The Beau Platinum Vac-U-Lock Attachment in Charcoal

4.65 Based On 20 Reviews

The Beau Platinum Vac-U-Lock Attachment in Charcoal

Based On 20 Reviews

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Wow! (Anonymous)

The Beau works great and it's taper is perfect for warming up!

We love it (Anonymous)

Great for back yard play. My girl loves it

Love the shape (Anonymous)

The tapering is wonderful and it's just the right length!

Product description

A wonderfully unique Vac-U-Lock offering that's ultra versatile and absolutely connoisseur worthy in terms of pleasure potential, the amazingly shaped, creatively curvy silicone Beau was perfectly designed for compatibility with the Doc's patented harness system, yet works orgasmic wonders on its own, too.

Shaped into a breathtakingly graduated shaft with subtly lifelike details and a dramatically tapered, organically up-curled tip, the Beau effortlessly seeks out inner erogenous zones with that ergonomic, uniquely ribbed form and perfectly precise manageability. A wide, circular base graced with the universal Vac-U-Lock opening helps maneuver the dreamy shape into just the right position, it also protects against too-deep penetration while rendering the Beau compatible with many O-ring and open-front harnesses as well as the fantastic Vac-U-Lock system.

Made from Doc Johnson's high end, hypoallergenic, incomparably hygienic Platinum Premium silicone that's a breeze to clean and sterilize, the Beau is completely odor and taste free, ideal for even the most sensitive areas. The touch of silicone against the skin is like nothing else, it's plush and forgiving in terms of flexibility, but proves delightfully precise once perfectly positioned. Silicone also warms quickly and accurately to match body temperature with touch and play, adding yet another layer of pleasure to the experience, You'll want to use a good water based lube with this dildo if needed, as with any silicone toy, silicone lubricants should be avoided, as should contact with other silicone toys and products.

  • Length: 7.5"
  • Insertable Length: 6"
  • Girth: 6.5" at largest point
  • Width: 1.9" at largest point
  • Materials: Silicone
  • Special Features: Hypoallergenic, Phthalate-Free, Smooth Surface, Waterproof

SKU: DJ-1080-01-BX | UPC: 782421017880 | MPN: DJ-1080-01-BX (0)

SKU: DJ-1080-01-BX | UPC: 782421017880 | MPN: DJ-1080-01-BX (0)

Ratings / Reviews

Awesome highly recommended this!!! (Anonymous)

Love this toy!!! I started out with the Doc Johnson Extreme vaculock and needless to say it was a bit to large for my experience. This toy on the other hand was perfect, love the tapper on this toy! Small tip with a gradual increase in size. Great for beginners who hope to go up in size fast. I would highly recommend this toy... thanks Pink Cherry

Wonderful (Anonymous)

The look and feel are great, I love the gradual size increase as it goes inside. It's nice to suck on too!

Great toy, very versatile! (tx121)

This is a nice toy for many uses. It has a nice smooth texture and is firm but with just a little give.the head is less than 4 inches girth, slowly increasing up to the base where its slightly over 6 inches girth. This makes it an ideal toy for anal play. I found it to be amazingly easy to insert it all the way, the first time I've taken anything larger than 5.5 inches girth. My wife has cummed every time I used it on her in less than 5 minutes. The ridges along with a bullet vibrator make finding her g spot easy. It's my go to toy for getting warmed up for a nice pegging from a large dildo. For the price you can't go wrong!

Amazing (Billy)

Love the size and the tapered tip. Fits perfect in vac u loc.

great toy (Anonymous)

fit the harness well and used it right out of the box. we were both surprised by its size a,d even more surprised I could take the whole thing. taper is great and highly recommend.

This toy has hit a home run! (KM)

Bought this dil for my wife, her comments are as follows..."The shape is a very nice contour from the tip to the base so it is easy to use and not at all painful. Thin towards the head but thick at the base! Its nice n smooth and has some ridges but they are not distracting. It is a bit longer than medium size but I can definitely take the whole thing. Because of the contour (and my readiness!) lube wasn't needed. Overall a nice addition to the collection."

Great product (Anonymous)

I love this it's perfect for a beginner and feels amazing.

Too large to be in charge (Peg-a-tron)

It's a good toy, gets to wide at the bottom tho, can't go full force crazy

Your beautiful beau (Peg-a-tron)

I got this to peg my partner, it doesnt fit all the way on the vac u lock handle but not a huge deal. He doesnt how large it gets at the end, but hes not that seasoned yet.

Purple (Anonymous)

I have another colour. It is great for easing bigger. Kinda sticks so use lube.

Double the pleasure (Lover)

Double the fun,
The shape and size is just perfect for a double penetration (Anal/Vaginal). And also for a double anal penetration. She just loves it. Best toy we have yet.

Great product (Tolf)

This is a great to to use anal or for couples play strapon! The smooth taper and widening girth feels great ;) unfortunately I can only give this 4 stars because I didn't use enough vac-u-lock powder on the first use and now the toy has become stuck on plug :/ (comment solution plz) forcing me to buy another plug for other toys. Enjoy! <3

Bumpy and fun. (Jessica)

I like that it is shiny and that it works with vac lock. I don't have a vaculock yet so we found that it didn't want to fit through the o ring on our harness as it is quite wide at the base.
It feels really fantastic for sex though it does have quite a bit of girth so if you are tighter/ smaller down there go slow.
The texture if kind of sticky you would think it was made of rubber but it really is silicone. The material being grabby means use lube to help it find it's way in, especially if its going in the backdoor.

great (Anonymous)

a bit smaller than pic but overall a great starter toy for anal works with our without the harness

Amazing (Pggr)

Great piece for pegging. Flare is good for a warm up or just a good old fashioned pounding.

like it (Anonymous)

Nice feel and texture...... comfortable when inside my vag .

FANTASTIC!! (Pirate & MIK)

Great dildo for anal!! Has a great taper, easy to insert and has a nice size to stretch out to. We use it as a warm up to our large dildo she uses on me with our strap on. Silicone is the way to go for sure!!