Ringo Plug in Black

Based On 13 Reviews

Ringo Plug in Black

Based On 13 Reviews

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Very Good (Anonymous)

The material is very high quality. Size is exactly as described.

PLUG (fsor)

Very good quality. But did not fit right.

Bigger than expected (Button)

It's a great toy with a great feel, but is bigger than is listed in the description. It's actually 2.5", not 2.25" at the widest.

Product description

A silkily thick challenge of a plug from Tantus, Ringo offers his hugely filling shape to advanced anal players far and wide.

Classically tapered at the tip, Ringo swells gradually maximum thickness, providing an intense stretch that lasts right to the end. Finished by a slimmer neck and big rectangular base, Ringo is perfectly safe for the deepest penetration and certainly sturdy enough for rough and tough play.

Ringo's high end silicone material offers up a decidedly firm, decadently precise touch flexible enough for easy, comfortable positioning. This material is extremely hygienic, and can be fully sterilized, making many silicone toys and certainly this one, suitable for sharing. Ringo can be boiled, bleached, or run through the dishwasher (top rock, no soap), it's also completely hypoallergenic and safe for even the most sensitive skin. Always choose a good quality water based lube to enjoy in combination with this dildo if desired, avoid silicone formulas, and store away from other toy materials whenever possible.

  • Length: 6.25"
  • Insertable Length: 5.5"
  • Girth: 7.1" at largest point
  • Width: 2.25" at largest point
  • Color: Black

SKU: TT-000512 | UPC: 830539000512 | MPN: B0512 (9)

SKU: TT-000512 | UPC: 830539000512 | MPN: B0512 (9)

Ratings / Reviews

Not for Beginners (Anonymous)

Packaging was a plastic box, not a bag, and it arrived in excellent condition.
I checked the Tantus website, and it specifies a diameter of 2.5" at widest point. Getting this big, it is wise to warm up using a smaller plug or taking it very slow.
But I have found that the Tantus Bronco and Ringo both have a pleasant amount of give to them that other butt plugs don't have. This means they will give a little as they stretch your bottom. This give can make the difference between stretching and tearing your bottom when transitioning between medium and large plugs, which has happened to me with harder latex plugs of smaller sizes.
Lubricant is a definite must, and warming up the toy before use will help you relax when taking in the significant girth of the Ringo.
Normally, I give four stars for things I really like, because I think there is always some minor flaw to point out in a product. In this case, I have yet to find any problems. I own several Tantus plugs, and they have earned my business again! Five Stars.

PLUG (Anonymous)

Too small but great material.

A Very Fulfilling Challenge (Anonymous)

First I'll note that this plug shipped to me really quickly--especially since I was expecting delays since I ordered over the 4th of July weekend.

Like the other reviews say, this is a pretty big toy, nice and weighty. I spent the day it was supposed to arrive warming up with the biggest toys I had (both tantus, a bronco and a vamp) and immediately after taking out of the packaging (and washing) I started trying to get it in. It is by far the biggest toy I've used, so even with all the warmup it took quite a bit gentle persistence and focused breathing, but eventually it popped in. And holy wow--it was really intense and really satisfying. I've only used it this once, but I'm definitely looking forward to more fun times with this girthy boy!

Satisfying stretch (Anonymous)

The gradual taper gives a gradual stretch that feels amazing, and the sensation it gives when it pops all the way in is incredible. The silicone is soft so it feels smaller than it really is for its girth size.

Great fun & easier than expected. (EnjoyN-Life)

This toy because it is so gradual appears smaller in photos than it is, but don’t let that stop you from buying it. This slow gradual incline in girth helps ease entry. Other toys of the same size but shaped with a more sudden slope are MUCH harder to fully insert if comparing. Also due to the neck being larger than other toys you may find the exit much less “shocking”, not forgetting enjoying the larger opening while in place!

So BIG (Lover)

The shape and texture are great. It is very smooth and eases right in. Well, not completely in yet but we'll get there. ;-)

Bigger than expected (Wylddreams)

This toy is amazing. It is so soft the silicone and feels amazing. This product carried the Tantus name of quality very well. However I find that the product is mis-advertised as a bit smaller than it should be. The actual product size is 2.5" not 2.25" at the widest. If you're okay with the size, the quality of the product is absolutely amazing. It is a product that despite buying thinking was smaller, I am happy to own, and use more and more going forward.

Fantastic! (Sana)

It has a nice taper though it was girthier than I expected, but with some lube and some patience working this thing in felt amazing. Silicone is really soft too. Another top notch Tantus product! Also came in the packaging shown in the pic above.

Tantus = Quality (Bill)

To start at the tip. The box was 100% far from sketchy. The Plug came in the new Tantus packaging. But you're going to throw the box away so on to the toy.
At first impression it's a soft but firm silicone toy and the Ringo has some good weight to it. As far as use Ringo is not a beginner toy and will need lot's of lube. Ringo is great for painless stretching and adjusting to have any larger girth inside. To wrap up Tantus has a safe high quality toy here and when used right with lot's of lube the user will have cum to the conclusion that this is a fantastic toy!

I love tantus (Cole)

Great plug, but sketchy packaging. It came in a bag as opposed to a regular tantus box, although it seems like tantus uses bags for its discontinued products.