Fetish Fantasy Nipple Barrel Clamps

4.5 Based On 14 Reviews

Fetish Fantasy Nipple Barrel Clamps

Based On 14 Reviews

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Amazing (Anonymous)

Great fit and feel

love em (Anonymous)

I really enjoy these clamps they have a nice weight and tighten very well I recommend them

Awesome! (Anonymous)

These clamp and tighten in a very unique way.Makes them awesome!

Product description

A thrillingly weighty, excitingly advanced pair of clamps with a unique barrel-bodied design and a completely adjustable pinch, the Nipple Barrel Clamps from Fetish Fantasy cater wonderfully to the seasoned nipple-play pro.

Attached by a sturdily linked chain 12 1/2 inch chain, the seductive tug of the total 2.6 ounces of weight will be very noticeable indeed- each clamp can likewise be disconnected from the chain if desired, simply twist the stationary metal ring at the base.

Tightening up the grip of the clamp portion is simple, the black barrel twists quickly and very precisely, closing the soft-tipped prongs for the perfect pinch.

SKU: PD-3627-00 | UPC: 603912333985 | MPN: PD362700 (17)

SKU: PD-3627-00 | UPC: 603912333985 | MPN: PD362700 (17)

Ratings / Reviews

Perfect! (Amber)

These are perfect for a beginner the rubber tips grip so well on my nipples and you can tighten or loosen just as easily. The chain has a very nice weight to it. Just what i was looking for!

I love these!!!! (Anonymous)

These are so easy to use, they can get pretty tight too. The weighted chain is perfect. The best painful pleasure I've had in a while. I feel like a goddess when I'm wearing them! And when someone gives them a little tug, mmmmmmmmmmm........

Nice (Marlz)

These are a little hard for me to get on, but it may just be my anatomy (large nipples). Love that they are adjustable. Will give it another go.

Ordered again (Anonymous)

Love love love these! They are adjustable to super big to super small nipples. They actually stay on (unless nipples are wet). At first I used this with the Nipple Nibblers stimulation cream and they slid off. I had to reorder them because I lost the rubber ends and what's underneath is not too comfortable.

Awesome (Anonymous)

My wife loved these clamps
Very easy to put on and off
Nice adjustable grip

Almost perfect (Anonymous)

Sturdy and well built makes a great start, but found they come off easily unless I am pinching a large amount of flesh

Okay (Anonymous)

I found these to be better than a previous set I had. They are pretty good but they tend to come off from a bit of tugging or maybe I just don't have them tight enough

Comfy fit (Anonymous)

Fits nipple well while providing a comfy weight

love love (Anonymous)

Love my nipples being tugged on, it's like handcuffs for my nipples, huge turn on!!!

Awesome (Anonymous)

It's perfect and it grips perfectly. The only thing is that it's kind of hard to fix it perfectly to your nipples.

great play toy (lac)

The wife found that these clamps work great for women with sensitive nipples as you can set the amount of pressure that you can take and they work well on men parts as well.