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Fun and Cheap (Big J)

Fun for the price. Adds a little spice to the bedroom.

These are great! (Lila L.)

They're lightweight, interesting, and exactly as expected. I find that they add a tiny bit of novelty in the bedroom - as long as you yourself are easygoing and up for adventure, of course!

Exactly what I expected (Anonymous)

Exactly what I expected but impressed with the price. This is the best price I've seen for this product out of every other place I've seen it.

Product description

A fun, sexy game for adventurous coupes, the Spicy Dice pack contains 3 die, each with an action, body part, and location. When all three are rolled, you'll have a mission to enjoy completing.

SKU: CE-2440-00-2 | UPC: 716770024497 | MPN: SE-2440-00-2 (28)

SKU: CE-2440-00-2 | UPC: 716770024497 | MPN: SE-2440-00-2 (28)

Ratings / Reviews

Note to self (Michael)

Do not mix these in with my gaming dice.

Fun (J)

Fun way to spend that special time with your significant other!

Fun (Anonymous)

A fun little extra

Good choice! (Anonymous)

These are cute and fun at a good price!

fun and daring (Anonymous)

These dice really get the evening rolling. Make you get out of your comfort zone and have FUN!

something different (Anonymous)

I like these dice because it's different. Gets you out of the same old and give you plenty of foreplay ideas....by the time you get around to the main event..both parties are pretty hot and ready to go.

great gift (Anonymous)

Makes a grat birthday or bachelorette gift
Perfect size and looks really fun

makes the night a little interesting (Anonymous)

Can't always do everything. One of the places is outside and in winter that may not be an option. Definitely made foreplay a little different and will enjoy playing again

Exactly what you get! (Anonymous)

New things are great, and the money spent of this was totally worth it. We play card games and the winner of the games get a "roll" with these dice :P

interesting (Julie)

in my opinion the dice are fun and can turn a dull evening around. full of laughs with unexpected combinations that arent normally what i would do. kept aside for another pick me up night :)

Ehhh... (Sam I Am)

I bought them because they're cheap, so I suppose I can't be too harsh on them. It's just that some of the combinations don't make much sense. Tickle Lips? Blow (as in blow air, not suck) Toes? And, of course, YMMV on how much you'll enjoy the combinations.

Heats Things Up (Kate)

I bought these dice because they were cheap. It turns out they are the best "sex dice" that I have ever had! Tons of fun ;)

Fun (Shna)

A little added pleasure for extra fun! Why not add to the bedroom and have a bit of an adventure?

Cheap Thrills (Jim)

I bought these in order to get the free shipping. They're a great little addition, a bit of fun extra, and they are great for travelling. Overall, great purchase, great value.

Fun! (Bre)

At first I was a little wary about them, but they turned out to be a lot of fun & created some interesting things for my partner and I to try.