Delicious Pleasure Silicone Pleasure Balls

Based On 12 Reviews

Delicious Pleasure Silicone Pleasure Balls

Based On 12 Reviews

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What a Feeling! (Sara)

Now I know what all the fuss is about :) took a little getting used to but I love them, Loved the books and am happy with the pleasure balls.

Fifty shades (Anonymous)

Cumming was easy

Wetter the better (North of 60)

I love wearing them out on date night… Hard to keep dry underwear

Product description

Fifty Shades of Grey Official Pleasure Collection

"I'm going to put there inside you, for your pleasure and mine." With tender care, Christian inserts the balls inside me. Once they're in position, he smooths my panties back down and places a soft kiss on my backside. I feel giddy, beyond aroused as the weight of the balls move inside me.

Direct from the official Fifty Shades of Grey line, and enjoying instant popularity thanks to a steamily penned scene from author E.L James, this fantastically user friendly, manageably weighted set of sensually jiggly Pleasure Balls provides completely discreet pleasure and sexual awareness along with an effortless kegel workout that naturally strengthens the pelvic floor muscles.

Long before they catapulted into the public eye thanks to a certain titillating appearance in the well-known Fifty Shades of Grey scenario, ben wa balls have held a place in history, both sexually and in health-related scenarios. In Japan, elite courtesans were thought to wear the balls constantly as a way to strengthen the pelvic floor muscles, giving the courtesan's 'pleasure quarters' a very literal meaning. Today, this type of sexual tool is still used in a variety of ways, but most often, the balls are used as kegel weights for vaginal strengthening and to increase sexual awareness. The weighted balls help exercise the muscles in the pelvic floor responsible for sexual pleasure, while keeping the vaginal walls elastic and responsive to stimulation and pleasure.

The Delicious Pleasure set consists of two slick, smooth weighted metallic plastic balls and a silky silicone girdle. Absolutely perfect for general beginners to pelvic weight systems, yet ideal for simple pleasure, the Delicious was ideally designed for customized use and enjoyment. The Glee weighs in at 2.8 oz (79.37g), a manageable starting point for kegel beginners, and perfect for anytime stimulation, too. Once inserted, the Balls will naturally pinpoint the muscles needed to create a stronger pelvic floor, as you'll need to contract these muscles to keep the set in place. A long retrieval cord sits comfortably outside the body during wear, allowing for easy removal and manual manipulation.

Aside from the practical applications of this fantastic system, the Delicious Pleasure set provides also a way to gain increased sexual awareness, as Anastasia Steele discovers in the Fifty Shades scenario. Moving around while wearing the beads creates a pleasant, subtle feeling of pleasure, as the free form weights within the balls gently vibrate and jiggle, naturally stimulating the vaginal area. Many women love the feeling of the beads inside them, and find that it increases desire, making this pleasurable strengthening tool a great way to prime body and mind for sexy scenarios. Since this set is so incredibly discreet, you'll be able to wear the Delicious unbeknownst to anyone, letting you get your workout (or simple pleasure) secretly and enjoyably.

Both the beads and girdle are completely body safe, phthalate free and extremely hygienic, not to mention hypoallergenic and perfect for users with sensitive skin. Use a good quality water based lubricant if desired, avoid silicone lubes and contact with other silicone toys and products. A soft gray satin storage/travel bag is included.


  • Length - 6 1/2"
  • Insertable length - 4 1/4"
  • Girth - 4 1/2"
  • Width - 1.4"
  • Weight - 79.3g/2.8oz
  • Material - Silicone, ABS plastic
  • Special Features - Discreet, hygienic, hypoallergenic, travel bag included
  • Color - Silver, black

SKU: FIFTY-819961 | UPC: 5060108819961 | MPN: FS-40166 (3)

SKU: FIFTY-819961 | UPC: 5060108819961 | MPN: FS-40166 (3)

Ratings / Reviews

Pleasure Balls (Anonymous)

Very easy to use and comfortable. Great for multiple purposes.

love it (Anonymous)

After using them over it get better I use them every day at the gym and when I get home I'm so horny I rip my husband pants off him.

Awesome product (Dana)

This product was so comfy. Make sure you put lubricant on it to make the insertion easy . I put one leg up on the bed to put it in and once it was in I stated to squeeze to keep the balls in. I kept them in for 5 mins the first time and the next time ten minutes work your way up. To take them out they have a rubber string like you pull down and slowly (like the way you would with a tampon) I would recommend this product to any one I love them

Not that great (Anonymous)

This product was definitely not for me. it was uncomfortable and I could not get any sensation from it at all. I would not recommend this product

Awesome (Anonymous)

Great feeling
Fit well and super comfortable

great (san)

I like that..

Not bad. (Kinkygirl)

As a beginner and already tight I can say they will do the muscle work out as intended but I don't find the sensation of them being in me anything special. Glad they were on sale or would have been upset.

Interesting (Vixxxen)

I found for me, they were a little large and awkward. I lubed up beforehand and slowly put them in place. Walking around the house was an interesting sensation. I wouldn't say I was aroused, but I was quite wet when I removed them. I found there was a little tear on the silicone (after using it one time) which could have been from me washing it, but it should be a little more durable. Anyway, I rate this 3 stars because of the quality and it doesn't really float my boat... but to each their own.

satisfied (Ann)

First thing first.
these are my first set of pleasure balls.
i tried wearing them around the house while cleaning the place and did not feel hornier as time goes by, BUT ! !! what a surprise to see how wet i got just wering them.
having them in while intercourse is great fun, you can feel them move Inside and my husband says they're good pleasure for him too.
While having fun we found out that pulling on the rubber string with a rapid back and forth movement gets me to squirt few times.
Have fun!