HydroMax X30 The Next Generation in Crystal Clear

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I've been doing PE for numerous years. This pump is absolutely amazing. Even on first try for 3-5mins x 2, my partner noticed immediately in bed. She couldn't believe the thickness difference. This pump is very easy to use and feels WAY better than an air pump. I also notice I am able to better blow up In girth. With my air pump only 1 1.5inch or so fills the base of tube. With this x30 it appears to pack the tube 3-4 inches. Both air pump and this hydeomax have same base girth. Everyone should pick one up from PinkCherry


Worth it

Been using for only a month but works great. Noticing a little in gains but the short term pump is amazing. You ll be a little longer but the girth is really noticable. Well worth the price


Good suction!

First time trying any type of penis pump, so I wasn t sure what to expect. I also haven t been using it long enough to know what sort of long term size increase there is. However, this thing definitely sucks. In a good way ;)

Product description

A second generation version of the innovative Bathmate pump, the Hydromax X30 offers 35% more suction force and faster, more noticeable results thanks to a completely redesigned bellows system. 

Like the popular original, the X30 harnesses the natural suction created by water in your tub or shower to increase the strength, size and overall appearance of the penis. Its effectiveness has been praised by male sexual health experts, various men's health magazines, and many, many happy customers. 

Take a good look at the Hydromax before getting started to acquaint yourself with your new pump, and read through the included instructions. The theory behind this great system is simple, once the penis is in place and comfortably surrounded by warm water, you'll push down on the cylinder, activating the pump bellows to naturally create a suction effect. Gentle yet definitely effective, the following pressure draws blood into the penis and surrounding tissue, creating a firm erection and in essence providing a workout for the male sex organ, keeping it in shape, so to speak, and operating at peak capacity. Even if you're a complete newbie, this pump is by no means intimidating and use is virtually effortless, the newly redesigned Super Flow Latch system was specifically created for simple, single-hand filling and the new swivel bellows for eagle-eyed observation.

Once in the tub or shower, flip the gray pip at the top to lock in water. fill the inner cylinder with water and insert the relaxed penis inside. There's a slanted side to the gaiter's sealing ring, this should be placed against the testicle area (making sure testicles are clear of suction!) to avoid unwanted pressure in that area. When the soft foam comfort ring is evenly placed around the base of the penis, unlock the valve and begin pumping. You may need to repeat this step a few times, optimal suction occurs when the bellows remains depressed, at which point maximum pressure has been reached. Then, lean back and relax, letting the suction do its work for a few minutes, best results seem to occur with this process repeated 2-3 times over 12-20 minutes. If at any point you experience discomfort or pain, you can immediately eliminate pressure by pushing the quick release valve at the top point of the pump. 

Your Hydromax X30 consists of an extra sturdy polycarbonate cylinder marked off into both metric and imperial increments, a pliable, skin safe synthetic rubber gaiter base and stainless steel spring release valve up top. It's 29.5cm (11.6 inches) in total, with 8.5cm (3.34 inches) of diameter. The maximum penis length that this pump will accommodate is about 20 cm (7.9inches), and the maximum girth is about 4.6cm (1.8inches) in diameter. 

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SKU: BATH-203018 | UPC: 5060140203018 | MPN: HM-30-CC (0)

SKU: BATH-203018 | UPC: 5060140203018 | MPN: HM-30-CC (0)

Ratings / Reviews

Great product

Hard to use at first, then you get used to it after learning some tips and tricks online. Been on it for. 2-3 weeks and have noticed some gains.


Greay product

Great product but would go a long way in customer satisfaction if the shower caddy was included. A little cumbersome to use freehand with maintaining a good seal. Nevertheless, does what it promises with good hydropump pressure.


Definite immediate effects.

I like the effects right after but find it difficult to use regularly enough o judge permanent effects. For me it increases the head size significantly and also the length which is nice for self-sucking...

Will update after some period of regular use.


Seems to be working

I'm surprised honestly but it actually seems to be working after a week!


Good but don't overpump

It's a good product but don't pump too much too quickly until you get used to it, otherwise you will get fluid retention (aka donut effect) for about 10 to 12 hours. Also, not sure whether or not results will become permanent but temporary result can be quite impressive. Lastly, if you're over 6"L / 5"G beforehand, it's better to skip the X30 and go to the X40. I'e already filled this thing to the Max on a full pump with over 7"L / 6"G so I run out of water before getting a full pump.


Work's Great

I have only been using it for a couple of weeks, but seems to be working a bit. I found taking a bath was a bit better than the shower cause while showering it would sometimes not seal perfectly and air would get in. Where if the pump was under the water, if it's not perfectly sealed, it just sucks in more water, so you don't get the air bubbles coming in. I first ordered the x40, but it's to big. My balls would slip in under suction,(don't have the biggest balls), and that didn't feel to good. I'm 5.5x4.5; so then I ordered the x30. Fits better. Probably could have ordered the x20 , and it would have been good for a year or so. But x30 will be could for years to come. Room to grow, but not too big. Realistically I'm hoping to get to 6.5x5.5; I don't think I'll ever get to much bigger than that, but it will be interesting to see. It's like lifting weights, you feel bad if you miss a day. I'm trying the 2 days on 1 off too Heal properly, I might be only gaining a millimeter a week; but in 52 weeks, that's some decent gains!



It's great


Great product!

Bought this product and have already seen positive results. Highly recommend!


A good pump

A good pump but personally I find it works better without the comfort ring, plus removing it leaves a lot more room for expansion. It took about a week to get really proficient in it's use, but after that it's all good.


So far so good

I've only been using this for about a week, but the quality is great and the suction seems promising. By all means give this a try, it's already better than any air pump I've tried.


Hydromax x30

The Hydromax x30 is a high quality product that has all the suction you would want on your member. I did have to do some manscaping to get a good seal. Im only into my second week with it so too soon for permanent results but my girth seems to be enhanced for sure. I think its very important to follow the instructions that come with this excellent product.


Almost perfect

Everything works as promised. The device is easy to use and clean. It isn't very heavy, it'll hold on it's own once you've pumped it to it's max. It's fun to use, it'll give you that feeling of satisfaction and power. The only downside is if you pump too much, your testicles might get sucked in. The trick is to wait a good 3-5 minutes from when you step into the shower/bath, it will soften your testies/penis, (very important to stay relaxed, not tense).


It works...mostly

It DOES make you bigger!

the only downside is that its awkward as hell, the "comfort" ring needs to be sealed onto the pump for it to work properly otherwise it loses suction.
Its not a "Gain 3 inches in a week!"
I've been using it for a little over a week and I'm gaining about 1cm every 2 days.
You'll have to commit to a routine (and a long shower/bath) every day to make this work.
As the previous poster mentioned, its a bit awkward and it can suck your balls into it if you are not careful, but as long as you warm up properly so your testicles drop, you shouldn't have any issues


Gets you results, but....

It works as advertised, good seal/vacuum but there's several problems.
1. positioning - It's very difficult to position properly. Penis goes in and scrapes the bottom. It's uncomfortable and doesnt allow full expansion.
2. Testicle gets caught - If you're not careful, bathmate will suck on your testicle and it will be painful.
Ty this- apply soap to your penis area and use BM. It will be much easier to position BM and penis will not scrape against the wall. But testicle gets sucked in easier, so you still need skill and luck.