Twitchy Palm Spanking Paddle

Based On 25 Reviews

Twitchy Palm Spanking Paddle

Based On 25 Reviews


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New to Spanking (Jim)

So the GF and I are somewhat new to the whole spanking thing, and I have to say, we are loving it! I started slapping her ass using the soft side, which she instantly did I!! Well, we have since moved onto the leather side...I don't know what it is, but the subtle pain turns her on, and me even more while I watch her ass turn red and see how hot it makes her! If you're just staring to dabble in pain/pleasure, I would highly recommend this paddle :)

Perfect (Anonymous)

We love this, use it all the time.

Oh yes (Sarah)

Great texture and material, worth the money :)

Product description

Fifty Shades of Grey Official Pleasure Collection

"Do you want me to spank you, Anastasia?" "Yes." My voice is a hoarse whisper. Suddenly there are butterflies in my stomach. Perhaps this is what I need...this is what I've been missing. I surrender myself to his rhythm, absorbing each blow, savouring each one.

A complete classic from the official Fifty Shades of Grey line, the Twitchy Palm Spanking Paddle, with it's sensual silvery satin side set off by soft faux leather opposite, is absolutely suited to any number of playfully submissive scenarios.

This fantasy-ready creation is absolutely perfect for customized maneuvers, the pleasantly weighty, naturally silky feel whips and whirls like nothing else, delivering light, teasing slaps or teeth-gritting whacks with amazing ease. Alternate the softer, subtly padded silver side with the firmer black side for delicious variations in texture. A slim, comfortably contoured handle lends a feeling of security in hand to assist with precision control, furthermore, a soft fabric strap can be wrapped around fingers or wrist. Soft satin storage bag included.

The Spanking Paddle is 12 1/2 inches (31.75cm) long and 2 1/2 inches (6cm) wide.

SKU: FIFTY-819565 | UPC: 5060108819565 | MPN: 40180 (11)

SKU: FIFTY-819565 | UPC: 5060108819565 | MPN: 40180 (11)

Ratings / Reviews

Useful (JR)

Love the product. Smooth and silky, or slightly textured and a slight sting. The handle seems a little flimsy in my SO hand but overall a great product. Allows for a more sensitized smack or can be used to "massage" the area intended. Good for short smacks but not great for a heavy hand.

Fun paddle (Ariel)

This paddle is great if your looking for something to start out with. The soft grey material still allows for a good slap with great sound but not to much sting. Where the black leather side is great for when your ready for a more intense sting. Would definitely recommend this item to anyone looking.

Ok to have fun. (Coco)

Need to be more hard. Ok to have fun.

Love it (Mike)

This has easily turned into one of the wife and I favourites, the padded side is nice to get started and the other side provides a nice sting..highly recommend this one.

sweet sting (wayne)

I enjoy using this item it gives a very nice sting

Love the double side (Roxane)

I love the fact that you have a soft side and a sting side. doubles the fun

Great Paddle (For the Price) (Anonymous)

This paddle works well and feels great. For the sale price of $15, there's no way you can go wrong with this purchase.

Sad (Joe)

It works good and is fun just disappointed never came with the storage bag was suppose to. I liked the idea of the bag to keep it clean and well also hiding... Just a thought when advertised with something should be included as wrote in description

Love it (Anonymous)

well worth the price, girlfriend enjoyed the grey side for warming up before i used the other side for more sting

good value (private)

a nice looking paddle which does what it's supposed to; would only be nicer if actually leather.

sweet sting (Anonymous)

This is excellent! Love the two sides for both a softer strike and a harder strike. Very fun for beginners to spanking!

It's alright (Anonymous)

It's alright. A lot softer then I thought it would be and quite a bit smaller then I thought also. It's a fun toy though.

Paddle (Jw)

Amazing! Good weight, love the two different sides for different sensations.

paddle (ivan)

nice weight easy to apply spankings where u want

Fun toy (Anonymous)

One side very padded, you can use a lot of force and not hurt anyone. The other side provides a nice sting. Good variety.

A Great Buy (Patrick)

Awesome little paddle. Satin side is smooth and teasing; leather side is all business.

***SMACK!!*** (Troule)

F**K YEAH!!!!
This paddle has a sting to it.... but a soft side too...

If you want a little or a lot or if you want to alternate the sensation, this paddle will give you what you need.

Bought it on spec.... glad I did!

Two choices (Tdawgy)

This paddle has two different sides to it with two very different feelings when applied. Very enjoyable!

Love it (Anonymous)

I like both sides, but prefer the faux leather one! It gives a good feeling of pain... perfect! Good purchase!

Worth it!!! (Anonymous)

Love, love, love...thought this would be a novelty item that really couldn't be used because of the low price. I was mistaken...looking forward to play time.

Two Sided! (Anonymous)

This is a great paddle. The satin side is slightly padded and softer. You can get a good strong loud whack with a slight sting. Flip it over to the leather side and it gives a solid crack with a good amount of sting! Great for beginners.

Worth it (Janna)

If you can get past the cheesy name (I cut the tag off and threw the packaging out immediately), this is actually a very nice little toy. I've gotten my money's worth ;)