PinkCherry Silicone Kegel Balls in Black/Pink

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Not just for great sex...

As some may know, after children lots of women have problems leaking after a sneeze or whatever. Using these has improved THAT particular problem quite a bit. Plus the sex....hmmmm :)



These are nice. Very pleased with my purchase.


Wife loves these!

She's wanted to strengthen her pelvic floor and this definitely does the trick.. she loves these, this was an excellent purchase.. you won't be disappointed!

Product description

PinkCherry's uniquely luxurious take on the classic ben wa tool was specifically created for comfortable, thrillingly stimulating wear and supremely sexy results. Tucked securely into a velvety silicone girdle, two of four available weighted spheres inspire contractions of the vaginal wall, an effect that, over time, helps to strengthen and tone and pelvis floor muscles responsible for sexual pleasure, control and orgasm enhancement.

Offering several combinations of weight, the Silicone Kegel Balls come complete with a choice of four interchangeable spheres, two at 20g (.7oz), one at 30g (1oz) and one at 40g (1.4oz). Beginner kegel practitioners should generally start with a lighter combination, graduating to a heavier duo when ready.

Made of an incomparably hygienic, safely hypoallergenic Pure silicone material, the Silicone Kegel Balls set is ideally suited to delicate skin, plus, the nonporous surface cleans thoroughly and easily. Silicone is notably temperature-receptive, so the Balls will warm quickly to body heat and can be manipulated further temperature-wise with a soak in heated or chilled water before play. Always enjoy a great quality water based lubricant in combination if needed, avoid silicone based lubes and contact with other silicone products.

* The Silicone Kegel Balls set is 6 inches (15cm) in total length and 3.5 inches (9cm) in insertable length.

SKU: ZPC-000047 | UPC: 823259000047 | MPN: TB-2931-03-368 (761)

SKU: ZPC-000047 | UPC: 823259000047 | MPN: TB-2931-03-368 (761)

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Love the way they feel inside. Hubby is very happy with the results as am I!!



Hubby bought them for me. I was skeptical. You can notice the change over time. The abilty to switch the weights out is great.
They worked great for me. I thought after kids i was going to be wider forver. Now im tighter than before. He loves it too.


Great for beginner's

Perfect for newbies. (Although I am already kinda tight, so the two biggest (20g) are a little too big for me. Easy to use and clean.


Incredible product!

Was pleasantly surprised! 4 balls, different weights! Silicone is easy to clean, these are SOOO much fun to wear around the house right before your hunny gets home!


Good, but not for me.

So I m new to kegals, and I did a lot of research, and it said that one ball is for a beginner and two for experienced it people who haven t had kids. So I got these because I haven t had kids. But I found that there was no real effort... they don t take any skill or flexing to stay in. I tried the heavery weights as well, but same things. I will say, that when the weight shifts and you feel it rattle it is nice, and when you wear them outside your home it feels like you have a secret and it gets my engine revving. But for the purposes of legal exercises, I don t know, maybe a different material?


Jiggle jiggle

These are kind of fun! I wore them around for a little over an hour and found myself a bit aroused when the jiggled. The cord is really convenient for taking them out and I'm glad there are different weighted balls. I believe squeezing the kegel muscles while having them inserted is required in order to improve results


Great for as you get stronger

As someone who has 3 kids and wants to make an effort to strengthen my pelvic floor but didn't know where to start, this product has been really great!


Two tumbs up

Good and cheap option that is pretty cute and effective


Great for beginners to the practiced

As someone with a strong pelvic floor I sometimes struggle finding something heavy enough to work well for me. This set does that, with the heaviest balls in I find I soon have to remove from fatigue.

Having the different weights makes it easy to find a weight that works for you and gives you a chance to increase as needed.

The silicone is super easy to clean.


They work!

Helps your pelvic floor. The only thing I find difficult is putting the balls back into the girdle otherwise great product and very discreet you could wear them anywhere.



The first set I received was faulty, but this one was perfect :)



Perfect for first time users. Easy to clean and maintain. Very happy with my purchase.


Nice new sensations!

I got this to help me loosen up a little down there and help achieve orgasm though penetration in the long run.Using lube, it's easy to insert and remove. Great quality and easy to clean. I LOVE the feeling of the metal weights inside the balls moving around as I walk around the house and clean, fantastic!



These are very esay to use and the extra weighted ball is an added plus


Great but Not for me

My first time trying anything like this. I would say that unless you are past middle age or have had kids, you won't need them. Even the smaller balls were no challenge so I will not be using them anymore. If you do think you could use them, I do recommend them! they are very soft, comfortable, and easy to use.


Love them!

She couldn't stop talking about how much she loves these!



I like the fact that there are different weights.


The best thing ever

I've owned a similar set and I'm hoping these live up to my expectations but I have no doubt they will!!!


First timer

After 3 babies, my wife decided she could perform some kegel exercises.
I bought this low-priced balls just to see how it works, but it reveals to be just perfect. The biggest ball wont go out of the vagina even if she doesn't use her PC muscle. But the small make her work. After 3 days, I already see a difference inside her.
Plus she loves the feeling when the balls move inside her.


Nice but I expected more

These are very nice, they feel smooth, comfortable, and they have little weights inside that move when you move which is my favorite part. At the same time, somehow I expected to get more sensation...
On the box it also says that there are two 40g, but there are two 20g and only one 40g (as specified on the website).



Absolutely Perfect! I have other sets all being steel but found them heavy. These are perfect for beginners. They have weight progression and being silicone are easier to hold. I find I spend more attention to these as I did to steel ones so the muscles work more. I will order the next weights up now. I also find the price to be very affordable.