Packer Gear Black Boxer Brief Harness in XS/S

Based On 22 Reviews

Packer Gear Black Boxer Brief Harness in XS/S

Based On 22 Reviews


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Great! (Anonymous)

We love this! Very comfortable unlike others and worked perfectly.

Great Product (Tasha)

The shorts fit just right for me and my toy! They're not too tight and the material is very comfortable. I will order from here in the future.

Perfect Price! (Zacharie)

The packer gear boxer briefs really astounded me with how versatile and comfortable they were!

As a packing brief these worked really well, though I found the strap on the inside to secure your packer a little oddly placed, so I didn't use it much. Depending on how large you pack the O ring might show through your pants if you don't pull the shaft of your packer through it. I'd recommend experimenting with what looks best for you, though I didn't find the O ring so prominent that packing with just the pouch was unusable.

The fit on these is very similar to something like the rodeoh at a fraction of the price. It was a lot like wearing regular boxer briefs which made the wear a lot more comfortable and natural feeling. It also worked really great as a harness, I found the stiffer O ring really helped to keep a dildo in place during use, but I'd be really careful of using anything on the girthier side for fear of breaking it. Of course you're not gonna get the same level of control as using a sturdier jock style harness but it's more than secure enough for any rough stuff. The packer gear boxer briefs also features two internal pouches for bullet vibes, one above the O ring to stimulate your partner (which only really works if they're on top) and one around mid crotch to stimulate the wearer. I find the pouches a nice addition but not necessary. I'd definitely recommend them to anyone interested in the extra sensation to compensate for the lack of genital access for the wearer.

Overall, for the price I cannot recommend these enough! At 33$ it's a super affordable and versatile packing brief and harness! BUY IT! or buy two!!

Product description

A soft, stretchy, functionally sexy garment from California Exotic's Packer Gear collection, the Black Boxer Brief Harness was designed to secure and stabilize both soft packer pieces and firmer play devices, offering extremely well designed versatility, confident positioning and great looks, too.

Cut in classic full coverage boxer brief style, the Harness sits level with hips, holding comfortably steady with its wide elastic waistband. The front panel proves fantastic attention to detail, featuring a sturdy, reinforced O ring plus internal strap. Stretching subtly  to accommodate most probes, the ring also holds tight to an inserted packer, ensuring reliable placement with no shifting. A soft sewn-in insert was added to hold a small bullet type vibe, if desired, providing some secret stimulation when activated during wear, plus, the double panel design allows for dual penetration type tools. 95% cotton, 5% spandex. Machine washable. Fits XS/S.

*Packers and probes sold separately

SKU: CE-1576-05-3 | UPC: 716770081391 | MPN: SE-1576-05-3 (61)

SKU: CE-1576-05-3 | UPC: 716770081391 | MPN: SE-1576-05-3 (61)

Ratings / Reviews

Perfect (Anonymous)

Ordered a small/medium perfect size for smaller girls. So happy with the price as well. Found these after almost buying a different brand for $90!!

Loved it! (Anonymous)

I recently purchased this and it's been a heaven send. I like how it's easy to use and to take care of opposed to my other strap. I don't have to fool with straps and tangles. I just slip them on and there's no hassle. Nothing but positive feedback about tgis product.

Great for small people! (Anonymous)

I love using these, just have to hold them up at the belt because of the weight from the toys I use.

Great (Evany Maravilla)

My fiance and I love the new harness. It fits her little bidy very wellvand stays close to her. The only thing is the ring isnt big enough to fit our anal toy. Besides that we love it and loved the prices of the toys.

extremely impressed (Ethan)

Not only is this extremely comfortable, I'm also able to get more movement in it as opposed to your usual harshness. Not to mention the fact that it's washable.I love this product

awesome (cc)

This is awesome. No need for hands or to put things back in place. This works so perfectly. I would suggest them to anyone.

Bad ass sex (Candace wright)

I love the wzy sex is when using the briefs

Comfortable (Anonymous)

This is the most comfortable harness that I've ever used. Some dildos take a little work to attach but once attached they work well.

Perfect fit! (Kori)

I was really afraid these would be too small, as there weren't readily available measurements on the site. I'm not docking a star just for that, but I'd still like to suggest that pink cherry includes sizing for those of us who aren't psychics. I'm a 28 waist and 40 around the lower hips/butt, in case anyone else is curious about the size range.

In fact, they do fit perfectly and are nicely cut. They don't seem to roll up much and stay close to the skin. They reliably hold a small packer at least, within the double layers of the front but I didn't find the strap that was mentioned in another review, nor the second upper pouch for a vibe. It could be that I received an updated model or something. That o-ring is pretty firm and doesn't seem to stretch much either so if you wanted to use a larger dilly you might have a problem with girth.

On my body specifically (ymmv) the o-ring is also a bit higher on the crotch than where a cock would normally sit on the body. I don't think I'd be able to pull a packer through the hole and have it still look normal through pants. It's fine if it's just in the pouch though. For a dildo, well....we'll just have to see how they roll! Looking forward to testing them that way soon.

Good (Anonymous)

They fit nice but i didn't realize that the hole would be small as well so I'll be buying another size. But it's pretty cool. I like it

fits well (Anonymous)

great for packing both at home and in public. only problem is the ring sometimes shows through pants. other than that perfect.

Amazing product! (Anonymous)

This is honestly the best product ever!

Amazing (Lexxee)

Finally, something comforting. I absolutely love these briefs.

Adjust to fit (Anonymous)

We like this product but should be available to accomodate bigger size girth toys ,and also be able to perform quick change toys.Example-either adjustable cock ring or different cock ring sizes!! PS.These boxer briefs would be a big seller if more sizes where available,as they are very comfortable and would fit most cock toys you sell.

Eh (Anonymous)

There was a few problems with this product. The circular hole is very obvious when wearing skinny jeans, and looks very strange, unless positioned just right. Not very comfortable, but the fabric is fairly soft.

Great for Packing (Anonymous)

I'm a trans guy and I wear this mostly for packing, but it also works really well as a harness for strap-ons. It's really comfy and looks great, but a sizing chart would have been useful. Go with a smaller size if you're unsure.

Wonderful (Danny)

Fits me like a glove.
The hole for the packer/ shaft is a bit big for what I use, but I fixed that up by sewing it together a bit.
Works great and fits just the same. Much better than a harness.

Awesome! (Danika)

I really like this product. Most strap ons are literally just straps and I wanted something more for comfort and this was perfect. A sizing chart would have been nice. If you're unsure of what size to get, I suggest you get the smaller size for a snug fit. It's great and I love it!

Excellent! (Anonymous)

We love it. Great quality for the price, looks good.
I wish there was a sizing chart. The sizes fit a little big, so buy the smaller of the sizes you would normally fit for the snug fit.