Thin 7.5 Inch Tool Dildo in White

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Very fulfilling anally

I enjoy having this anally. I usually put it in and keep it in until I am ready for play with my husband. I love the way it feels when I walk around. Definitely helps with stretching deep in your ass. Wish I could find a thicker girth just like this one for futher stretching.


Perfect anal tool

This was an awesome dildo I have had many but this one is nice, it has a large head that takes a little work to get in unless you start with a smaller one or something but once you get past the big head it has a nice think shaft that slides nicely in and out with ease


Oh Yeahhhh

Great weight, nice thickness and I love the length. I use this as "part 2" of my anal play (right after the medium Pleasure Plug). I just love the way the head of this one stretches me just that little bit more. It works well as both a plug and a dildo. Mmmmmmm.

Product description

An excitingly lifelike and ultra versatile dildo shaped into a uniquely reverse-tapered penis, Doc's Thin Tool positions its widest point at the tip. Inspiring a stimulating stretch right from the start, the veiny, realistically ridged Tool proves perfect for penetration-craving play scenarios of all sorts.

Flexing smoothly to suit individual curves and contours, the Tool's plush texture easily accommodates all sorts of positions and acts- the nice wide base allows for extra deep anal or vaginal penetration with no worries.

Body safe and phthalate free, this dildo's PVC construction requires very little in the way of maintenance. Simply scrub well using warm soapy water or a good toy cleansing formulation before and after use. Compatible with water and silicone based lubricants.

  • Length: 7.5"
  • Insertable Length: 6.5"
  • Girth: 5.1" at largest point
  • Width: 1.5" at largest point
  • Materials: PVC
  • Special Features: Phthalate-Free, Textured Surface

SKU: DJ-0249-01-CD | UPC: 782421114206 | MPN: 0249-01-CD (46)

SKU: DJ-0249-01-CD | UPC: 782421114206 | MPN: 0249-01-CD (46)

Ratings / Reviews

Must have

This toy is so much fun! It's soft and excitingly full feeling it gives is great. Im able to pay hard with it then leave it in and walk around sit or whatever for hours.


Great option for when my man isn't here

I use this. It fills me up perfectly.


Love this dildo

First anal dildo ever bought being str8 male very bi curious finally bought a dildo to use and it is amazing. Nice big head love the feel out and it works so great as a plug too. Now i want to buy many more after using this one. My gf loves using it on me as well. Great purchase for sure. Doc is my new BF



This toy is far from "thin", I would suggest a small butt plug to warm up. The feel when you finally pop the head in is extatic. Doc Js material holds lube really well, and the feeling of the veins as it slides its way in is something you don't get with butt plugs. I just wish it was a little shorter, as it is too short to straighten me out, but too long to sit flush!


so comfortable

Love to wear this for a few hours before pegging play.



It was a wonderful surprise for my sister 50th birthday party..
When my sis open up her gift ,She was so so embarrassed when she saw what it was...lmao
He had a ball at the party


fun time

good size and shape. I use it to stretch myself before getting pegged. It definitely fills you up and feels great. My gf also likes for anal prep and DP.


would recommend

got this for anal play and it does impress. the big head stretches just enough on it's way in and with the smooth tapered body it is a good anchor to keep it in . the "usable" length is only 6" so it's an ok fit. the base makes for a great handle. this does make for a good butt plug.


Good size

Feels really good. Would recommend it. Not too big and not too small.



By far the BEST dildo I've ever used!!!!
You can feel every vainly line on it! Just amazing!!!!! Highly recommended to everyone!!!


Great for filling you up

I enjoyed this plug/ dong great shape and texture. This truly filled me up and the taper at the bottom did not let it come out. Has a good weight to it makes the hole work. Feels great when walking around doing things around the house. The only reason why I did not give 5 stars on this product is the base, it's hard to get a thong over it because it sticks out a bit. Also if you have on a pair of leggings or lulu's when you bend over you could see the base stick through.


Perfect toy for what I want

I was looking for a dildo that was also a butt plug and this is it. Got it in the mail yesterday (3 days early) and used it last night. It stretched me out to the perfect size it felt great when inside me the only thing is the base is a little big and I'm worried that someone would be able to see it when I have it in when I'm dressed.


Like but not love

This toy is great, I truly do love it but the thinning of it, or rather tapering it does towards the base makes it a tad bit difficult to use.
The size is fantastic, the texture is amazing but the weight of the thicker top part vs the tapered bottom does make the base a bit weak and it makes for a less then perfect use.
Still does feel fantastic though if you have the perseverance


Solid toy

This is a nice toy, particularly to get an anal session started.

The head is nice and big but it's not all that hard to get inside.

Recommended, especially for the price.



Good size and head pleasure !!



using it for anal is good, it has a decent size and length to it so you can use it to stretch over time by leaving it in. the benefit I found it that with the length, it also helps stretching deeper inside and not just the anal ring.


Great for warm up

I bought this toy as a warmer upper toy. It really does the job well. It goes in with little effort. I find it doesn't stay in place very well as a regular anal plug does. Over all it is a great way to warm up for anal play or for bigger toys. I recommend it.


Nice and big

I was looking for a toy big enough to fill me up and this thing hits the spot! I'm pussy is small so it takes time to take it all, but when I do it's so so good. :) Definitely worth the money.


Mmmm yes

This toy is amazing.its a great size.
We both enjoy it a lot. It's amazing highly recommended