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Mood Lube 4oz/113g in Water Based

Mood Lube 4oz/113g in Water Based

  • Mood Lube 4oz/113g in Water Based
  • Mood Lube 4oz/113g in Water Based
  • Mood Lube 4oz/113g in Water Based

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Mood Lube 4oz/113g in Water Based


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Wonderful product (Anonymous)

I have tried lubes before and they always cause pain. This lube lubricates and does not burn. I was very happy with how well it worked.

Kick ass lube (mike)

This lotion really makes you cum. Best one I have ever used.

L (Anonymous)

Water-Based. Love this lube! Great amount for the price. This is our go-to lube.

Product Description

An ultra versatile lubricant from Doc's fantastic Mood collection, Water Based can be used to enhance just about any sexual situation.

Crystal clear and extra slippery, Mood's plush easy-spreading slickness blends with and complements natural lubrication, eliminating unwanted friction during sex, foreplay and toy exploration. The non-staining, paraben free formula is compatible with all toy materials and perfectly safe for use with condoms.

  • Size: 4 oz
  • Special Features: Masturbation Lube, Unscented

Product Code: 1362-09-BU
UPC Code: 782421006778
ITEM: DJ-1362-09-BU


Customer Reviews

Great lube at a great price (Anonymous)

This is a great basic lube. Water-based so it's super versatile, with no funky smells, and washes off really easily to simplify cleanup.
For the amount in the bottle, the price at the time I'm writing this is unbeatable value. I'm using it both for anal toys and a pocket pussy with no complaints (but like all water based lubes you may need to re-apply from time to time).
The pump on the bottle takes some fiddling and is really quite bad, but the product in the bottle is excellent. Highly recommended.

Amazing in the shower (KB)

This lube is great. Found that it doesnt become thick or sticky like some other lubes tend to get. Used it in the shower a few times and feels amazing. For the price vs the quantity, this is a must buy for your next purchase.
Very happy with the product and will be ordering again.

Awesome!! (Ashley)

I think this stuff is great! I bought my next bottle already and love that a little goes a long way PLUS it's water based which makes it even better.
Totally a great price and worth it!

Sweet price! (Klavi)

Added this to my first order to help towards free shipping. Needless to say, for the ammount of lube you get, and the awesome low price, it's a win-win! other then that, it's a nice high-quality water based lube in a cool bottle; with a handy dispenser too. Pick a few up, you're gonna need it! Plus at this price, there's no better choice.

Good lube. (Anonymous)

I dont have much to say other that its a very good lube, it washs off easily , it lubricates very well and the price is good also.

Just like the reviews say! (Anon)

Great price for what you get! I ordered 3! Great product (I honestly don't write reviews like these much, but get it while the goings good!)

Great lube :) (DirtyLittlePrincessWhore)

I LOVE this lube! The price is amazing as well :) Also it feels great and doesn't feel sticky either.

Cool lube (Anonymous)

Yes very usefull but small cons: the applicator is really awful, can't be used easily.

Good Mood! (Erin)

This is a pretty awesome lube. It’s got a lot of slide without the slime. Not to thick, it doesn’t re-constitute with water as well as glycerin based lubes, but it doesn’t leave residue, If I massage a few drops into my hand it soaks in like moisturizer! It works just fine with my sensitive skin and the pump bottle is always a plus.

Best purchase so far !! (amber)

Ordered this because I only owned silicone lubes, and could not pass up this sale (96% off, what?!) This lube is amazing. It's lasting, it leaves no residue, it's not sticky (like silicone lubes can be), and its completely safe to use with almost all toys!! The amount in the bottle is such a great deal. It'll last me quite some time, even with regular use. The pump is mess-free and gives a generous amount. Even the taste isn't even horrible.. although I don't recommend using this the same way you'd use a flavored lube. haha Once I get through this bottle, I will definitely be buying another !

Nice dispenser and good for the price (BJ)

My first lube beyond KY and while being much better than that I can't help but feel that there's better lubes for slightly more. The dispenser is excellent. For the price it's hard to beat but I'm going to spend a couple more bucks and see if there's better.

just slick enough (Amanda)

this is by far my favorite lube! very little needed.

Great Lube (Iris)

Have to agree with mostly everyone else here -- it's a great lube that's not at all sticky and a steal at its price, but the pump dispenser leaves something to be desired if you don't want a good sized dollop each time.

Great Lube! (Sarah)

Lasts a long time and it's very gentle on the skin. The price is excellent for the amount you're getting. It cleans up easy and doesn't stain. The pump function is great and it really doesn't stand out as an adult product on your shelf. I've already ordered a second bottle!

Great lube (Anonymous)

This stuff works great and was a little thicker than expected which helps control where it ends up. The pump bottle is also perfect for controlling how much gets used. Like all water based lubes I've used it does require reapplication after awhile but for the price it can't be beat.

Loveee this lube!! (A)

I ordered this on sale once to try it, and have been hooked ever since! It's not sticky, stinky, or staining to my sheets, lasts as long as I'd expect from a water based product, and cleans up easily. I love it!

L (Anonymous)

Water-Based. Love this lube! Great amount for the price. This is our go-to lube.

Nice (Anonymous)

nice glide for the money

Wonderful product (Anonymous)

I have tried lubes before and they always cause pain. This lube lubricates and does not burn. I was very happy with how well it worked.

Kick ass lube (mike)

This lotion really makes you cum. Best one I have ever used.

Very good lubricant (Anonymous)

I'm not the type to use a lot of different types of lubricants as Some lubes are too sticky or too this or have an odor that's a turn off. This product is neither of these and works well for me. Just enough slickness.

Fantastic lube!! (Ashley)

I am such a huge fan of this lube. The dispensing, the texture, the consistency, the clean-up.. It's just fantastic and especially for the price! I can't wait to try the other types of Mood!

Perfect (MA)

Just a good solid lube, comparable to Astroglide at a fraction of the price, not sticky great for all kinds of action.

price for amount is great (Anonymous)

great lube that washes off and wont leave a sticky feel.
always stock up on this while on sale

Perfect lube! (Keven)

This water-based lube is fantastic, last a good amount of times before drying, not sticky, don't become weirdly white creamy when drying (some water-based lube does and I throwed them!), easy to rinse and clean simply with waters. Safe for all your toys! Only thing I was disapointed about, the pump of the bottle is not working AT ALL! I had to transfer the lube in another empty bottle.

not sticky! (Anonymous)

this product is great, the container doesnt leak and it feels just right

Great (Anonymous)

works well.. will definitely buy this one again.

Review (Anonymous)

Best I've had

Does what its supposed to do... (Anonymous)

good product great price

Good bottle design (Acheloide)

I have a problem with many lubes which is that they come out of a squeeze bottle. This highly irritating because when you need more lube you have to put your lubey hands on the squeeze bottle and then the bottle is covered in lube. I also like how the bottle is covered in plastic packaging so you can be sure it wasn't opened. You can't see it in this display photo but it does. I wish all personal care products did this. It is my pet peeve to be in the make-up aisle and find a well formulated cosmetic that could have been opened. Similar thing WRT lubes. Decent amount of product too. Cute bottle shape.

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