Deluxe Pro W500 Sensual Massager in White/Chrome

4.93 Based On 86 Reviews

Deluxe Pro W500 Sensual Massager in White/Chrome

Based On 86 Reviews

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Everything you read and heard is true! (Anita)

Two words: Mind Blowing!
Fully sealed. I love that it came fully sealed, I find many toys come in very shady packaging but this one truly felt like I'm the first to touch it.
Doesn't look like your typical sex toy. I left it on the bathroom counter and after a surprise visit from the in-laws I realized no one has any idea what it was. They thought it was a fancy ear thermometer.
Quiet. I have a collection of toys and I avoid using them often because they are so loud. This one is my most quiet toy.
Powerful. Everything you read about this toy is true. What usually takes me 25-45 min took 3-5 with this one. Seems like someone actually knows the female anatomy and let's not forget, a fetus starts of with the same looking genitals until the same organ turns into a penis or a clitoris so the toy makes sense.
Easy to clean. I was terrified to break this toy the first time I put it under water for cleaning, but everything turned out great and when you forget to clean, there is a second (bigger) clean silicone attachment you can switch to.
Charging isn't an issue. Used it for a while now and it's still running on the initial charge.


Wunder toy from Germany (Anonymous)

There's a new sheriff in town as the magic wand has been shelved. Bit of a learning curve for positioning and power level. Subtle suction/vibration combine for extended pleasure once you get it right. When positioned right, the womanizer goes silent, and you begin making noises. This thing Should be to renamed "Wunderingus"

WOW! (Anonymous)

To busy with my new toy to write a review!!!

Product description

xbiz 2016 award winners

As featured in

self magazine glamour magazine

A pure white pleasure piece designed to lavish lots of dreamily targeted stimulation on the be-all-end-all of female sweet spots, Womanizer's W500 Pro combines a strategically scooped silicone head with unique stylized functionality and a naturally curvaceous shape.

Smoothly rounded to fit comfortably in hand, the Pro can be directed perfectly over and around the body- the sleeker rose-detailed shape allows for even more play possibilities during foreplay and sex.

Thoughtfully engineered to fully and completely surround the sensitive clitoris, Womanizer's silky little treatment tip protrudes ergonomically from the smooth oval base. Employing the tiniest bit of natural suction, eight possible intensities of precision vibration target key erogenous zones with effortless ease, inspiring practically guaranteed orgasmic results. Two silicone tips are included, a small and larger version accommodate unique body areas.

A dedicated Swarovski crystal power button plus a glossy function panel activate and vary the speed of stimulation. The Womanizer W500 Pro automatically defaults to the lightest intensity, simply tap the top end of the silver panel to proceed to the next. Aside from the toe-curling sensation that results from proper placement, the Womanizer's noise level drops dramatically when in perfect position over the clitoris.

Fully rechargeable via USB, the Womanizer W500 powers up at any available USB port or with the aid of an included adapter. An indicator light will glow red when a charge-up is needed- once fully recharged, the indicator will show a steady green light.

In body safe and ultra hygienic materials, both the Womanizer's ABS plastic body and silicone tip clean easily using warm water and antibacterial soap or a good toy care formulation. Gently remove the tip to cleanse thoroughly before wiping the body with a damp cloth. Care should be taken to avoid getting the Womanizer wet during enjoyment or clean-up, this vibe is not waterproof. Compatible with water based lubricants. Charge cord, satin storage bag and two silicone tips included.

Manufacturer does not allow any further discounts on this item.

  • Length: 5"
  • Girth: 8.5" at largest point
  • Width: 2.9" at largest point
  • Materials: ABS Plastic, Silicone
  • Power Source: USB Rechargeable
  • Special Features: Hypoallergenic, Multi-Speed, Non-Phallic, Phthalate Free, Smooth Surface, Temperature Sensitive, USB Rechargeable
  • Color: White

SKU: ZWOM-205236 | UPC: 703255205236 | MPN: 205236 (0)

SKU: ZWOM-205236 | UPC: 703255205236 | MPN: 205236 (0)

Ratings / Reviews

Well worth it (Ashley)

I just got my womanizer pro and all I can say is wow. Its wonderful and well worth the money. I have never had an orgasm like I have with this product. I will never look at vibrators the same again! They are not like this....

Only one complaint (Megan)

This toy is amazing, and definitely lives up to the reviews. But I guess I was expecting something flawless for almost $300. I am disappointed in the lack of suction, and I am also disappointed in the charging port. It is extremely difficult to plug in, and almost feels like the port will break soon even having just revived the toy earlier today and charged it once.

OMG (Anonymous)

My husband got this for me and I have never had a toy that makes me cum like this one. The day After the we got it my Clit was sore from having so much fun. We have to use it a little more sparingly now.

Top notch (Anonymous)

You won’t be disappointed with this unit, it provides a way different stimulation than the magic wand . I would definitely add this to your list of must have . Great level of power and recharges fairly quickly. Awesome!!!

Wow - Really Worth the Money (crystalgirl)

I purchased this product at sale price along with previously purchasing the Satisfier Pro 2 Next Generation and the Womenizer Pro40 Clitoral Stimulator.

This product by far is the best. It is USB rechargeable with a plug-in adapter if not near a computer, with 8 intensity settings. It takes a bit of getting used to, to find the sweet spot, however, the orgasms are wild and happen quickly. As a 70 year old woman, I would recommend, even for those of you who are single.

I love the swarovski crystal button to turn on as I am very much into crystals. Only drawback, is I find my hand sometimes hits the power button or the intensity level button which turns the vibration down or off.

I would recommend this one over cheaper models.

Holy grail (Mimi)

Best toy ever. Gets me off as quickly as I want. Holds charge well. Love using it alongside a vibrator

Amazing... (Anonymous)

Amazing sensations! The toy is silent enough to enjoy it anywhere...

Worked as described (Anonymous)

Wasn’t expecting it too work as well as it did

Amazing!!!!! What an "O"!! (Anonymous)

What an amazing product. I read a lot about it before ordering and couldn't get passed all of the reviews, so I had to bite the bullet and order and I'm so glad I did. What a product. I now have the best and fastest and most intense orgasms ever!!!! Love it.

The reviews don't lie (Happy Canadian Clit)

Admittedly I was skeptical. The price tag is high and I figured the reviews were probably fake. I have a super hard time reaching climax from sex, and it can take a bit with masturbation. When it arrived today I was anxious to try. No joke I orgasmed in probably 20 seconds. Within a minute I had had 4 orgasms, after 2 minutes and 7 orgasms I had to stop because I was shaking to hard to keep it in place.

This toy doesn't mess around. It's the real deal. I can't wait to try it with my partner this weekend :)

I squirt (Anonymous)

It made me squirt a bunch, but no orgasms.

Best Toy EVER (F)

I hesitated for so long to spend the money on this thing because it was going to be the single most expensive toy I'd ever purchased, but I'm so glad I did. This thing does kind of mimic oral sex and I knew from past experiences that when I had a partner who had used suction with his mouth that I came almost instantly. This was just like that. Good lord.

Amazing (Mark)

This is THE most amazing bedroom toy we have ever enjoyed. You have to try it.

Sex on whole new level (dave)

Insanity. I bought this for the wife on Valentines. She had never heard of it but was willing to give it a go. One minute later she was having multiple "O"'s and giggling uncontrollably. Months later and it has only gotten better. Last week she was buns up, anal plugged, my penis in her vagina, and she had control of the womanizer...7 minute orgasm more intense than any other. She has been beaming for the last 5 days and swears that it the absolute best sex she has ever had. I'm going to have a tough time topping that next Valentines :p

Worth it!! (PeeBee)

I hesitated buying this, despite the rave reviews, because of the cost. Happily, I caught a 40% off sale at PinkCherry :-)

And I have to say the rave reviews are spot on! This has an entirely new 'feel' to it, compared to buzzing vibrators, or hammering almost feels like repeated, mini 'suctions'. It's super gentle on the low settings, and I haven't dared turn it up to the highest setting yet. It's also very quiet. [If hubby is snoring next to you, I doubt he'd hear this (wink, wink).]

I also like the way I can position it. There's no need to prop anything up or contort myself to get it in just the right spot. I just place it 'down there', adjust the settings a bit, and I'm well on my way.

It comes with a travel bag, and I DO intend to bring this toy with me on my travels.

The 'Womanizer' has a nice look and feel to it too. It has a quality feel to it and does not look cheaply made. Nor does it look as 'phallic' as many dildos and vibrators do. I doubt many CATSA or TSA agents would even know what it is, lol!

To sum up, if the price is holding you back, wait for sale, or if you get a nice income tax refund....treat yourself. You will NOT be disappointed!

No regrets! :-) (Pee Bee)

I hesitated at first to buy this, because it is on the expensive side. But, with so many great reviews I thought I'd give it a chance.....and I'm soooo glad I did!

It's a well made product, nothing about it feels 'cheap'. I charged it right away and tested it that same night. Woo-hoo!!

On it's lowest setting, it is super gentle - you can barely notice it. I upped it to only level 3 and I was well on my way :-) And there are many more levels that I haven't even tried yet!

It is extremely quiet, the quietest toy I own. If someone is sleeping next to you, they may not even hear this thing. If they are snoring, they would never hear it. It is also easy to position and use - you don't have to reach or contort yourself to place it where you need it.

If you feel like treating yourself, you won't regret this one. Yes, it's a bit expensive, but if you're patient you can wait for a sale - I got mine during a 40% off promotion.

No regrets!

(P.S. - if you try to turn this toy on while it is won't turn on. Probably a safety feature.)

Interesting (Anonymous)

I couldn't resist trying this out. It's a very unique sensation, it does feel great, completely unlike any other toy I own, though I have a few criticisms about the company's choices. This version, at least, isn't as gaudy as the previous version, but still a little strange and difficult to hold for those with smaller hands. With a luxury price tag of nearly two hundred dollars, I expect waterproof, even if people have no intention of ever using it in water, waterproof is always a point in the pro column, that way there are no worries during cleaning.
They have seemed to want to redeem themselves now that there are several other companies making similar products at a much more reasonable price, a few of which are waterproof.
If at the time of my purchase the Satisfyer had been out, I would have purchased it over the Womanizer, but I have the Womanizer, and I will still occasionally use it.

Pros: unique, innovative
Cons: price, not waterproof, a little large for small hands

Wow (Anonymous)

I was skeptical at first when i was debating on buying this. Reviews aren't always 100% and i've been so used to the wands power on max that i thought this might not be powerful enough because i have bought some toys with 5 star reviews for clitoral pleasure but this is phenomenal. let me tell you that when people say an orgasm within MINUTES they are not lying! this made me squirt i haven't gotten an orgasm that's made me squirt in a long time. it gave me multiple orgasms within minutes of use and this is my new favorite toy. I recommend this to anyone who is looking for a quick and effective way of achieving climax. WORTH EVERY PENNY!!!!!

O mazing!!!! (Anonymous)

I don't even understand why this works but omg it works!! It can take as long as you want which makes the orgasm even better or it can happen quick, still amazing. It is small, quiet, and fits so easy in the hand which helps to turn up or down. The orgasm can last and last, enough to where I just have to decide to stop. Most intense, best orgasms I have ever had. Worth every single penny.

Amazing (Ghislain)

Bought it for my wife it's it's fun to watch her

My first, and now my last toy! (Anonymous)

I have always been really dissatisfied with toys of all kinds, and I have a lot of joint pain I need my wrists so getting to orgasm the old fashioned way is basically impossible for me. I have been hearing about the Womanizer go to almost a year, and I finally go to up the courage to risk wasting some money and buy one for myself...

Wow. WOW. I have literally never come like this before, so quickly and so intensely. I never have to move past the second setting and I have blackout-good multiple orgasms in under 10 minutes. I need a good 15 minutes to recover, guys. Lay down a towel and make sure no one is home so you can moan as loud as you want!

It's lightweight, easy to hold on my joints, and the motor is near-silent once it's in your clit. It still has the crystal (I'm a professional designer so...I'm not a fan of the look lol) but the newer models are definitely less tacky looking now!

Literally the only negative things I have to say are:
- The name is gross
- The totally unnecessary ableist rule in the instruction manual says people with any kind of disability should not use the this toy? Mistake, man. If anything you should be marketing this toy TO disabled people like me, it's great for people with pain or dexterity issues!
- Aesthetic still could be classier/less flashily feminine. This toy is high class and deserves a sleek, clean, modern design without relying on "girly" stereotypes like crystals.
- If there was an optional wand for internal stimulation that would be a cherry on top!

Overall, I never thought this would work on me, and I was blown away by how much it lived up to people's rave reviews! THANK YOU for taking me from no orgasms to nightly ones!

Wow in under 1 minute (Anonymous)

Does the title not say it all??;)

Wow (Dave)

Crazy fun!

best clitoris stimulator ever (metman4u)

Just love the rapid orgasms , one after another. Very quick and the vibration and sucking action is awesome.
Expensive , rechargeable and well worth it !

OMG (Anonymous)

I am a 47 year old who has never had an orgasm. Bought this and some weighted balls. Inserted and wore the balls while waiting the two hours for the Womanizer to charge. Removed the balls, placed the Womanizer on my clit, and orgasmed within ten seconds. Tried a couple of time without using the balls first and it was very intense but didn't orgasm as quickly. Tried again with the balls as a pre-game and had a squirting orgasm in under three minutes.

Must have! Pricey but worth it ... especially if you are playing solo and typically have trouble reaching orgasm like I do.


I have an extremely difficult time reaching an orgasm. I have the first Womanizer, and it overstimulated the clitoris, and I think the silicone tip was too small. I ordered the larger tips for the Deluxe Pro sensual massager and low and behold, wonderful! I would highly recommend this new Womanizer.

Oh my goodness (Anonymous)

Wow, Wow, Wow. I'm still trying to get a breath and have my body quit shaking so I can go about my day. Very quick and intense.

Amazing! (Anonymous)

My wife loves this Toy! We've purchased many, always good to keep the bedroom spiced up. This toy was completely different then anything we've ever purchased in the past.

Different, and amazing! A Must buy!

The reviews are true (Anonoymous)

I read a lot of reviews on different sites before buying this product. It is really hard to describe but the orgasm is very different from a traditional vibrator but more intense then I have ever experienced. I didn't fall into the "under one minute" club but I am not disappointed in the least. Worth ever penny!

Worth every penny!!! (Anonymous)

Best toy I've ever bought, no contest...explosive orgasms in a minute or less...the real deal ladies!!! Easy cleanup too. Together 25 years and this literally blew the doors off our sex life- we're thrilled and having SO much fun!! Every woman DESERVES one of these. ❤❤❤