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Bedroom Rock Star

It will totally rock your wife or girlfriends socks off. Super quiet, super powerful design. small and discrete, Made the list of top 3 toys.


Perfect power

This is an amazingly powerful waterproof bullet, so powerful but so quiet we bought this just to have a backup for the one that came with our tango/dusk kit both are excellent.



OMG ! Now we're three in the house. A hurricane on my wife's clit. After two experiences, she's simple afraid that I lose it or forget it somewhere. She's completely addicted to this little devil that shakes her clit off.

Product description

Presenting absolutely breathtaking power, eight distinct vibration functions and a petite, discreet shape that was created to fit perfectly into just about any pleasure pursuit imaginable, the luxurious little Tango more than lives up to the world-renown We-Vibe name.

Designed for the most precise external stimulation you could desire, this lipstick-shaped massager, following in the couple-centric We-Vibe's footsteps, is a wonderful choice for shared pleasure during sex and foreplay,  but holds tons of appeal for adorers of toe-curlingly strong, pinpoint accurate solo stimulation, too. Shaped into a smooth, sleek shaft with a flattened slant to one side of the tip, the Tango fits easily, comfortably and naturally in hand, letting you (or your lover) control the placement and pressure just right as you revel in the indescribable power and silky smooth touch. For couples trying out toys in the bedroom for the first time, this is perfect, the tiny, natural form can fit between two bodies, letting you share sensation for more of a 'together' experience than some other toys offer. 

As for the eight modes of vibration, they're nothing short of miraculous, making the rounds from four steady vibe options, at 3000, 36000, 4200 and 4800 rpm's respectively into pulsating and escalating patterns of Tease, Wave, Pulse and Cha Cha. The sheer force of the motor is mind-blowingly authoritative, the Tango, when switched on, literally spins in hand, so you can imagine what all that power will do when nestled against the body's sweet spots. A soft interface underneath controls the vibration, a simple push gets things going and cycles through the stimulation options.

No matter how you choose to love your Tango, your enjoyment will be worry free, thanks to the completely body safe, non-porous ABS plastic material that makes up the discreet little shape. Hygienic, hypoallergenic and phthalate free; it's very durable and will last a long, long time with a minimum of effort. Water-based lubricants are the recommended companion to your Tango experience.

Environmentally conscious and convenience-loving pleasure seekers will adore that Tango is newly USB rechargeable, charging easily with a innovative magnetic clip base that attaches effortlessly to the control interface subtly located on the underside of the vibe. Simply plug the opposite end into an available USB port, or compatible adapter. A tiny LED light will flash orange while charging, and will stop when the charge is complete after about 90 minutes. The Tango will please for up to two straight hours on a single charge. Fully waterproof.

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Key Features

  • Discreet, portable and easy to hide away in a purse or pocket
  • Sturdy, firm and precise for perfect pinpoint stimulation
  • 8 steady, pulsating and escalating vibration modes
  • USB rechargeable for on-the-go pleasure - 2 hours of playtime per charge
  • Body safe, phthalate free and hygienically non-porous
  • World famous We-Vibe design
  • Perfect for couples to play with together
  • Fully waterproof for fun in the tub, shower, ocean and beyond

  • Length: 3.25"
  • Girth: 2.1" at largest point
  • Width: 0.75" at largest point
  • Materials: ABS Plastic
  • Power Source: Rechargeable, USB Rechargeable
  • Special Features: Hypoallergenic, Multi-Function, Phthalate Free, Rechargeable, Smooth Surface, USB Rechargeable, Waterproof
  • Color: Pink

SKU: ZWEVIBE-015845 | UPC: 839289015845 | MPN: 26116 (96)

SKU: ZWEVIBE-015845 | UPC: 839289015845 | MPN: 26116 (96)

Ratings / Reviews

EVERYONE can benefit from this!

(I am a trans man with a cis male partner) I could go on ALL DAY about this vibrator, and MANY bloggers have, but I'll try to keep this as simple as possible. Vibrations: incredible, powerfully rumbly, satisfying AND the quietest in use I've ever had. It is almost impossible to be disappointed with this! Versatility: it's a great size with vibrations staying strong throughout. I use it externally with my clit, my partner's penis, perineum and balls. For internal use, it easily fits in ANY toy that usea a standard or smaller sized bullet. Plugs, c-rings, dildos, etc. It can easily power with STRONG vibrations. My biggest toy is a Duchess from Tantus, which is 6.6" insertable length with a 1.9" diameter head. Even on the first setting, there are substantial vibrations in the head of the dildo. Maintenance: Cleaning is breeze and only takes a quick wipe or a few seconds under water with a small bit of soap. Charging is easy with the magnetic plug! It's small and discreet, so I just keep it plugged in by my night stand and throw it up there to top it off after a few uses. Other notes: there is only one button on the vibrator, on the bottom. It's easy to cycle through the different settings and I don't feel like it can be easily set off in the way that many other bullet vibes do. That being said, it would be nice to not have to cycle through settings to get back to one if you DO miss where you wanted to go. I can appreciate that it stays on the same setting when you turn it back on after being off, but this does come with the issue that it can be hard to go back to the setting you wanted. All in all I can't possibly recommend this enough! It has the power to change lower-end bullet vibe silicone toys into wonderful power performers in the bedroom. I'm tempted to get a backup one in case I somehow lose this... And I'm a minimalist who hates "just in case" items, so that's saying something!


Not disappointed

This product lives up to its great reviews!


Almost 5 star

This is an awesome little vibe, very powerful and the rechargeable battery is perfect! I hate buying batteries all the time. I would have given it 5 stars but it makes my fingers numb after a while, it vibrates quite a bit and is hard to hold on to. Other wise it's a good buy.



Unbelievably good out of the box but seems to get louder and less effective pretty quickly. Hope it doesn t lose any more power or get any louder



This is the most amazing little vibe its small but it s powerful gets the job done. If I could give it a 10 I would


The best !

Great vibrations ! Awesome ..highly recommended!


A powerful little toy

Though a small bullet, the Tango is very powerful. It has a great variety of settings to choose from while still remaining quiet. Plus the bright pink color is appealing to eyes.


Tango dance

Discreet design and waterproof with strong vibrations.I highly recommend this product.


best product

Its the second i bought because the older i got started to have less vibrations. I got it like 4 years ago! im not disappointed to get a second one!


Damn good device

Fellas get this for your gal, she will love you forever


Small but mighty

Great product. Small and quiet with tons of different settings and strengths but it gets a 3 star rating because when you hold it the entire thing vibrates really hard in your hand so it's kind of annoying to hold onto :/
Other than that it's def got a lot of power and a good toy.


Wife's favorite!

This is my wife's favorite, powerful and just the right vibration frequency. Aesthetically pleasing, subtle. Small enough to use during intercourse. This is our third one. The first broke after almost a year and the company replaced it right away. The second lasted 18 months, then struggled to hold a charge. Worth it.



I have been in love with my Tango for almost a year now.

By far nothing compares to it. I have a massive collection of different types, styles from different price ranges. This is the best vibe I have ever used!

Battery life is wonderful and it's small and compact enough that it can fit in your makeup bag when travelling.


So hot !

My wife is completely addicted to this little bomb. The first time we used it, watching a porn, she came by surprise, too excited and driven by the vibrations.


The bee's knees

The Tango by we-vibe is by far the best product out there. When this one touches the wife's love button, the juices get flowing and the kitty pulses and clenches something fierce! Awesome!


recharge life crap

My wife loves these, we have gone through 3. The problem is it doesn't hold it's charge for very long to begin with. Couple months after purchase and it can't hold it's charge past 10 minutes on high. We have written to the manufactures and they didn't seem to care. Am now looking for similar product with better life span.



This blows any other vibrator out of the water. Its sleek and powerful and best of all rechargable. No more fumbling around for batteries! Well worth it!


This is my 3rd one!

Love love love, powerful, discreet and super easy to incorporate.. My only complaint is the Chargers die after about a year and a half... The connection gets wonky and you have to prop it up to get a good connection. Over time this gets worse until it just doesn't charge anymore.. Other than that, 5 stars!!


Get on

Bought one two years ago. GF and I have worn it out. Just ordered a replacement. It can't get here fast enough for us :-)



Ok ladies...Do trust me...It is Brilliant.You decide...after you read this.
Best purchase we have ever made as a sex support.Basically the 'Bentley' of Vibrators.
So, if you have any difficulty reaching ORGASM. ..YOU DON'T ANY LONGER.

Say goodbye to THAT frustrating challenge.
I have a fair amount of trouble reaching l orgasm at times, due to a medication and nerve block.
OH MY GOD! Intensity beyond words...
Tango is online and I do believe you can view a video on the Internet...?
Excellent price here. Fast two day shipping...always.
They also make the BEST MOST SLIPPERY...LONG LASTING LUBE...Just a friendly FYI.
It has 10 different settings. 1 to 4 are more INTENSE..BUILDING to mind blowing results
NOT 5... 10+ STARS!


Quickest Orgasm Ever

This little vibe puts out a lot of power, and pin points it. It's definitely the fastest orgasm I've ever had.
I actually enjoy the simple one button set up, it's harder to accidently change settings of you use it with your partner. The fact that it's small lends it to partnered use too.
This is my go to toy now!


Perfect Little Vibe

One of the most versatile toys in our collection, this little guy is just about perfect! Small enough to use during sex, can replace the weak bullets in many toys, has different settings that actually make a difference and packs a big punch for such a small toy. Charges fast and lasts a long time, this is one of our faves!


Just perfect

Perfect size and shape. Works very well. Quiet and discreet. Very Nice too! I love it!


Needs met.

I bought this vibrator a few years ago and loved it, very strong vibration. However after a couple months it stopped charging, I'm thinking because I used it in the shower? I decided to try it again and ordered another one, still the same great vibrator I remember. Here's hoping it doesn't break this time...


Good for couples

Strong vibrations, discrete for storage and not clunky and awkward to use with a partner. The packaging is very classy looking with clear instructions (not that they are really needed) Very easy to clean and not overly loud. Fast and efficient delivery.


Exceeded my expectations

Its size was smaller than expected but the power blew me away!! The only down side in my mind is that to cycle through all the speeds and settings there is only 1 button but compared to all the other great things about it, that is a very minor issue


Awesome little vibrator!

Really powerful little vibrator! Easy to charge, easy to use, quiet.


straight review.

.silent enough to not disturb or make it awkward if used with a partner.
.as thick as your thumb and as long as your middle finger.
.charges really fast, battery life is very good.
.strong, ill tell u that! all the different settings works really good.
.comes with a pouch for safe keeping. nice matte pink.
Good buy. :)



I always buy cheap 7 inch vibes with 2 C cell batteries cause I need the power! I decided to try this based on a couple great reviews, and all I can say is WOW! It's quiet, fun, and it does the trick! ;)