Satisfyer 2 Next Generation Clitoral Stimulator in White

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Quick fix

I m very hard to please but this had me cumin back to back


Oh wow

Was a little skeptical when I turned it on and put it to my arm to feel the power of this thing. But once applied to the area of choice the fun began.
First setting was blah, midrange to top speed and this little machine will get you going.
Cycle through the settings to build up or go straight for full power if you just can't wait.
Now the decision is should I use the satsfyer or the Hitachi? What a dilemma!!!!


Satisfyer 2 Next Generation Clitoral Stimulator in White


Product description

Created specifically to inspire pinpoint clitoral stimulation, the Satisfyer 2 Next Generation combines a strategically scooped silicone treatment tip with innovative pressure wave technology and a fully waterproof design.

Angled ergonomically from the firm handle, the Satifyer 2's silky little tip scoops and circles the clitoris with incredible precision. As opposed to same-old vibration, this stimulator employs subtle undulating suction and throbbing pressure that resonates deeply and extremely pleasurably. Aside from the toe-curling sensation that results from proper placement, the Satisfyer 2's noise level drops dramatically when in perfect position over the clitoris.

A dedicated power button activates 11 speeds of whisper-quiet operation- the Satisfyer automatically defaults to the lightest intensity, push the +/- buttons to proceed to higher levels or wind back down.

In body safe, ultra hygienic silicone and ABS plastic, the Satisfyer 2 cleans easily using warm soapy water or a good toy care fluid/foam. Gently remove the circular treatment tip to cleanse thoroughly. Compatible with any great quality water based lubricant- avoid silicone lubes and contact with other silicone toys and products. Requires 2 AAA batteries (sold separately. Waterproof.

  • Length: 7.25"
  • Girth: 8.5" at largest point
  • Width: 2.75" at largest point
  • Materials: ABS Plastic, Silicone
  • Power Source: Batteries
  • Battery: 2 x AAA Batteries
  • Special Features: Hypoallergenic, Multi-Speed, Non-Phallic, Phthalate Free, Smooth Surface, Temperature Sensitive, Waterproof
  • Color: White

SKU: ZSAT-015085 | UPC: 4049369015085 | MPN: Satisfyer 2 NG (575)

SKU: ZSAT-015085 | UPC: 4049369015085 | MPN: Satisfyer 2 NG (575)

Ratings / Reviews

Holy smokes!

This toy certainly lives up to its name I'm definitely satisfied, and *how*!


Nothing like it

I have tried a variety of clitoral vibrators before and this is just at a whole new level for pleasure.


Name suits it.

It lives up to its name. Wam-bam- thank you mam , it does the job nice and quick. And does it good.


Everyone needs one of the Satisfyers

I've heard countless things about these products so I bought this one. Let me tell you, it lives up to its expectations and I completely understand why people rave about these. This one is a bit more odd to use than the second one but it is just as powerful regardless. Amazing addition to my collection, will try to convince everyone I know to get one of these little magic toys...


Wow! Worth the hype

If you re debating whether or not to grab one of these, do it! You will not regret it. I ve never came so fast in my life using a toy, this will definitely be a new favourite.



5/5 highly reccomend. This toy did not disappoint. Took a few minutes to figure out placement, but when I did, it only took about 45 seconds to orgasm. I've already tried it 3 times today . Can't wait to take it in the shower with me tonight.


2019 Get A Clitoral Stimulator

Best I ve ever had, literally will never stop using this. Had three orgasms within 1 minute, men ain t shit.



totalement incroyable


Well shitttt

10/10 must buy. My friend told me I needed to get this product but I was hesitant because it looks like a weird space pipe. Ladies, do not let its look fool you. Buy it and blow your mind. It feels like nothing I ve even tried before and I m hooked. Treat yo self


Wow doesn't even cover it

Best money I have ever spent on a toy, hands down. This was my first time trying one of the clitoral suction type toys, so I didn't really know what to expect. It took a minute to navigate, but once it found the right spot - OH MY GOD. I have never has an orgasm from a toy like that before, and definitely not so quickly! BUY IT. BUY IT NOW.


Intensely Awesome

Very different to any other toy i have tried. It's loud. But, once you get a good seal it is much quieter. Waterproof is great, easy to clean and i will definately try it in the bath! Sleek and easy to hold. Comfortable around the clit - it's nice and soft with no sharp edges. So far, I've only used it up til the 6/7th level - and even then it id intense! Orgasms using this are not like any i'd had before. I have to have a small break between orgasms... but after 5 i am too sensitive to even touch with my fingers. Overall - awesome product. Have already reccommended ti a friend!



wife enjoys it but very noisy


Fun toy

This toy is nice with the different intensities. Easy use and feels amazing.



The best toys


Oh my!!!!

Less then 2 min this marvelous toy had me squirting!!! I absolutely love it!!!!


We can't rave enough about this product!

If you just test this device on your hand or fingers you'll be disappointed, it doesn't seem to produce any vibration or suction at all. I almost sent it back.

But apply it to her clit, and a whole new world opens! This sounds like an exaggeration, but it's not. My girlfriend, who has by no means any trouble cumming, came in well under a minute. Adjust the speed downward, and stretch out the pleasure much longer.

This little pleaser gets daily use, and we both couldn't be happier. I'm going to buy a few more including the couples model.



Let me just say this product REALLY lives up to its good reviews.



Been seeing this on my emails for a while now. Finally bought it for my wife. She s was a little hesitant at first, but once she turned it on... she fell in love pretty quick! Got her soaking wet and made her cum hard and even made her squirt! Buy it! Buy it now!!


Very weak suction

This did not work as expected. There's virtually no suction and certainly no movement. Very low quality.



Great toy. Easy to clean. Better for solo play. Got me from point a to point c in less than three mins


Great Buy

Really glad i purchased this. Very intense orgasm from this. Was debating buying a wand or this and I m glad i bought the satisfyer


A different kind of toy

The product delivers as promised. it appears to be very intense. Timely delivery. Reasonable price. I am pleased.


Just buy it

If you have a clitoris, this (or some other edition/variation of The Satisfyer) is the best thing you can buy for it. It doesn t create real suction but it feels just like it, which is miles better than direct vibration. It can take a little finagling to get into the right position, but it will be obvious when you do because it becomes nearly silent and feels AMAZING. If I m feeling lazy and don t want to tease myself, I can come in as little as 60 seconds. I also imagine this would be a great product for people with very sensitive clitorises (clitori?) due to the indirect nature of the stimulation, and how gentle the first few settings are. I ve used the lower settings a few times to practice having multiple orgasms, which I ve heard is a skill more than a gift. We ll see about that, but the toy itself is great. The silicone nub/mouth is very easy to remove for cleaning, and the overall design is cute. It s silly but I like that it matches all the other white and rose gold things I own



ok yes this toy is AMAZING... but it is VERRRYYYY loud.


Pleasant to use and actually works

My girlfriend was skeptical about this at first, but tried it out. Totally works! Brought her to orgasm in no time. Really nice that it's so quiet compared to traditional vibrators. Highly recommended.


Decent but not mind blowing

I'm a little disappointed in this tbh. I'm not sure if I haven't been able to get it in the right place, and I've tried a few times but it just doesn't do it for me. It works great on your nipples though.



Bought this for the wife solely on the previous reviews read. THE HYPE IS REAL !!! Within minutes she was orgasming over and over again ! She never had a problem squirting before but this toy brought it out of her like Ive never seen before ! Trust me, this is worth every cent ! After a week of using it we are already upgrading ! Buy it now, dont even think twice !



Wow. This is an amazing toy. So intense. Everyone should have this toy. Best thing out there.


I squirt!!!!

This toy made me squirt. I didnt think that such a small do it but boy did it ever!
Husband held it and had me gushing all over his hands.
The best toy to had to any womans collection



I love this toy!! It s not as quiet as I hoped but it feels sooooooo good. I have had the most powerful orgasms from it. It still takes me a while to finally climax, but I think with more use that will change. Amazing!