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Raging Hard-Ons Slimline 7 Inch Ballsy in Blue

Raging Hard-Ons Slimline 7 Inch Ballsy

  • Raging Hard-Ons Slimline 7 Inch Ballsy
  • Raging Hard-Ons Slimline 7 Inch Ballsy
  • Raging Hard-Ons Slimline 7 Inch Ballsy
  • Raging Hard-Ons Slimline 7 Inch Ballsy
  • Raging Hard-Ons Slimline 7 Inch Ballsy
  • Raging Hard-Ons Slimline 7 Inch Ballsy

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Raging Hard-Ons Slimline 7 Inch Ballsy in Blue

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Great for anal (Maria)

Awesome for starters, but suction base does next to nothing. Still very comfy and filling.

Fantastic (Maria)

Really great toy for starting anal play, its flexible ribbed shaft is gonna make any position work.

perfect (rf)

I am buying a second one to keep at my boyfriends house so we always have it around.

Product Description

Created specifically to satisfy seekers of deeply stimulating anal pleasure, Doc Johnson's Raging Hard-Ons collection presents the Slimline 7 Inch Ballsy. In flexibly supple, body-safe PVC enhanced by an ultra hygienic antibacterial SilAGel material, the Slimline offers thrilling lengthiness, exciting swirls of texture and an extra wide ballsy base.

Providing potential for pegging and strap-on play, the Slimline's sleek shape will fit easily through many traditional open-front and O-ring type harnesses- the enlarged balls lend a reliably precise grip to manual maneuvers as well.

Easy to clean and maintain, the Slimline sanitizes quickly and thoroughly using simple soapy water or a good toy cleansing formulation. Compatible with water and silicone based lubes.

  • Length: 7.25"
  • Insertable Length: 6.5"
  • Girth: 4" at largest point
  • Width: 1.25" at largest point
  • Materials: PVC
  • Special Features: Phthalate-Free, Textured Surface

Product Code: 0279-20-CD
UPC Code: 782421527006
ITEM: DJ-0279-20-CD


Customer Reviews

Good starter (annonymous)

I purchased this dildo some time ago as my first dildo, and its been great. Soft enough that its not uncomfortable for a beginner, and its appropriately slim for the same purpose. Its also inexpensive, which, if you're not sure about whether a dildo will be a good investment or not, is a scant amount of cash to find out. Lubes up very nicely, also warms up quite quickly with your hand or use. Washes well with soap and water, doesn't stay sticky ... its great. Worthy investment for anyone just starting out with a dildo and not sure what they want.

Great anal dildo (Anonymous)

The perfect dildo for anal beginners. I can now say I've fulfilled one of my husbands fantasies. Great product for a great price.

Best Anal Toy for a Beginner (Anonymous)

Perfect anal toy for beginners, it's long, ribbed, thin and doesn't hurt at all!

My "Go To" Dildo (Anonymous)

This is a great dildo for anal. This was my first dildo, and it was such a good experience that I've not only expanded my selection of toys to include vibes, dildos and strap ons, but I still use this one regularly.
The ribs can be very pleasant, although sometimes if I'm not in the mood, they can be a little much. Beginners should just warm up a bit and take it slow - it can be very rewarding. It's very soft and long. Perfect for anal and my gf likes it too.
The base suctions a bit, so you may be able to use it in the shower or off another surface if you'd like. It stays put, but doesn't perfectly suction to withstand too agressive of movement.
My gf and I have used it with our strap on harness too. It fits the harness well enough and stays put. She's been a little rough on me with it, and it's soft and pliable enough that it feels agressive but it doesn't hurt. It's fallic enough to fulfill some fantisies, but the colour makes it still unrealistic enough to be "safe" and not take these fantasies a little too far.
I love it, and I'd suggest any beginners who are interested to drop a few bucks to try it out.

Great Dildo! (Satisfied)

This is a great dildo for beginners and helped me as a stepping stone to first time anal! I still have lots of fun with it :)

Amazing (Chris)

I recently purchased this dildo even though I'm not a beginner.
It's long enough for those hard-to-reach places. The ribbed shaft feels amazing, and when you're all worked up, it's thin and bendable shaft makes it easy for some "vigorous" action.
A great buy for adventurous beginners or the more experienced.

Awesome (Anonymous)

it's advertised for anal use but frankly this is incredible for vaginal use as well, I find most ribbing to mild to feel, this is perfect, you feel EVERY inch/cm

AMAZING (Anonymous)

For a first dildo WOW!!!

Warm up~ (Faxxrz)

Mmmm... okay so this toy was a little smaller than expected. But as a friend told me, it's not the size that matters but what you do with it :3 ~
This is perfect for those who are scared of hurting themselves but curious about anal. Good way to warm up for things that are a little bigger, it's not firm but not too floppy either.
Gotta love those ribs ~

Squirting (Anonymous)

This was my first dildo I got when I was 17 (10 years ago) and its the only toy thats been able to make me squirt (besides the hitachi magic wand)

Slim peckings (Anonymous)

The length of this dildo is perfect, and the slim circumference is great for beginners. However, the mild suction base leaves much to be desired. All in all this is still a great buy for first timers.

Good starter (Anal Guy)

A good started dildo, perfect length to fill you up, but not so thick it is intimidating. Just pop it in, and go! Not much suction in the base, but there are others with that feature.

Great for anal beginners! (aflower2c)

Nice and slim, looks intimidating but my guys LOVE it. Because of the length, you can have nice long strokes.

Perfect for anal (Anonymous)

I love the size for anal, it's perfect! Nice and long for deep penetration and not too much girth so it can be used vigorously. One of my favourites.

Love its ribs, its just GREAT! (Peter)

I got this fabulous dildo, just LOVE how it was so enjoyable riding, the ribs really hit every inch of inside my anus, I could feel as I bounced u and down on it, then when I took it outside in the fresh air, that was even better. I screamed with pleasure, I really rammed it vigorously, I mean MAD ramming and round n round inside of me. I Love it so much, every dying chance I get I use it again and again. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE IT!

perfect (rf)

I am buying a second one to keep at my boyfriends house so we always have it around.

Fantastic (Maria)

Really great toy for starting anal play, its flexible ribbed shaft is gonna make any position work.

Great for anal (Maria)

Awesome for starters, but suction base does next to nothing. Still very comfy and filling.

Miss Me (Anonymous)

this gives a great feeling...the bubbly/wavy/groovy shape gives every in and out a sensational pleasure...I love this baby!

Pleasantly surprised (Locke)

Just small enough to fit, big enough to make it feel real... I love this thing. The suction base isn't all that which is a downside, but you can feel the ribbing when you're riding it and man oh man it feels good. Very happy with this purchase. If you're looking for a "one size fits all" dildo for anal, pick this one.

Great for a beginner! (Anonymous)

Purchased this as a toy to "break me in" to anal - my husband and I are both interested, so I thought starting with some toys would be the best route to go. Absolutely love it! Long and slimmer than other toys so great for anyone just starting out - and I'm sure it will continue to be lots of fun even afterwards!

Blue wonder!! (John )

I bought this toy for my personal use. It was exactly as described. My wife uses it on me with a strapon we bought before. The dildo that came with it was a little rough and too big. So I bought this one. It looses its colour and I've since gotten a new one. Great for couples use or when your alone. I highly recommend this to any guy looking to be curious and for first timers.

Blue wonder (Anonymous)

This the best dildo my wife and I bought for the bedroom. We wanted a toy for me as we started getting into butt play awhile ago. I wanted something not too big but not not too small at the same time. This was a perfect purchase. My wife uses it on me with and without a strapon. I also use it when she's not around and gives me a great cum every time.

So awesome! (Anonymous)

This is a great toy. It's the perfect size for my second hole. It's nice and long, not too thick and it's not super solid so it goes in nicely! I'd definitely buy it again!

Great starter dildo (Andrew)

I go this as my first dildo and spent hours with it when i got it just working with it to take it all. Only problem is the base does not suction

like but not love it (Anonymous)

Bought this for pegging my hubby and we were very excited to test it out but its so damn skinny it wont stay straight with even the smallest O ring in a harness :/. Its so floppy i can't tell if its in ou out when using it on him. Love the ridges for both of us. Lengths good its a weird almost too jelly textured any fluff or pet hair clings to it if put down on anything. Cleans easily. Balls arent even needed maybe a sucktion cup or make it a smidge more rigid and itl be a fab toy. All in all decent. But i am going to upgrade to a thicker more user friendly crystal jelly toy and see how it goes.

THE BEST! (Anonymous)

I haven't bought anything that feels as good as this for anal play!!

Great! (Anonymous)

This product worked really well for anal use and its also a great price! Not too thin, not too thick. The perfect size for pleasure without it being a little too much.

Not just for anal (o)

Ok this was ordered in tented for anal play yet it has to be my favorite dildo to use for vagina. It has a suction which works and it's textured very nicely. It is a good size and so much fun. Definitely worth every penny!

amazing results (Anonymous)

It even gets me off seeing how much she loves it! I love licking her out and then surprise her with this blue cock. She will sometimes thrust it in and out by herself while I'm still licking her, allowing my hands to go elsewhere.. I've even used it and my own cock together in her once and made her crazy!

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