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My boyfriend and I went to multiple sex shops to find me my first ever vibrator within my price range of $30-$60. This little thing caught my eye in the first store we went to but was out of my price range ($120)!!! It ended up being the only vibrator I liked in any of the shops. We went home and searched it up online and found this guy for $60 here. Its completely worth the price. I got it in the mail a week later and charged it for about 12 hours after taking it out of the box and my boyfriend used it on me the next day. I didn't even last a minute before I came! 100% worth the price and makes me want to buy more We-Vibe products. However, I can see where the complaints with the magnetic charging cable come in. I couldn't tell whether or not the tango was done charging or had stopped charging in the middle since there being no light could mean either. I wish the light would change to a different color when it was fully charged. Other than that it is a fabulous product. I can't stop raving about it to my best friends!



I just love this so much! I've had several toys in the past where the vibrations didn't feel strong enough but this baby right here is intense! Plus, it's USB rechargeable so you save money on batteries. A single charge lasts about an hour which is enough to get me off several times (I don't bother with the other fancy settings. The 2nd & 3rd vibrations feel strong & comfortable). The sound isn't too loud & it's quieter than most vibrators out there. This vibe is now my go to favourite & I've pretty much neglected all my other toys.


The perfect travel companion!!

Quite, powerful and a pleasure to use

Product description

Presenting absolutely breathtaking power, eight distinct vibration functions and a petite, discreet shape that was created to fit perfectly into just about any pleasure pursuit imaginable, the luxurious little Tango more than lives up to the world-renown We-Vibe name.

Designed for the most precise external stimulation you could desire, this lipstick-shaped massager, following in the couple-centric We-Vibe's footsteps, is a wonderful choice for shared pleasure during sex and foreplay,  but holds tons of appeal for adorers of toe-curlingly strong, pinpoint accurate solo stimulation, too. Shaped into a smooth, sleek shaft with a flattened slant to one side of the tip, the Tango fits easily, comfortably and naturally in hand, letting you (or your lover) control the placement and pressure just right as you revel in the indescribable power and silky smooth touch. For couples trying out toys in the bedroom for the first time, this is perfect, the tiny, natural form can fit between two bodies, letting you share sensation for more of a 'together' experience than some other toys offer. 

As for the eight modes of vibration, they're nothing short of miraculous, making the rounds from four steady vibe options, at 3000, 36000, 4200 and 4800 rpm's respectively into pulsating and escalating patterns of Tease, Wave, Pulse and Cha Cha. The sheer force of the motor is mind-blowingly authoritative, the Tango, when switched on, literally spins in hand, so you can imagine what all that power will do when nestled against the body's sweet spots. A soft interface underneath controls the vibration, a simple push gets things going and cycles through the stimulation options.

No matter how you choose to love your Tango, your enjoyment will be worry free, thanks to the completely body safe, non-porous ABS plastic material that makes up the discreet little shape. Hygienic, hypoallergenic and phthalate free; it's very durable and will last a long, long time with a minimum of effort. Water-based lubricants are the recommended companion to your Tango experience.

Environmentally conscious and convenience-loving pleasure seekers will adore that Tango is newly USB rechargeable, charging easily with a innovative magnetic clip base that attaches effortlessly to the control interface subtly located on the underside of the vibe. Simply plug the opposite end into an available USB port, or compatible adapter. A tiny LED light will flash orange while charging, and will stop when the charge is complete after about 90 minutes. The Tango will please for up to two straight hours on a single charge. Fully waterproof.

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  • Length: 3.25"
  • Girth: 2.1" at largest point
  • Width: 0.75" at largest point
  • Materials: ABS Plastic
  • Power Source: Rechargeable, USB Rechargeable
  • Special Features: Hypoallergenic, Multi-Function, Phthalate Free, Rechargeable, Smooth Surface, USB Rechargeable, Waterproof
  • Color: Blue

SKU: ZWEVIBE-015883 | UPC: 839289015883 | MPN: 26119 (167)

SKU: ZWEVIBE-015883 | UPC: 839289015883 | MPN: 26119 (167)

Ratings / Reviews

Love it....hate it

It's great. Rumbly and gets your that o in no time. But the charging mechanism needs some serious redesign. This is the second on I've bought. Both died in about 6 months.



I usually settle with cheaper toys, but I thought I would splurge and OH MY GOD worth every dollar!!!!! I usually have a hard time reaching the peak... but definitely not with this. Didn t take long at all, and it worked SO GOOD. Even the lowest setting is insane. Literally a life saving vibrator.


Great product, with caveats

The good: this is the absolute best vibe ever, if you like pinpoint vibes. Hard to believe from a tiny little bullet vibe, but it s true! The vibes are rumbly, it s quiet, it s rechargeable. I love it. The bad: being rechargeable, the battery doesn t last forever, and after about 2-3 years it will be basically unusable and you will have to replace it. But I loved it so I did recently replace it. I was not terribly impressed with my recent purchase, however. It seemed like the packaging was a bit cheaper, and they skimped out on including a printed manual, and instead direct people to the website. I m worried if they re skimping out this way, did they cut corners with the actual toy itself? Time will tell. There s also been some complaints that the charging cord it difficult to securely connect. With my previous toy I had no issues at all, the charger was fine. With this new one, they seemed to have sent a different charger, and I understand what the complaints are about: it is VERY annoying to get it attached just right. So I m a bit disappointed, and I m worried this innattention to detail extends to the actual toy itself.... but I would probably still recommend this product. Maybe wait until it goes on sale.


5 stars!

Much smaller than I expected but not a bad thing. The Tango is amazing. I usually have to turn others up to the highest setting and this one is great on the lowest. Kind of pricey but worth it!


Super Powerful

How can something so small be so powerful? Being somewhat new to using sex toys after 20+ years of marriage, we weren't quite ready for how powerful it was. My wife has only been able to use it on the higher settings a few times. For the most part, the first two have done the trick. In fact, we ended up buying the WeVibe Touch as an alternative and in the end, this was more my wife's style. Still very powerful, but the silicone absorbs just enough of the power that she finds that one a little more preferable. Don't get me wrong, this one still gets plenty of use, but for her only the lowest, most rumbly settings are used. A big bonus is that this can be used as a replacement bullet for Tantus toys and others. Trust me it really makes a big difference. It will definitely put a big smile on your face. Overall, it's a great vibe and my wife loves the low rumbly settings on this one.


Holy Jesus. Buy them all.

Mind numbingly good. Everyone should have a Tango or ten.



I find I actually prefer a bit of buzz in my vibrators, but they do tend to numb me. The Tango is VERY rumbly and strong, and feels really friggin' good. It gets me there quick and it's overall a unique and fascinating toy! Definitely recommend.


Very good

Very strong and super easy to hold, love alone or with a partner.



Writing this on my phone from bed very satisfied, came in just two or three minutes flat when usually it takes at least ten...

Very, very good little vibe for anyone who likes very strong vibrations, and I mean STRONG. This thing is like, scary when it's on it's highest speed. (And scary good...)

Good for pinpoint and the patterns aren't so bad as well, plus wevibe gives a year warranty guaranteed. I was skeptical, but now I'm definitely not. Treat yo self!


Game changer

This thing is incredible. Its highest setting is stronger than anything else I've ever felt, and its other settings provide a great gradual buildup to that highest setting. I don't really enjoy any of the patterns except for the wave one where the intensity eases down and back up again over and over.
I literally got rid of all of my other vibrators once I got this vibe, and I don't regret it. This is my go-to. I normally can't come from clitoral stimulation alone, but this thing can make me come by just itself and it does the job SO well. It's a nice small size, SUPER easy to clean, and so friggin' quiet. The highest intensity can be a bit more audible if you're not under covers, but you can easily cover the noise with some music.
Only complaint is that sometimes it can be hard to get it to attach to the charger, but it's well worth that minor inconvenience.
I highly reccommend this if you're looking for a powerful vibe with a more discreet size.



Quiet, small and discreet but still packs a powerful punch. My one complaint is that the charger is flimsy but beyond that, it's a fab toy!


The absolute best

I have recently repurchased this vibe because my previous one developed charging issues. I have no qualms buying it again as I've had it for over four years before having any issues. After using an assortment of products I can confidently say that many things lay unused as why bother with anything other than perfection!


Great! Though watch out for overheating

Very rumbly, powerful, yet small vibrator. I'm not one for patterns usually but the 4 pattern options aren't bad. The magnetic charging base is not the best since the magnetic connection isn't particularly strong.



This is one of the only toys I've replaced more than once. Because I use it that often. This is my go-to vibrator, very strong and compact! I highly recommend it if you're on the market for a bullet shaped vibe, it's far superior to any battery operated cheapo vibe I've encountered... and far stronger than some of the more expensive "luxury" brands as well.


Best investment ever

OMG. best describes this product. My wife absolutely loved it. It is her go to you for all play. Quiet powerful. Rechargeable is the best. It's discreet. Can be hidden in your purse or pocket and brought out at any time. Everyone should have one of these in there tickle trunk of toys.


Best bullet on the market

This bullet vibrator is brilliantly designed and of the best quality. Never fails to please.


Small but Mighty!

I love this little thing - very strong, and fits perfectly in my hand! Personally, I don't take advantage of all of the settings (yet!) but I am very partial to the first three! I like that it remembers where you were when you turned it off, but that can be a bit annoying when you accidentally changed settings and need to cycle through (not enough to lose a star though!).


Incredible !

One of my favorite sex toy ! It's friendly user and polyvalent. I recommend it to all my friends. Nice to use in couple.


The wow factor

This is my go to toy allways it's great strong small and really gets the job done. My only complaints are the charging doc doesn't allways stick and over time the battery doesn't last as long


Thumbs up

This little beauty will replace your cheap one-touch bullet vibes for inclusion with plugs and dildos or it can even be used on its own, it's no slouch. It has taken up residence in my purse.


Turbo time

As frequent travellers My wife and I are always looking for compact, and strong, wife satisfying toys. This one is perfect. I have only used it a couple of times but I am batting a 1000. It has more power than we need but we are still exploring its potential. Strongly recommend.


Best Clit Vibe

The WeVibe Tango is a really strong, small, rechargeable bullet type vibe. Great for use with partner because its quiet and small, doesnt get in the way. Easy to charge no issues with the connection like the old version. There's steady vibrations and patterns. Its very strong be warned ;)


Mommas new bundle of joy

This is the third tango we have had and it's incredible. Multiple orgasms are easy. The only issue is that eventually the battery doesn't hold a charge, which at that point makes it useless. Even still it's highly recommended as the most powerful mini vibe ever that's small enough to be used during sex.



What's left to say? The secret is in the rumble. My only complaint is in the recharging system; In order to have it charge, two tiny magnets have to make contact with two tiny connections in the charger. It can't stand up while charging, so if it rolls a bit, the recharge connection isn't made. But that's just a small negative. This was money well spent.


Best Vibrator EVER

If you're looking for a vibrator for clitoral stimulation or the like, get the tango. This is the BEST vibrator I have ever tried and I honestly believe I will EVER try. Wonderfully rumbly with 8 different setting (4 are vibration patterns) to bring you to climax easily. My boyfriend and I use this together and I plan on buying a second tango (or maybe even the touch) so that I don't have to keep bringing it to his house and back to mine to use alone. This vibrator is my new best friend and I even told my friends all about how great it is. 10/10 recommend to anyone and everyone!



As a sex toy reviewer, I own over a hundred different toys and this bullet is the STRONGEST bullet in the whole sex toy world by far. Recommended by most of my colleagues, and by me. It is extremely rumbly and can get me off, even if I require an incredible amount of power to actually cum from a vibrator. Very portable, charge lasts a long time and not that loud. It is also completely body-safe and fits into any Tantus vibrating dildos, and works way better than the Tantus bullet vibe included. If you want to spend your money on something good, spend it on this. It won't disappoint and is worth every penny!



It's so good, this is the second one I've bought. The battery on the first one stopped holding a charge after about 2.5 years, but this model is so much better than any other I've tried so it's worth it. Less expensive to replace it that often than use AA batteries anyway. Powerful vibes, very quiet. 10/10



Over the years I have ordered a multitude of vibrators for my wife; bullets to rabbits and everything in between.Each one carefully chosen after pouring through user (and sometimes "professional") reviews. Despite the research, less than 50% of the toys made it to a second date. Too weak, too buzzy, too smelly, too loud. Of the vibrators put into regular service all compromised in some way, usually by creating a racket when generating the deep, powerful throbbing that my wife sometimes needs. Though they did the job, they seemed cheap, regardless of price.

With a 7 day cruise planned this spring I went hunting for the Holy Grail; something discrete, powerful and quiet. The Tango has met those needs perfectly. All others we have tried are "toys" in comparison. The Tango is a pleasure device / sexual implement / professional orgasm tool. During the first go my normally demure wife managed to utter two phrases "It's so quiet." and "Oh my f*cking GOD!" Mission accomplished. Worth the money.
As another reviewer wrote, the rest of our collection will likely collect dust.



I love this line of toys! The Tango bullet vibe is soooooo powerful!! Great to use with any toy or just by itself!!! Worth every penny!!!



If you like (or require) powerful exterior stimulation, this is for you. Fully rechargeable, fits easily into your hand and is discreet. You're gonna love it!