TitanMen Trainer Tool #1

Based On 19 Reviews

TitanMen Trainer Tool #1

Based On 19 Reviews

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Great (Steve)

Beast plug shape ever! I wish had more girth but still seems to be my goto plug very often. Highly recommended

yum (pluglover)

This is still my go to toy to work the cum right out of me without touching my cock..hits the right spots and once you lossen up you can sit and rock and wow

Misleading, but effective (Anonymous)

The real test comes when using the product. I have to say, that literally as soon as I put it in and put even a little pressure on the base, it immediately hit my prostate. I only used it for 3-4 minutes, but had I kept going, I would have surely milked more than the three heavy drops that came out in that short amount of time.

Excellent toy, well made, solid without being too soft/hard, and definitely hits the prostate as intended. Given it's girth, a beginner could easily be using this in no time at all.

Five stars for the product. Ultimately, it's definitely worth the $12, and I definitely recommend. :)

Product description

An adventurous shape anatomically angled to target the prostate, TitanMen's Trainer Tool #1 teases and pleases sensitive posteriors with its firm shell and soft interior.

Sleek and smooth at the tip, the #1 penetrates easily, tipping naturally forward to reach the male G-spot. A matte texture begins past the angle, helping to hold the Plug in place. Nice and wide at the base, it won't slip too far.

In body safe PVC, the TitanMen #1 cleans easily using warm soapy water or a good toy care fluid/foam. Compatible with water and silicone based lubes.

  • Length: 5"
  • Insertable Length: 4"
  • Girth: 4" at largest point
  • Color: Black

SKU: DJ-3200-01-BX | UPC: 782421836313 | MPN: 3200-01-BX (18)

SKU: DJ-3200-01-BX | UPC: 782421836313 | MPN: 3200-01-BX (18)

Ratings / Reviews

Feels great! (Dude)

I really enjoy this product. At first I was going to the bigger one but decided to try this one first. This slides in quite nicely and it stays. I would like to get the bigger one now.



Good! (Kir)

I think it is a good size to begin with. According to my boyfriend, it hits the perfect spot. The only downsize is that it doesn't have a smaller size close to the base. It doesn't work as a plug so well.

A+++ (Caroline)

Good quality, low price..very satisfated!!

Feels great! (Anonymous)

One of the best plugs I've used in terms of prostate stimulation. Would be better with a thinner base to help keep it in easier, but feels amazing!

Nice (Anonymous)

I got this for my boyfriend, and he likes it alright. But it's not that great besides for teasing/forplay as it doesn't have a nice groove to keep it from slipping out.

Yowza! (Anonymous)

Hits the spot! Great for beginners.

Cool (Anonymous)

Très facile à insérer.
Prépare bien le chemin pour prochaine étape...

WICKED (Anonymous)

I'm a young guy, and still have tons of drive but i decided to try this on a whim. let me tell you! my wife needed a wheelchair after our weekend trip

Great for beginners (Anonymous)

A little small for my taste but it sure can hit the right spots. Again great toy for beginners.

Mmm yeah (CJ)

Takes a little bit of teasing but then slides right in and rubs your prostate HARD. Only cons are the material could be silicone instead, and that it tends to spin around while it's inside you so hang on.

Hard to keepit in (Anon Nymous)

This toy gets pushed out very easily for me. I must concentrate to just keep it inside. The size, shape, and material are all good, though, except for the stem which should be distinctly narrower than the rest.

warm up toy (Simon)

The trainer size does not want to stay in place and gets pushed out easily. I like the material and I bought it for the intention of being able to wear it out but even with a thong supporting the penetration it is not reliable.
Could be good for office workers who sit a lot and just want a tickle

Awesome! (Anonymous)

Could be a little bigger and a little more of a groove on the lower end to hold it in. butt otherwise great.

Awesome Sauce! (StraightMaleAnalFan)

Had a fun time in the shower with this bad boy. Next toy will need to be bigger.... and vibrating!

Awesome Sauce! (StraightMaleAnalFan)

Had a fun time in the shower with this bad boy. Next toy will need to be bigger.... and vibrating!