Master Series Rogue Erection Enhancer

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Product Description
'Erection Enhancer' may be a bit of an understated title for this deviously pleasurable, incredibly intense male treat from the fetish-geared Master Series collection. Taking the classic cock ring many steps further, this big, filling one-piece ring and anal intruder combo fits securely over the base of the penis and around the testicles, keeping the unit in question contained, firm and supported.

Along with those obvious benefits, the Rogue provides intense anal attention thanks to a big, ultra curve, prostate-loving bulb that effortlessly reaches the male g-spot. Once the rings are in place, the shaft rests against this key male internal erogenous zone, while stimulating the perineum externally thanks to a softly up-curled nub at the  base. The intruder will inexorably massage internally with movement while provide subtle yet relentless pressure externally. To up the ante even more, a bullet vibe can be slipped into a strategically placed slot at the base of the anal probe portion.

Made from soft, safe thermoplastic rubber, this device is nice and flexible, conforming to the contours of the wearer's body. It warms quickly to match body temperature for a natural feel, and can be enjoyed with either a water or silicone based lube. Fits most.

* Bullet vibe sold separately

SKU: XR-000293 | UPC: 848518000293 | MPN: AC591 (0)

XR Brands

SKU: XR-000293 | UPC: 848518000293 | MPN: AC591 (0)

  • Length: 5"
  • Insertable Length: 4"
  • Girth: 4.25" at largest point
  • Width: 1.25" at largest point
  • Color: Black
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Great idea, Great Product

I've been around for awhile and saw a lot of things, so very little shocks or impresses me in the sexual scene. I must say this product and other XR Brand products did impress me. I have to say the XR Brands (and I checked out their website) has some very amazing and innovative products. The ideas may have been out there before perhaps, but XR implemented them very well. This particular product is great. It not only helps keeps your manhood saluting, it also stimulates your testicles, anus and prostate. When your penis moves it also moves the part inside your anus as well, so you are getting stimulation all around during sex or masturbation. Having your testicles stuck out is quite an interesting but pleasant feeling and they are right there for the wife to do what she does to them. Oral sex is fantastic with this. Yes my wife loves the way my package, so to speak, is presented to her. I am very happy with this product. Just make sure to use a water based lube to insert the anal part and to help slide on the penis and testicle sections. Use a towel to wipe of any excess and you ready to go.


snug as a bug

bought this toy with a little novice experience in anal, the probe fits great, its thick but is not too wide for the hips, and gives a sadisfying pressure, i had never used TPR before, so the first few times i used it i had NO IDEA how to get my balls in, the trick is lube them up (had that part down) and strech the little hole way big over them as you push them in, no pain, good to go :) i was surprised when the probe poped out easier than i expected, but did not seem to be a hinderance or interupting timing. the cock and ball ring portion is prefect sized and im average sized, redicliously average size, so five stars master series, keep up the awesome products



I purchased this product as a beginner in the anal and erection enhancement department. I found all the properties of this product pleasurable. The testicle hole can be a little tight. Repetition made it easier. The prostate probe does have the tendency to come out. I like the way the rogue presents my cock and balls.

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