Triple Ripple Large Butt Plug in Black

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Excellent value for money

One of the best ass toys Ive played with. Getting to the third tier is a real stretch but the great thing about this toy is you can just take it to whatever level you feel like. Sometimes the second tier is plenty and a great warmup for other toys. Third tier a prize in itself. Excellent value for money, worth buying if you like anal toys.



Great toy. Took it all in last night. Best feeling ever. Taking in a girth of over 7"
Not a beginner toy. But worth working upto the base


Best toy to stretch!!!

I own 15+ buttplugs and this one is the best warm up tool of all plugs due to it's unique shape. Love this toy!

Product description

Satisfy your need for anal adventure with the Triple Ripple butt plug. This nice thick plug has a unique, exciting shape that starts off small at the head, and then gradually widens and tapers into 3 big bumps for tons of sensation during insertion and removal. The wide base make it safe and secure, and also makes it compatible with an O ring type harness. Since this is quite a large plug, it's better suited to advanced anal players. As with any anal toy, you'll want to use lots of lube, a water based, rubber friendly formula is the best choice for this toy. Enjoy!

  • Length: 6"
  • Insertable Length: 5"
  • Girth: 7.5" at largest point
  • Width: 2.25" at largest point
  • Color: Black

SKU: DJ-0247-04-CD | UPC: 782421113803 | MPN: 0247-04-CD (1)

SKU: DJ-0247-04-CD | UPC: 782421113803 | MPN: 0247-04-CD (1)

Doc Johnson
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Bigger in picture

Soft material but will not bend when inserted. Looks bigger in picture. Glides in with no issue. Wish there was little more space between the last hump and the stopper so it would stay in. Once inserted it tends to slide out. Cant walk around with it while inserted. Overall Im satisfied.


Amazing toy

For the price you can't beat this toy. It is an anal delight! Three sizes depending on your mood. I am an experienced anal player and this largest tier had my toes curling.


larger than expected

I got this to "prepare" myself for my husband as a surprise. It's bigger than I expected & served it's purpose.



Great item for beginners or experience


fits well

really enjoy this , as a starter to some good fun


wow thing was bigger than expected

Love it this thing is huge need lots of lube to stretch my hole but feels great


Great Plug

The only thing that would make this better is an insert in the base for a mini-vibe. Base is short, but use it on a hard surface and it will stay in. Definitely worth it!


Good build

Great toy to work your way through. 2.25 is nice but the base is short so tough to stay down there. Got it for good price. A start to the routine id say



Nice fit,perfect for stretching you out slowly.


Good for stretching

This toy is great for stretching bug it will not stay in place due to the design. Still a great toy for the price. Not for beginners.


Good toy

This is not for beginners, It took me a few days to get all of it in. Fantastic toy, the only thing that I didn't like is that between the bumps is not tapered enough to hold it in place easily. Other wise really good.


Sweet stretch.

Really amazing for an extra stretch. Helped me cross borders getting into extreme plugs and dilation. Wish the end would taper in a little more so it could be held in easier for extended periods.



This plug is HUGE! I'm pretty well versed in plugs and even with plenty of lube this plug was a challenge.

That said, it's an excellent quality plug. Great sturdy material and is easy to insert once you get used to it. Once in it gives an amazingly full feeling.

I'd definitely recommend this as it's excellent value for money for the quality you get, it's just NOT for beginners.

Seriously.... you'll turn yourself off ass play for life if you jump straight in with this one.


Worth it.

Not as large as they make it out to be, still plenty big though. Doesn't like to stay in.


Good bang for your buck!

This toy is, for the extremely reasonable price, a gem.
While a complete newbie may have problems getting started with it, if you know what you're doing it makes for some interesting exploration. Use lots of lube and don't rush it. Don't let the size throw you off if you are new to the sport. For this price you can afford to buy it and park it for while as something to aspire to later on. And you will, I promise! It really does feel excellent.
The only thing against it is there is no small diameter indent under the third ring to keep it inside so you will wind up holding it in place with your hand no matter what movement you undertake. It gets 5 stars anyway because price and pleasure outweigh that small inconvenience.
That being said, it is a pleasurably intense experience and is a great "opener" (sorry) for the larger toys. For instance after leaving this in at full penetration for about five minutes, I can go straight to my Dick Rambone with no strain.
All in all, a very pleasurable device for a ridiculously low price. I recommend it without hesitation.


Worth the money

A good toy giving pleasant sensations but it does slip out at the slightest excuse since there is insufficient detent at the bottom.
Oooooo that feels good *poik* DAMN!



Its good sized, not for first timers, but since its shape is tapered, it helps to stretch in the process of going in. only thing I found is that there isn't enough space between the last bump and the bottom, so trying to have it fully in you and actually stay is kind of hard.



Awesome plug, love the length and the girth. Great warm up for my B10 war head that I am working in right now. Definitely recommended


Great toy, no butt about it ;)

This is a wonderful toy, one of my favourites. I'm working on stretching my ass and this toy does the trick, but take your time and use lots of lube. Insert it slowly and let it stay inside for a while before working all the way down. I can now take in the whole toy comfortably, in fact, it's getting hard to keep it from slipping out now. Because it opens you up so much you may want to consider wearing a thin pad for the day after using it to absorb some of the lube.



Ok, this thing is ginormous! I thought I was ready, but maybe not. I'll keep practicing!

The material feels great, but there's a mildly-unpleasant smell.

It's great, but beginners beware!



This bad boy is huge... And is absolutely not a good toy for the anal beginner... But for the anal beginner it can be a great goal to set for yourself and doubles as an amazing vaginal toy!
For the anal veteran you will be happily delighted at the "full" sensation this toy delivers... If this is your first time stretching either hole to this diameter I highly recommend lots of lube, clitoral stimulation for the ladies, and cock stimulation for the boys... Then as your excitement builds, bare down and push that bad boy past another ripple... If "used and abused" is the feeling you want, this will deliver!


just relax

Not for the timid butt worth the pleasure. At this price it was a great toy to add to the toy box. The 3 tiers make this a great toy for those that want to push their limits. You can go slow and decide how much you want to feel stretched, use LOTS of lube. We have used this for anal play and vaginal. Does not have a smaller ring once inserted to lock it in place, so you have to always keep a hand on it or it may slide out when you are least expecting it. lol



Must say I was quite taken with this one, the 3 levels put you into different levels mentally,once you achieve the 3rd level, you are there,now wanting a fourth,lol. Great buy.


Nice plug, great size.

This is the first butt plug I ever purchased. Its great because you can work it in step by step as you're getting more stretched out. The only downer is it will not stay in because the base has no collar. Also, be aware it is lightly scented. Overall, good bang for the buck!



As said previously, this one has the advantage of being progressive, 3 levels, all in one. Not for beginners if you ask me, but if you can use medium size, try this one. My favorite. The scent is nice.