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Rechargeable Massager in Lavender

Rechargeable Massager in Lavender

  • Rechargeable Massager in Lavender
  • Rechargeable Massager in Lavender
  • Rechargeable Massager in Lavender
  • Rechargeable Massager in Lavender
  • Rechargeable Massager in Lavender
  • Rechargeable Massager in Lavender

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Rechargeable Massager in Lavender


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Awesome (Anonymous)

The power in this is amazing! Plus I like how it can go wireless. It's a little on the loud side but it's because it's just that powerful, Love it

Wonderful! (Anonymous)

I absolutely love this. I definitely gets the job done and is SOOO powerful.

5 stars ***** (Anonymous)

The power in this is amazing. Love that theres the option for it to be cordless . Love it

Product Description

1 million soldGiving some of the favorites a run for their money, the rechargeable Body Wand is an extra powerful massager with a soft, flexible head that easily reaches all the spots you seek to please.

The sleek wand style shape fits smoothly in hand, letting you comfortably and easily direct the Velvet Touch head over, around and against sore muscles or more intimate areas; a little dial starts up and switches the strong, quiet vibrations with multiple speeds. If you're familiar with electric massagers, you'll know how powerful they can be, but the Body Wand easily matches the deep down intensity without any cord of wires to get in the way. It was specifically engineered for strong, continuous stimulation that won't quit until you're satisfied and sated.

You'll also appreciate the subdued sound levels, which, considering the power, are impressive. It's not the quietest vibrator you'll come across, but it's much less intrusive than most electric models. In case you need more reasons to adore the Body Wand, it's made from high quality, body safe materials, plus, it's completely rechargeable, so it'll always be ready when you are.

When it's time to charge, a green LED light glows while your Wand is powering up, and turns off once it's done. A 30 minute charge will give you one hour of fun with your BodyWand. If you'll be using a lubricant, choose a good water or silicone based formula to keep your Wand in tip top shape.

  • Length: 10.25"
  • Girth: 5.6" at largest point
  • Width: 1.6" at largest point
  • Materials: ABS Plastic, Thermoplastic Elastomer
  • Special Features: Flexible, Multi-Speed, Phthalate Free, Rechargeable
  • Color: Purple

Product Code: BW108
UPC Code: 726633974654
ITEM: BW-974654


Customer Reviews

Love it! (Natasha)

I don't know why I waited so long to get a wand. It's AMAZING!!!!
By far the best toy I own. It's strong vibrations, even on low, cause me to orgasm in seconds. It's great. I didn't think that would happen so quickly. Money well spent. It's even better than any vibrators or bullets I've owned.

Ummmm...WOW!!!! (Rikki)

Wasn't sure how I felt about using a wand toy until I actually used it. The first moment of contact took my breath away. The strength and ease of orgasm was out of this world! Glad we bought the cordless version. Allows for a lot more movement and changing of positions!!! If you've never owned a wand before... buy this!!!

Instant orgasms! (Kira)

Best vibrator I've had so far!!!
Extremely powerful. The lowest setting is higher than the highest one on most battery-operated vibrators.
No cords, very stylish design.

Perfect! (Anonymous)

I bought this because I was annoyed with the cords on most wands, and it was worth every penny. It's super powerful, easy to change settings and gets me where I need to go quickly and easily.

Great buy! (Anonymous)

If you're gonna get a wand definitely go cordless! I love it. At first I wasn't sure because the vibrations were so strong that I had a hard time coming to orgasm, so I tried it with panties on and that made all the difference.

s- game (Anonymous)

most amazing one

wow!! (matnval)

Incredible pleasure device! My girlfriend is having huge orgasms with this machine. Love the wireless side of it, worth every dollar !

Best. Ever! (CoastalGirl)

This is by far my favourite vibe! It's cordless and rechargable so more moverability, and no batteries to deal with.
Best of all is the strength of vibe. Holy WOW batman!! It's good that you can ease into it a little with the dail control, but even at the lowest setting it's intense :) The other thing I love about it is, unlike the hitachi, this one is so quiet - even turned on all the way. There is a pulsation setting too if that's your thing.
It's got a great head, firm but soft, and is extremely easy to clean. If you're looking for a solid, high quality wand this is the one for you!

Body Wanderful (Joy)

I have to say this is the best investment you will make if you want WANDERFUL orgasms!! Both you and your partner will be very happy with this particular product and for this price, it's worth it.

Amazing :) (Cassie)

quickest orgasm ever, for a change your trying not to come so soon, very very fun :)

awesome (Anonymous)

I have never squirted until I got this awesome toy. It is the best orgasm ever. It made my husband jealous because he can't get me to have orgasms. I love love this toy. Only thing is my clit was very sore afterwards I guess I need to use lube next time!!!

Awesome (Anonymous)

I love love this toy!! It is amazing in fact so amazing that it made me squirt for the first time ever in my life!! I definitely recommend this product to everyone. I think I'm in love lol. But seriously you will not be disappointed with this toy!! Just make sure you use some kind of lube and not dry!!!

Amazing (Kat)

This thing is amazing. I have experienced so many different kinds of orgasms with it, and I've only had it a couple weeks. I think I found a keeper!

Katherine (Was amazing... while it worked)

I bought this toy a little over half a year ago. Out of the box it worked great. It gave me earthshaking orgasms with almost no effort at all. It lasted about an hour on a full charge, which was more than enough. After a couple weeks of use it stopped holding a charge, it would only last around 10 minutes after charging it for hours. I started using it with it plugged in and charging, which was kind of annoying because the cord got in the way. Finally a couple weeks ago it stopped working all together. I feel like 6-7 months is a very short lifespan for a toy this expensive. I was debating getting another because it was just so powerful, but I'm worried I will have it break even sooner this time. Perhaps I will get the Hitachi instead.

Strong, but cheap (Heidi)

This wand is by far the strongest I've used, but after a few months it's stopped holding a charge. Then the hole where the chord plugs into completely fell apart. Maybe everyone else has had better luck, but I was disappointed with how fast it broke.

Excellent (Stumpy)

I bought this for my wife and after one use she said, "you can get rid of the other vibrators". More bang for the buck than anything else we own!

5 stars ***** (Anonymous)

The power in this is amazing. Love that theres the option for it to be cordless . Love it

Awesome (Anonymous)

The power in this is amazing! Plus I like how it can go wireless. It's a little on the loud side but it's because it's just that powerful, Love it

Wonderful! (Anonymous)

I absolutely love this. I definitely gets the job done and is SOOO powerful.

Amazing like seriously WOW! (meg)

Best vibes I've purchased yet. I strongly suggest you get one of these. The pulses feel super strong and it's all around an amazing vibrator. I love that it's wireless. Charges pretty fast as well.easy to and my gf both love it.I have had many different vibes and none have even come close to how this one operates. Its strong and very durable. I strongly suggest this vibrator if your buying one,even for first timers.

Perfect pleasure (Kys87)

This was one of the best toys I have ever bought and the price was rights.

Great Rechargeable (Anonymous)

I am a fan of the Magic Wand ... except for the idea it has to be plugged in.
Well - this vibrator is a great alternative! While the sensations aren't as intense, they are still very powerful ... and the unit is portable ... which is great.
At the price point, I highly recommend this to anyone searching for a unit similar to the old Hitachi Magic Wand.

Great but.... (Anonymous)

This was my first wand and I loved it to death. I love that you can control the intensity yourself with the spin dial. The bad thing was that the charging port stopped functioning properly within the first few months of having it. Have to tape it a certain way every time I charge it now :/

Meet my lover (Val)

So this is the second massager I have (but first of this brand) and I like it even better the my first one, which I enjoyed a lot considering I used it so much it ended up breaking.
What I prefer about that one is that it's cordless and theres that pulsing option that is also cool. And so yeah, basically your are more than 500% sure you are going to cum by using this lovely toy.

Instant Pleasure (Cathe)

I have other wands, but for it's size and being rechargeable, as well as being quieter, this rates right up their fro instant multiply orgasm :)

She gets juicy (Chuck Noble)

This is a well built powerful toy. She enjoys hard licking and vibrating. I got this for her when she needs a quick fix or just feels like doing her own thang. Great product and recommend to any lady who enjoys power!

Still Drooling (Anonymous)

If you're skeptical of body wands, this little one will convert you permanently. The lowest setting alone was enough to get me going, and coupled with partnered play it almost killed me. I also find the intense stimulation perfect for edge play. The head tilts/turns to accommodate all kinds of positions.

Gentlemen, start her engines (Anonymous)

My wife was very excited to try this when it arrived in the mail. Great design and easy to hold. Power was incredible for a rechargeable. She was exhausted after first use and this vibe has become her go-to toy when I'm not handy.

Greatest Vibe Ever!!! (K&T)

This is an amazing vibe. We have owned a lot of toys in the past and this is by far the best thing ever. She cannot even handle the sensation on high as it is to much.
The only down fall to this item is that the wand attachments that they sell for extra pleasure do not fit this smaller head, they are made for the larger original wand. I purchased an attachment not knowing this and it is pretty much useless to us.
However that does not change how amazing this toy truly is. the cordless feature is great and charging is easy.

WOW!!!!!!!!! (babez)

This is hands down the best vibrator I have ever owned.. the vibes are so strong, talk about multiple O's .. this is a woman's best friend and it makes alone time or play time with your partner that much better! I highly recommend this one. Worth every cent and I love that it's cordless and rechargeable. I am super pleased with this big time.

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