6 Inch ULTRASKYN Anal Starter Dildo in Blush

Based On 26 Reviews

6 Inch ULTRASKYN Anal Starter Dildo in Blush

Based On 26 Reviews

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Great product (Anonymous)

This was a great buy. I'm very impressed with the product .it has a very soft life like material that's comfortable and great for beginners. Just wish it was a little fermer .it's very floppy. But besides that I'm very happy with the product and recommend you buy it .overall product was great .And and the service was great .very fast and discrete delivery

Many uses (John)

great toy .. no smell or odd taste , great for beginners ( g/f actually enjoys this one ) little small but good for warmup .. not stiff at all so takes a little work to get it in but its flexibility adds to the pleasure , also good for wearing for many hours out at dinner or the store , if your so inclined .. Overall its great

Feel good (Jonathan)

This product is realy nice! At first we think it was a bit small but the softness of the product give a so great pleasure! Perfect for beginer

Product description

A beloved beginner tool from Doc Johnson's line of Blush UR3 pleasure offerings, the 6 Inch Anal Starter presents its sleek, manageable little shape to adventurous players seeking backdoor bliss.

Extraordinarily soft, bending and flexing to fit individual contours, the Starter features a realistic shaft and tapered tip scaled down in size to suit beginner endeavors. Nice and wide at its rounded base, this miniature dildo naturally protects agasint too-deep penetration, allowing for full-focus on the unique sensations inspired by anal stimulation.

Unquestionably one of the most lifelike materials in existence, Doc Johnson's signature ULTRASKYN feels simply amazing. Supple, plush and softly squeezable, the Starter maintains its shape and silky smoothness, warming to match body heat as playtime progresses. Easy to clean and maintain, ULTRASKYN requires a simple scrub in warm soapy water before and after use. Let dry thoroughly before storage. Always enjoy a great quality water-based lube with this and all ULTRASKYN 3 toys. Phthalate free. Made in the USA.

  • Length: 6"
  • Insertable Length: 5.5"
  • Girth: 3.25" at largest point
  • Width: 1" at largest point
  • Color: Clear, Pink

SKU: DJ-0278-01-CD | UPC: 782421526306 | MPN: 0278-01-CD (48)

SKU: DJ-0278-01-CD | UPC: 782421526306 | MPN: 0278-01-CD (48)

Ratings / Reviews

Amazing Feel (Anonymous)

The dildo was small, but the size helped with a beginner like myself. It slid in all the way and felt so good. The suction cup hardly works. I recommend finding a corner, like the corner of a table, to push up and down from. I did this and got a very strong orgasm. Also, the toy tends to keep the butt smell even after a thorough wash with warm soap and water. The lingering smell on the toy is the only real downside. Overall, the toy is great and really fills up a tight/new beginner.

for upgrading (Anonymous)

It is a nice size if you are transitioning from small to bigger. This toy requires the use of 2 hands. It is flimsy. Very similar to a real life limp one. Goes in and out without much effort (only effort required is to get it sturdy enough to go in).

Limp noodle (Anonymous)

i gave this a 3 rating because it is absolutely gorgeous, and had no weird smell or taste. However it is extremely limp. Not made for "do it yourself" but I imagine it will work fine in my harness.

A bit too soft (Anonymous)

I think this is great for someone who is not used to anal play since its thin and soft. For me the size was good, but too soft and flexible to get inside easily by myself.

Ok little toy for the money (IsPlaytime)

And when I say little, I mean little. Hard to gauge size off a picture in a website, description said it is 6" long. Me being 6 1/2" I expected it to be more closer to my proportions than it is. It is very thin, so if you are looking for an introduction to anal play, then it's perfect for the cost. I would however, recommend getting something bigger at the same time, because trust me, anyone can handle this little guy with ease. It is very flimsy and will most likely require 2 hands to get it where it's going.

awsome buy! (happy consumer)

I love the texture and smell good for practicing deep throating and for dp in one hole.

Fantastic (Judith)

I am glad that I got this!!! Perfect size & FEEL. Makes DOUBLE penetration orgasm! My boyfriend & I love it!!!

Not bad (E)

Not bad for beginners although it became a little too easy quickly. ;)

Anal or vaginal (Anonymous)

Personally I haven’t used this anally as I think it’s too flimsy. It’s great vaginally as something skinny and easy to move. I think it would be great to practice deep throating as it’s very flexiable, slim and soft. Smelled liked pina colladas when it arrived but has since vanished, no taste to it.

Real soft but usable (Anonymous)

I recently received this purchase, and when i first tested it out it was not as firm as I would have liked but its still a serviceable starter dildo, not going to tear anything up when using it.

If you're looking for a dildo that you could bend into a literal knot this might be what you're looking for

A bit small (Anonymous)

It was the perfect size in the beginning but now it’s a bit small, perhaps it would be good for DP play

Anal dildo (Anonymous)

Although really soft, it is a good first time anal dildo. With some lube I was able to work it in and feel comfortable and good at the same time. I would highly recommend this for anal first timers. It's soft, but it feels good once it's in. I love this toy for exploring anal for the first time

Super Soft (Anonymous)

It's a good starter good size but, I had a hard time using it due to how soft it is. It doesn't smell and doesn't taste bad though.

Good Size (Anonymous)

Soft and easy to use. Good quality. Great value.

Fun for beginners (Milky way)

Quite nice,smooth feel,great for beginning of fun.Well described.

Good Starter (Alex)

This toy is a good starter. I used it to get into anal. One thing the photo does is not get the size right. It's very small. But great for starters

good start (Anonymous)

Difficult to instal in place because to smooth.but one time in place its really good felling

Feels great! (Anonymous)

This thing feels amazing! I love it. It was a little smaller than i expected but thats fine. Its softness is fantasic but its a little difficult to insert. I do love it though no matter what!

Great for Biggeners (Anonymous)

This is a good way to start experimenting with but the bad part of it is when you use lube the toy gets soo slippery and since this is not hard just made out of like a rubbery squishy texture its gonna take a while to go in but YES I RECOMMEND BUYING THIS amazing toy its fun,cute&painless

Too flexible (Bee)

Yes , it's soft and gentle and can't do any harm during the penetration .
but in the same time this dildo is too flexible and often it's hard to penetrate when it's covered by the lube.

Very Soft (Shelley)

Good starter. Very soft, borderline too soft but not intimidating to any first timer. You will probably want to upgrade quickly.

Good Starter (newbie)

A nice starter piece if you haven't done any anal play before.  Offered a thrill of something new without being overwhelmed by size or hardness

Great little toy (MickeyG)

Great little starter toy for new to anal crowd.  Lives up to the description.  Also a good toy to get some practice for beginners to deep oral.  Pleasant scent and taste - no harsh plastic smell and no strange after taste.  Only downside is that it wont provide much excitement for the well-practiced crowd and may leave you wanting something just a little bit more.