Ben Wa Balls On A String in Silver

4.41 Based On 22 Reviews

Ben Wa Balls On A String in Silver

Based On 22 Reviews

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Love (Anonymous)

My wife fell in love with these instantly. I went down on her the first time she had them in and she had the most intense orgasm I have ever seen!

love them (joanna)

I have these exact ones but only 2 this one seems like a plus with four ben balls . I got no problem having them in without falling but then again I always done kegals. Anyway, at first I thought they didn't do much for me until I noticed that having them in all day and certain moves I make make them give like this vibration that makes you feel good and just think about sex. Lol once my man is home from working I cant stop starring at him just thinking about the dirty things I want to do to him. They leave me nice ,wet and ready to play in the end of day.a must have you'll get used to them ladies oh I cant forget how I love rolling in bed feeling them move lol . Turn on ;)

Wall balls (Anonymous)

Fun too use around the house

Product description

An extra long, ultra shiny, simply and pleasurably functional take on the classic pelvic floor strengthener, the Ben Wa Balls on a String from Nasstoys combine a weighty, kegel strengthening design with an arousing feel.

Each of four weighted balls is perfectly spherical with a super sleek ABS plastic body; they're perfectly shaped to fit comfortably and pleasurably, sitting precisely in place for maximum muscle strengthening. The weights inside jiggle and jump with movement, creating a naturally vibrating effect that feels amazing while toning muscles responsible for orgasm and sexual control. A sturdy string holds the balls together in the middle, a long tail as a withdrawal cord.

In slick, non porous plastic, clean-up is easy using warm soapy water or a good toy care fluid/foam. Compatible with all lube types.

* The Balls are 16.5" (41.9cm) in total, 13" (33cm) insertable, each is 1.35" (3.4cm) in diameter

SKU: NASS-1758-2 | UPC: 782631175820 | MPN: 1758-2 (14)

SKU: NASS-1758-2 | UPC: 782631175820 | MPN: 1758-2 (14)

Ratings / Reviews

Real turn on (Anonymous)

Girlfriend really like the way they feel and bump together insde her. Great product

Feels great (Anonymous)

These may be on the marge size, but for someone who loves the feeling of being overwhelmed or a little stretched, these were perfect. I love just walking around the house with these. They really make you work to keep it all in!

fun (bee)

4 is a bit too many to use at once, due to the size of these, but i think you could always cut one off the string, or just make sure you aren't leaving the house!

Ben Wa Balls (Islandgryl) die them. Wish they were heavier...but as a beginner they do a fantastic job. Will graduate to a heavier set to make those muscles!

Awesome (Anonymous)

These really did the trick , loved the feeling

Big balls (Anonymous)

Was super excited about these, they are larger then I expected but still do the trick

4 was a little too much for me. (Nancy)

I really liked the way they felt, but 4 was a few too many for me at least. I had a hard time keeping them in, so couldn't really wear them around very long. Felt AMAZING when removing them!

Wall balls (Anonymous)

Vert Nice product, me ans my boyfriend like that!!!

GREAT! (Anonymous)

My wife loves them!!

Awesome love them! (Anonymous)

They are so fun they are much bigger then i expected but that was perfect! and they jingle a bit love them fun for sure..

Love the big size (Cathy)

Love the size of these, they fit in me wonderfully, and can be worn all day. Only downfall for me is they are connected by string which is not so great for cleaning.

I just love them! (Anonymous)

They are a bit big but I just love them, as they go in and when they get pulled out.

Good but one problem (Anonymous)

I really love them but suddenly i noticed that they start loosing some "silver" color because this is not in real stainless. I really don't like the fact to have some paint chip inside me...

Oh my oh my (Anonymous)

Wow. These are amazing. Couldn't keep them in too long though. 4 is a bit too much for me. 3 would be perfect. But regardless they are incredible.

Ben (Ya)

There are lots of fun a bit to big to be Ben wa balls but a lots of fun to play with

Way too big (Nora)

These are really cool looking, and they seem like they'd be awesome to use, but they are actually huge, and I can't even get them in. I'm pretty disappointed, but this product would probably work for others.

Amazing (Anonymous)

These little balls are pretty awesome. Really fun way to go grocery shopping or to work!!

Makes for intresting night. (MA)

As a first timer to this type of toy I was surprised how much these little guys keep me running, makes mundane task all that much more exciting, grocery shopping will never be the same.

OMG! (Anonymous)

i ordered a fair bit, these were what i wanted to open most. They slide in nice and easy with a touch of lube. The power these things give, AMAZING! I went for a quick walk and when I came back all i could think of was having them pulled out nice and slow before being fucked.
Trust me ladies, these are something you want to have!
Only issue, for a set of 4, i think they would be a little big for most. I've been trained so they are easy for me, but id suggest a 2 set for beginners