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PinkCherry It's The Balm Lip Balm in .45oz/12.75g

PinkCherry Lip Balm in .45oz/12.75g

  • PinkCherry Lip Balm in .45oz/12.75g
  • PinkCherry Lip Balm in .45oz/12.75g
  • PinkCherry Lip Balm in .45oz/12.75g

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PinkCherry It's The Balm Lip Balm in .45oz/12.75g

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amasing (betty)

Luv it...taste yummy... yummy and

Best smelling lip balm (Oliver)

The PinkCherry lip balm smells delicious and glides right on. Best for a little foreplay.

feels and works great (Steph)

I absolutely love this lip balm! It is very soft on your lips and smells awesome!

Product Description

A dreamily silky, intensely nourishing Lip Balm in our signature PinkCherry flavor, this wonderfully natural lip treat keeps your kisser smooth and moisturized with only the best ingredients.

Containing pure extracts of soybean, coconut, avocado, hempseed and jojoba oils as well as natural vegetable oils and wax, PinkCherry It's The Balm is a decidedly healthy, vegan friendly body care choice that smells as great as it feels.

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Customer Reviews

Best smelling lip balm (Oliver)

The PinkCherry lip balm smells delicious and glides right on. Best for a little foreplay.

Mmmm (Sparrow)

Tastes and smells like yummy cherry. Great flavor and texture. Perfect shopping cart add on to get you over the minimum for free shipping

Incredibly soft (Anonymous)

This PinkCherry lip balm keeps your lips incredibly soft all day. Smells great too!

A mmmmm aretto!!! (Sofie)

This balm makes me think of Amaretto or Marzipan…two of my favorite things! So much more than a run of the mill Cherry.
So delicious you have to refrain from eating it right out of the tin.
A little goes a long way, and it is silky smooth. But the scent is what I love the most.

Very good product (Anonymous)

This product is very silk and smell very good.

Oh my goodness! (Jess)

This lip balm smells AMAZING.
I love it so much.
Feel really great too :)

Cherry Delight! (MsNadiaNice)

Definitely worth purchasing. It smooths onto your lips nicely and the way it tastes and it smells divine. The reviewer who mentioned marzipan is spot on - it reminds me of it too. It leaves you with deliciously sweet, kissable, soft lips! Great for putting you in the mood!

Great lip balm! (Kristen)

I got this product free when I purchased some goodies from this website in December. This product keeps my lips extra soft with a sexy cherry smell. I also love it just because it says PinkCherry on it. The only people that I allow to route through my makeup case is my girlfriends and they always give me a naughty little grin when they see the brand name on the lip balm, haha.

Love it (Aleshia)

Very nice smelling and smooth balm. All natural ingredients are a total bonus!

mmm yummy (Nikkki beee)

Smells good and leaves your lips feeling smooth and soft.

Lovely~ (Sarah)

Keeps my lips nice and soft. My husband likes the way it smells, as do I. It also comes in a cute case with a tight lid so I don't have to worry about it coming loose in my purse.

Yum Yum! (Kay)

Smells super delicious and is very plush and velvety smooth. I'd say it's a little tough to get out of the tin. I have to jam my poor little pinky into the product pretty roughly. But it was free with a couple purchases I made recently. :)

hard vaseline (Anonymous)

Its just hard vaseline. cheap, cheap. not even for free..mine went in the trash.

Lips Are Sealed (Serenesub)

Not having ever been much for lip balms I was skeptical of this. However, soon after receiving this I caught a really bad cold. I found this was perfect. The balm itself is very thick which makes it quite hydrating for my lips as well as being able to create a bit of a barrier to help shield your lips. This is definitely going in my cold911 bag.

Nice little bonus (Renie)

I received this lip balm free with a recent order and really like it. It smells wonderful and moisturizes decent.

great product (Anonymous)

this lip balm is amazing. A little bit goes a long way. Not greasy and great tasting. Only problem is that it is a bit difficult to get out of the container. Recommend this product.

5 STARS ! (MP)

Very Good Stuff,,, and for the price,,,

Excellent! (Anonymous)

Tastes, smells & feels awesome! Lasts quite a while too which is an added bonus

nice (Anonymous)

had a real bad case of chapped lips and this offered great relief, lasted a long time, smells great.

Good for your skin! (Anonymous)

It's a bit hard though... but like others said, it smells real good and it's pretty good at keeping the skin hydrated

Smells like real cherry (Anna)

First when I smelt it I just wanted to eat this balm because it's smells sooooo good =)) 4 stars because I think that the balm is too hard . If it was a little bit softer It would be 5 stars . Some difficult to apply in good quantity ,easy and quick.....

Ok, not great (Kat)

a decent balm with a cooling feeling but not a big turn on

Love this stuff! (jamilicous)

Just got this lip balm, I love how it makes your lips feel soft. I also love the smell. I will buy more that's for sure!

Lip Balm Love (LT)

I love the feel and taste of this lip balm and I was sorry to see it out of stock. I'll definitely getting more if it becomes available.

Yummy in the way only artificially flavored lip bomb can be (Newt)

does what it says on the tin, smells hella cherry, nice tint

Addictive!! (Bronwyn )

I love the smell of this!! Sooo cherry!! Good for winter!

Nice :) (Anonymous)

Smells very yummy, nice texture and is perfect size to keep around for anytime use.

amasing (betty)

Luv it...taste yummy... yummy and

feels and works great (Steph)

I absolutely love this lip balm! It is very soft on your lips and smells awesome!

Delicious! (Anonymous)

Mmm, this lip balm is AMAZING! It smells like Cherry Chip cake (and tastes like it, too!) but the taste doesn't last for too long. It's affordable but feels like a high quality lip balm. My lips have never been this soft! Goodbye, chapped lips!

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