Sincerely Jeweled Chain Tickler

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This lil guy will have a person wondering what is going to happen when yet all that goes on is a simple amount of pleasure and a tease i love the way the the tassels trickle down my skin so nice!


Good product

It was a little smaller than expected but good quality.


Cute flogger

This definitely packs the sting any bdsm lover is looking for and the bf loves using it on me. Definitely worth every penny.

Product description

Capable of tickly, seductive teasing as well as delightfully stinging strokes, Sincerely's Jeweled Chain Ticker represents the ultimate in luxurious play tools. Several strands of sturdy gunmetal beads swing from a glossy crystal embellished  handle designed to facilitate precision placement- drag the cool beads along a mate's skin or heat them up in a warm place pre-play. Approximately 12 inches (30cm) in total length.

SKU: SS-520120 | UPC: 646709520120 | MPN: SS52012 (29)

SKU: SS-520120 | UPC: 646709520120 | MPN: SS52012 (29)

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Don t underestimate it

Don t underestimate this little thing. If you want something that will leave bruises, this is it. I believe it s in the power you use it and how you use it. But I just love it. And I always carry it in my small handbag. Cause you never know when you might need it.


Travel-size and pretty

This thing stings! But it is small enough to fit in an evening bag or coat pocket for the BDSM afficianado on the go. Nice


Whisper of fun

I used the chain tickler as a surprise sensation toy in a bondassage session. It was subtle and like a whisper on the skin at one end, and fun to hold at the other. When it was used as a whip, it produced a tingling sting that was super arousing.


bedazzled flogger

Another weapon for the tool shed. A bit on the small size but, satisfying.


Surprisingly Fun

Interesting addition to play with...Not just a novelty type object, as long as you have technique.


He loved it!

I just wish the chain was a bit longer so I only gave 4 stars, but everything else about it is great! Fits my hand well and provides awesome chilled tickles ;)


Unexpectedly sexy

Smaller than I was expecting, yet packs a wonderful sting! You can get so creative with this, that's what I love about it, it's completely unexpected and so cute!!


Love it!!!

As a hardcore bdsm fan I love that this is so cute yet packs a sting. I love love it