply to the lips pre-kiss or massage directly onto nipples, nape of the neck, clitoris and otherwise to complement playful licks, nips, tugs and pinches.  Vegan and cruelty free.

SKU: CL-250429 | UPC: 638258250429 | MPN: JEL2504-02 (123)


SKU: CL-250429 | UPC: 638258250429 | MPN: JEL2504-02 (123)

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Based On 6 Reviews


I applied the balm on my lips before going down on my man, unbeknownst to him, and it made things even more pleasurable for him! Definitely will be purchasing this delightful product again.


Great taste

I got this stuff to try and we really love the taste. My wife also likes it on her nipples great stimulation and also moisturizes great.
it's also great when she wears it as a lip balm so I would buy again for sure


This is fun!

My partner and I love this product! I use it on my body and on my lips when I want to give my man special kisses anywhere, especially down there! It's fun! Feels good, tastes great... Sure, this is an edible treat intended for use on the nipples, but to say that's all is like saying, "Don't press that button!" You know you wanna... Unless, of course, it's a safety concern. Applying the product directly to anywhere but the nipples may be too intense for some... Overall, it's a good naughty product for your collection. I recommend it!

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