Deluxe Pro W500 Sensual Massager in Black/Pink

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bought this for my girlfriend and she loved it!!! took a few trys. now she's happy


Orgasme Multiple assur

Ma femme adore ce jouet, elle dit que l'orgasme est tr s intense et c'est fait en 2 3 minutes ce qui laisse beaucoup de temps pour les orgasmes multiples. un paradis sur terre



Wowwww! Du plaisir garanti!!!

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A gorgeous floral-print pleasure piece designed to lavish lots of dreamily targeted stimulation on the be-all-end-all of sweet spots, Womanizer's W500 Pro combines a strategically scooped silicone head with unique stylized functionality and a naturally curvaceous shape.

Smoothly rounded to fit comfortably in hand, the Pro can be directed perfectly over and around the body- the sleeker rose-detailed shape allows for even more play possibilities during foreplay and sex.

Thoughtfully engineered to fully and completely surround the sensitive clitoris, Womanizer's silky little treatment tip protrudes ergonomically from the smooth oval base. Employing the tiniest bit of natural suction, eight possible intensities of precision vibration target key erogenous zones with effortless ease, inspiring practically guaranteed orgasmic results. Two silicone tips are included, a small and larger version accommodate unique body areas.

A dedicated Swarovski crystal power button plus a glossy function panel activate and vary the speed of stimulation. The Womanizer W500 Pro automatically defaults to the lightest intensity, simply tap the top end of the silver panel to proceed to the next. Aside from the toe-curling sensation that results from proper placement, the Womanizer's noise level drops dramatically when in perfect position over the clitoris.

Fully rechargeable via USB, the Womanizer W500 powers up at any available USB port or with the aid of an included adapter. An indicator light will glow red when a charge-up is needed- once fully recharged, the indicator will show a steady green light.

In body safe and ultra hygienic materials, both the Womanizer's ABS plastic body and silicone tip clean easily using warm water and antibacterial soap or a good toy care formulation. Gently remove the tip to cleanse thoroughly before wiping the body with a damp cloth. Care should be taken to avoid getting the Womanizer wet during enjoyment or clean-up, this vibe is not waterproof. Compatible with water based lubricants. Charge cord, satin storage bag and two silicone tips included.

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  • Length: 5"
  • Girth: 8.5" at largest point
  • Width: 2.9" at largest point
  • Materials: ABS Plastic, Silicone
  • Power Source: USB Rechargeable
  • Special Features: Hypoallergenic, Multi-Function, Non-Phallic, Phthalate Free, Smooth Surface, Temperature Sensitive, USB Rechargeable
  • Color: Black, Pink

SKU: ZWOM-205229 | UPC: 703255205229 | MPN: 205229 (0)

SKU: ZWOM-205229 | UPC: 703255205229 | MPN: 205229 (0)

Ratings / Reviews

Zero to sixty in under 30 seconds

I bought this because I heard good things. It took a couple of tries to get the right spot and intensity in the settings. Once I did I had the biggest orgasm I have had in a long time. In under 30 seconds I was squirting and by one minute I thought I was shaking so much I almost dropped it. The only way the experience could have been better was if my man was fucking me while I was using it,hmm.... maybe next time. This toy is worth the price. Go buy it, seriously now.



Very arousing. Enjoyable alone or with partner. My new favorite.


Great gift

My wife's Hitachi has been her go-to for many years, so I got her this to hopefully add some variety. It took her 10 minutes or so to figure it out, but she now has two go-tos. Definite win!



I was a bit skeptical about this toy at first due to mixed reviews all over the web, but I thought I would try it decision ever! Not only does it make you cum quick, but it's also some of the most intense orgasms I've ever had.



If you want a quick intense orgasm this is the toy for you. Did a decent amount of research on this toy before buying. There is alot of women talking about a one minute orgasm, which for thousands of years was limited to the male population until now. This toy will blow your mind. It took a little bit to get it positioned correctly but once I found the spot no joke I was intensely orgasming in a minute. The toy itself kinda funny shaped we couldn't decide what it looks like, but if anyone ever finds it they likely will have no clue what it is. The W500 comes with two different silicone tips a average one, and one for some of you ladies with a larger clitoris. It's lightweight makes it nice to hold and it fits your hand nicely. The way this thing works is hard to describe I would call it pulsing air kinda sucks and blows quickly. I would say it feels like oral sex but four times more intense and perfect. It's a must buy for your toy collection, or heck get rid of the rest of your toys this is the one you need. MIND BLOWN!


Great toy

Very different from any you I have used, there is a learning curve with it but it provides some pretty good stimulation without the numbing effect of a vibrator



Love my womanizer. The most amazing and relaxing clitoral orgasms. I cannot recommend this toy strongly enough!



It s Magic! Full orgasm



life. changing.

seriously an amazing toy!


Un must dans la commode!!

Vraiment tr s nice comme jouet. Facile d utilisation. Magnifique design. Se recharge rapidement.
Orgasme assur


Oooooh wow

I m still getting used to this new fancy schmancy toy, but it s like nothing else I ve experienced. Wow! I have a difficult time climaxing, but this definitely has me getting up there fast! Pretty intense. Is it worth the money? Definitely!



I normally don t write reviews and I m having a hard time thinking of the words to describe what I just experienced. The womanizer is lightweight and simple to use. And cute. But at the end of the day.. nothing can do what this toy does. In under 2 minutes, I was squirting and making noises I ve never heard myself make before. I ve become addicted since. I recommend buy this product and buy it for every woman you know.


Very effective

This has been a very reliable unit for my gf for some time. It is a little on the louder side but that can be said for most external units. Very effective as she has earth shattering orgasms with this little one every time



This thing delivers orgasms, always... The best vibrator I have!!!


Great Surprise

After finding the Deluxe Pro Womanizer. I read all the reviews and all seemed very positive, So I purchased for my wife as a fun new surprise.
When I showed her, she d never seen the womanizer before, but when I showed her what it did, she was quite shocked at how well it worked. Great purchase!


Ummm, WOW!!!

There is NO toy like this! It s amazing for newbies and for the more experienced pleasurer. You can have an orgasm very quickly, numerous times, different intensities, it s honestly THE BEST! A+++ I recommend The Womanizer (even with it s terrible name!) to every woman!!! Add t to your cart, you WILL NOT regret it!!! *drool*


Wow wow wow

I have read many on line reviews on the womenizer. I decided that this toy needs to be in my toy box. The price is a bit high but well worth it. If you crave the sensation of oral sex this toy is for you. I use it almost daily and have had many amazing orgasams



Hubby and I have always been very adventurous in the bedroom. We both have very high libidos so we're very "active" ;) Trying different things out, buying lots of toys. But, many toys go in the "never use again" box because they just do nothing for me. I need powerful vibrations on my clit to get me to cum. But then after I cum, I get numb from the strong vibrations. I also have a hood piercing and it can get in the way with a lot of toys. I have to hold it out of the way with most. So I thought my hubby might have wasted his money when he bought this. The vibration felt too gentle. I thought for sure there was no way this was going to get me off. But, I shifted the piercing out of the way and as soon as he placed it on my clit, oh my GOD!!! Instantly I knew I was going to cum and quickly. The vibration combined with the suction is incredible! The suction makes all the difference in the world! WOW!!! It didn't take long at all and I was squirting all over the place. And I don't squirt very often. It's usually a hit or miss for me. Well, not with this baby. Every single time, I have very intense and powerful orgasms that make me squirt like a fountain! And I just keep going and going over and over until I'm a quivering, convulsing, soaked mess. Thank God this is waterproof. I'm usually very loud, this makes me scream! And I mean, wake the dead scream. I can't control it because of the intensity. The orgasms are so intense that my entire body is just on fire after. Just touching my skin gently makes me writhe and squirm. Ladies, you need to buy this. Men, you need to get this for your ladies. You will not regret it. Well worth every penny!



When I received this I was sceptical because I expected the sucking power to be more powerful. I took it out of the box and literally had an orgasm within 30 seconds of using it. Worth every penny!!


Intense Orgasms

Bought this for my wife and she never had orgasms so intense than while using this toy! Very fun toy to add to our collection, Lots of fun for both of us!!

Easy to use and clean, awesome purchase all together!



This thing is ridiculous. Orgasm within 2-3 minutes , guaranteed.


Multiple orgasms

All I can say is wow the womanizer gave my wife multiple orgasms in a very short amount of time she thinks that it is the best woman's toy that is on the market. After having the Hitachi Magic Wand and other toys the womanizer is the one she loves the best. It is worth the price they are asking when it comes to pleasuring my wife in such a quick manner. All I can say to all men who are reading this post buy your wife a womanizer and you will get everything you want and more.


Super great buy!!

I buy for my girlfriend since 2 weeks, its the most powerfull toys that she never ad!! Multiples orgasmes!!!!


Satisfied customer!

Not quite what I expected in terms of sensation (more of a vibration than a sucking feeling) but just as I was wondering if I had it positioned right, bam! I haven t had it past level 2 so need to experiment more, but so far, I m very satisfied with my purchase. High quality, waterproof, easy to operate.



I m a 50 plus women who has had an amazing sex up until my hysterectomy last year and it all went to hell until now , this thing is totally the best toy I ve ever tried (and I ve tried many) . Less than a min and I experienced a earth tremor experience, I can t wait until bedtime to play with



It's amazing and it makes you feel amazing! Definitely worth the investment.



the wife loves it, loves it, loves it!!! has gotten multiple in a row and i love watching her!


Goodbye magic wand

I was skeptical about this, but now it's become my go-to. I can't see to go back to the Magic Wand!


Excellent little vibrator

I bought this because it was cheap and small, as an alternative to my Hitachi, because the hitchai is frying the shit out of my nerve endings! This is the perfect in-between power. And super reasonably priced!


Holy mother of god

All the other reviews tell you everything you need to know!
But... I will say that in comparison with the orgasm of a regular vibrator, the gentle sucking this thing does is FAR more pleasant. It s sort of like comparing a cheap wine with a fine bottle - more subtle and complex but much more satisfying. Money WELL spent!