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Ultra-real or discreet, vibrating or simple, sized true-to-life or pocket-friendly โ€” there is a male masturbator for almost every mood. Lucky for solo strokers and partners looking for handjob help, this means that no matter what kind of night (or day, or afternoon) it may be, there are countless styles, shapes and sizes of masturbators to suit every taste!

191 Products

    191 Products

The Evolution Of The Male Masturbator โ€” Everyone Needs A Helping Hand

Masturbation has been around since the very beginning. C'mon now, do you honestly think that people were able to keep their hands off of their pleasure parts for thousands of years? We think not! Keep reading to learn more about how male masturbators rose in popularity over time.

How Attitudes About Masturbation Have Changed Over the Years

Masturbation is depicted in early cave paintings and ancient myths. Many early cultures even considered it a normal and safe way to curb sexual desires. Then, somewhere along the line, a bunch of "experts" and religious figures had to rain on everyone's parade. According to them, people who enjoyed solo action were sinful or weak-minded. Hyper-conservative Victorians even referred to masturbation as "the solitary vice." It's obvious these people were just uptight, close-minded and too proud to admit that they might enjoy a little self-induced pleasure like anyone else.

Fast forward to today. The floodgates are wide open and we are #blessed to have a wide assortment of sex toys, like male masturbators, that help take masturbation sessions to the next level. It's cool that people now view masturbation as healthy, natural and essential. That's why we want to help make all of those different strokes for different folks pleasurable, intense and downright fun.

Male Masturbator FAQs

Below, you'll find some of the most frequently asked questions we get about male masturbators. Who knew masturbation required so much contemplation?


What is the Best Male Masturbator for Discreet Use?

PinkCherry's selection of male masturbators includes a variety of options that are pretty nondescript. You can choose from our Pocket Pool strokers that are small and perfect for travelers, or something like the Jackits Throttle Stroker which is a plushy and squishy sleeve-type masturbator. We also offer a variety of cup masturbators that just look like a typical container. No one has to know how you get down if you don't want them to with discreet male masturbators like these.


How Often Should I Clean my Masturbator?

To prevent a gross buildup of semen or skin irritation, we recommend that you clean your toy after every use. Be sure to follow the cleaning instructions that come with the product to help prolong the life of your male masturbator.


Can I Use My Masturbator in the Shower?

It depends on what your male masturbator is made from. Some materials perform better dry and with a little cornstarch powder on them. Others work well with water-based lubes. And models like the Apollo 30 Function Hydro Power Stroker can be mounted in the shower.

Discover the Best Male Masturbator Options Around at PinkCherry

We want every jerk, tug or rub to make you feel like you've never felt before. So here, you'll find a diverse selection of sleeves and strokers in all kinds of textures to enhance the good ole five knuckle shuffle.

Need a break? No worries. We also have auto stokers, hands-free masturbators and life-sized masturbators that can be propped up and penetrated. From the most simple pocket stroker to the ultimate fantasy doll, we've got male masturbators for everyone. Read through our honest customer reviews for a little inspiration, browse the best sellers or refine your search by new arrivals to find the perfect male masturbator for you. And if you have any questions, contact us so you can finish strong.

Male Masturbator Tips & Advice

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