Sex Toys for Couples

We’d never hint that maybe, just mayyybe, your sex life could use a bit of a boost. A tiny shot of adrenaline, if you will. Now, if, by some wild coincidence, it turns out that your bedroom COULD benefit from a little extra something, you’re in the right place! Our Sex Toys for Couples category, aside from being our most popular, is where you’ll be able to find a huge array of toys, tools and tricks to inspire, rejuvenate or just make a great thing even better.

287 Products

    287 Products

Sex Toys for Couples

Pleasure parties for one are fun, but throw another person into the mix and you’ve just upped the ohhhhhs. When you make sex a team sport, it’s important that you have the right equipment to be victorious, and PinkCherry's selection of couples sex toys will help you both keep your heads — and bodies — in the game.

A Few Ideas for Doubling the Fun with Sex Toys For Couples

Our carefully curated collection of the best sex toys for couples includes vibrators, dildos, pegging sets, anal toys, romance basics and more, all designed to help you share and feel the love — and the pleasure, of course! Are you new to couple’s play or do you need some fresh ideas to spice things up around the house? We are here to help. Here are some exciting things to try with your partner.

Flip It and Reverse It

Some people like to do date night the traditional way. You go to dinner then a concert or a movie with the end goal of coming home and having sex. If you’ve only done date nights that way, try doing things in reverse order. Start your evening off with a steamy shower together. Then, make your way to the bedroom for a quick, yet super-hot sex session. When you’re done (and hopefully not too tired), get dressed and head out for something to eat or to catch a show. This way, you both won’t be just waiting to tear each other’s clothes off when you get back home because you already started the night off the right way.

Shop For Couple’s Sex Toys Together

Sit down on the couch or snuggle up in bed to browse all of the best sex toys for couples that we have to offer. Check out classics like The Original Magic Wand for vibes so good that they’ve been reported to strengthen relationships. If you like your encounters on the sweeter side, try some edible massage oil. Tickle each other’s fancies with a feather crop, or form a lasting bond with Clone-A-Willy and Clone-A-Pussy kits. The possibilities are endless when you shop with us. Just make sure that you have an open mind and a healthy sense of adventure when you add those special items to your cart.

Don’t Make Fantasies Taboo

Communication is always key to any good relationship, whether it’s casual, committed — or sometimes a little complicated. Regardless, in order for things to click in the bedroom or anywhere else that you want to let those sexual inhibitions loose, you have to talk about the things you both enjoy or have always wanted to try.

Don’t be surprised if one of you mentions something that’s totally unexpected. If that happens, don’t be dismissive. Listen to each other and figure out the best way to try your fantasies in a manner that will make neither one of you uncomfortable. For instance, if one person has always wanted to have sex in a public place and the other is not totally on board with that, find a happy medium — some couples sex toys, like a remote control vibe or cock ring, can be discreetly used and enjoyed in public. Like we mentioned before, couple’s sex is a team sport. All the players have to be ready and in the mood to perform so the team can win!

Need A Referee? We’ll Call the Play!

If you have questions about any of our store policies, check out our FAQ page. For questions about any of our sex toys for couples, contact us today. We look forward to helping you find what you need to score that big O.

A Few Frequently Asked Questions About Our Sex Toys For Couples

Folks often have questions about our products, and since there are two of you, you might have double the amount. So, here are a few Frequently Asked Questions related to our couples sex toys.


How will I know what my partner likes?

We can’t stress this enough, but communication is the key to great sex. Talk to your partner and simply ask what they like. Going this route is much better than just buying items on a whim and trying to coax your partner into using them. If they’re not comfortable from the start, you’re going to end up with an awkward situation. Be upfront so it can be all-good in the bedroom.


What kind of high tech couples sex toys do you sell?

If you’re looking for cutting edge products, we have ‘em! For instance, the We-Vibe Sync & Tango Anniversary Collection has two toys that can be controlled from a long-range remote or Bluetooth, Wi-Fi-enabled app. You can control the fun from across the room or even from around the world. We also have a wide variety of remote-controlled vibrators to choose from.


We like kink. Can we find BDSM toys?

You sure can. PinkCherry doesn’t discriminate. You can find cock cages, bondage kits, nipple clamps, sex swings and much more in our collection of sex toys for couples. We have something for just about every style of play. You’ll find BDSM items in our couples section and in our bondage section.

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