Traditional Vibrators

The classics are classic for a reason, especially when it comes to traditional vibrators. These tried-and-true vibrators will knock your socks off with their many modes of vibrating, throbbing and tickling pleasure. Check out our traditional vibrator selection below!

55 Products

    55 Products

Traditional Vibrators: Anything But Basic

A traditional vibrator may seem like a pretty basic sex toy at first glance, but you'll discover just how incredible it can be once you actually use it. Traditional vibrators can be simply smooth, phallic or just plain wild shapes, covered in bumps and beads designed to make you feel pleasure unlike anything you've felt before. The Original Magic Wand is one of the most beloved traditional vibrators around, and we highly recommend you give it a whirl!

What really makes traditional vibrators so great is on the inside, though. The vibrators at PinkCherry offer easy-to-use interfaces that let you switch through multiple modes of throbbing, vibrating and thrusting until you find your perfect rhythm. Others have just one or a few settings for when you want to quickly get down to business. No matter which type of traditional vibrator you choose, it's going to take your next solo or partnered session to the next level. Browse all of our incredible vibrators today!