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Sqweel 2 Oral Sex Stimulator in White

Sqweel 2 Oral Sex Stimulator in White

  • Sqweel 2 Oral Sex Stimulator in White
  • Sqweel 2 Oral Sex Stimulator in White
  • Sqweel 2 Oral Sex Stimulator in White
  • Sqweel 2 Oral Sex Stimulator in White
  • Sqweel 2 Oral Sex Stimulator in White
  • Sqweel 2 Oral Sex Stimulator in White

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Sqweel 2 Oral Sex Stimulator in White

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Gooood (Anonymous)

Wife highly edoses. I have used it to rev things up. Only limit I noticed is it is difficult to hold just right but when held "just right" .... Oh my!!!

Spin me spin me around around (Christina)

This is amazing! Pleasure every time. Like fast speed licking until you gush!

Ah-ah-ahmazing (Anonymous)

This is incredible. Be generous with the lube and it feels like the real deal. It's awkward to hold on solo missions but with the hubs holding it works great and gives him a little break.

Product Description

 January 2009 "Forget about the wheel being the best invention, the Sqweel should take this crown with its rotating teasing tongues. It doesn't have the sudden shunt of power that a vibrator does, instead, it works slowly and sensually for a gradual build up. If your man tires of his own tongue action he can use this or you can let the wheel tease all the sensitive parts of each other."
 January 2010 "If oral sex is your thing, check out 2010's most innovative sex toy - the Sqweel. It's basically a wheel with rotating tongues that simulates the feeling of a man going down on you. Sex expert Emily Dubberley says it's definitely worth a try, 'Unlike many oral sex simulators on the market, the Sqweel really does feel like the real thing. For maximum impact make sure you use lubrication. Not only will this reduce friction it'll feel exactly like a man's tongue."
 December 2009 "This unique sex toy accurately replicates oral sex courtesy of a 'wheel of tongues' that rotates at three different speeds. Simply hold the toy against your clit and let the 10 silicone tongues lap you to climax. The realistic-feeling tongues work a treat on other sensitive body parts too. The best sex toy we've tried in years."
 December 2009 "Sqweel is nominated for 'Most Innovative Product' at the XBiz Awards 2010."

Re-vamped, re-imagined and tricked out with a brand new flicker feature plus reversible rotation, it's impossible to look at the Sqweel 2 with its amazingly unique design, tons of media attention, and rave reviews from users everywhere without making a 're-inventing the wheel' quip - but we won't. We will be so bold as to say that this oral sex simulating pleasure tool will likely reinvent your sex life, your ideas and opinions about oral pleasure, and certainly your toy collection.

Just a quick once-over, and you'll know you're looking at a truly genius toy, a so called 'revolution in orgasms.' A smooth, firm circular case opens to reveal a wheel of 10 (yes, 10!) soft, realistically shaped, slightly up-curled silicone tongues. When the Sqweel 2 is turned on, the tongues spin vertically on their axis, at 3 speeds that make them rotate lazily and teasingly, or flicker quickly and orgasmically.

The second inception of the Sqweel boasts the number one requested improvement over the original, reversible rotation, plus a fantastic 'flicker' mode that spins the tongues back and forth in multi-directional lapping movements. The sensation has been called almost eerily real, with a feel completely different from the burst of power and intensity of a vibrator. Continuous, varying speeds let the tongues lap you slowly or quick, however you like it best to deliver the deepest, strongest orgasms like perfectly performed oral sex can.

Designed to be easy to hold and control, the Sqweel 2 is light and very manageable, letting you hold it vertically, horizontally, or at whatever angle you need to get the most out of your 10 tongues. It's perfect for almost any skill level, great for cunnilingus fiends, ideal for the shy oral sex beginner, and even the most demure woman will find the slim, nondescript casing and easy storage potential just right.

To use your Sqweel 2, insert 3 AAA batteries into the bottom of the casing, and take off the top of the cover by squeezing the sides. A simple switch at the base unlocks the motor, which is then activated with a touch of the larger push button just underneath, setting your tongues to dancing, just hit the smaller button beside to switch up the rotation direction, and once more for the flicker feature. You might want to give it a try on your stomach or tongue to get used to the sensation, before moving down (or up) to the clit, penis or nipples, or just go straight for the goods to experience straight-up Sqweel 2. Keep control in your own hand, or pass it off to a lover; this toy is perfect for sharing.

When you've had enough for the time, pop the cover open to remove the wheel before cleaning with a good toy cleaner, soap and water, and a good rinse. The silicone is hygienically superior, hypoallergenic, and built to last, just be sure to use a good water based, silicone compatible lube to keep the material at its best. Takes 3 AAA batteries, sold separately.

Product Code: 35446
UPC Code: 5060108814041
ITEM: LH-814041


Customer Reviews

Feels like the real deal (DirtyLittlePrincessWhore)

I love this toy! The only reason why I didn't rate 5 was because it's not the easiest to hold while playing. But it does feel like the real deal ;)

Wow! (Kacia)

All I can say is wow!! I've got a ton of sex toys, and this is by far the best! It makes me cum super fast compared to anything else I've tried and all you have to do it hold it lol! I most definitely recommend this purchase!

WOW (Anonymous)

This toy is now my favourite! I never knew it was going to feel the way it did. It felt real! oh my goodness, I can't wait to try the other inserts.
This beats any vibration!!
It's also rather quiet!

Sqweel terrific (Cv)

My wife likes it quite a bit. Tough to keep a hold of but very effective. Worried about my usefulness

Wife likes a lot (Peanut)

Currently worried about my relationship status. Neat toy. Quiet. Hard to hold some times. Overall good

New Favorite (Anonymous)

I am absolutely in love with this toy. The only problem I encountered was that it is quite awkward to hold. I had to readjust my grip a couple of times. But other than that it's fantastic!

Bulky (Jess)

The squeel 2 provides an amazing sensation on the clitorous. It can spin left or right or alternating both directions. Holding down the button to turn it off is easy.
I'm rating this 4/5 stars because it's a little bulky, tricky to hold, and sometimes gets in the way of other toys.

Like licks (TongueInCheeks)

You have to be patient, as the wheel slows down when you press it too hard during your "process", but an ingenious idea. Well made, gets the job done!

just like the real thing (spankmedaddy)

I live this toy. It felt just like the real thing and i came in seconds. Its amazing.

playtime (valentine gift)

Not quite what i expected. It needs to be thinner.

Sqweel can be sqeemish (Anonymous)

I bought this because of the positive the positive reviews. This is not a vibrator so I thought this would deliver new sensations. This toy comes with 2speeds n also has a reverse feature. I enjoy the stronger speed which causes the tongues to move fast. It feels more like a long tongue as opposed to many. The reverse feature is uncomfortable. Also if you have any public hair on your genitals this toy causes some hairs to snag. Overall it is a fun toy but not my absolute favorite

Ah-ah-ahmazing (Anonymous)

This is incredible. Be generous with the lube and it feels like the real deal. It's awkward to hold on solo missions but with the hubs holding it works great and gives him a little break.

Not bad but kinda disapointed (MicheleA)

Well, when I saw that this toy was no.1 seller in the category of oral sex simulator that's basically all I needed to try it out, but I was reluctant. By the looks of it I couldn't imagine this would be like a having a man doing you the ultimate favor, and sadly I was right. It is a fun toy and all but in no way does it slightly feel like receiving oral sex, there's only 3 speeds and not enough vibrations, maybe if you're new with sextoys and very sensitive this will do it for you but for me I would rather go for my good old vibrator that has a lot of power!

Great (Aud)

Great toy but need a loooot of lube!

Sweet! (Anonymous)

my wife loved this product. I was surprised how easy it was to use.

Spin me spin me around around (Christina)

This is amazing! Pleasure every time. Like fast speed licking until you gush!

Gooood (Anonymous)

Wife highly edoses. I have used it to rev things up. Only limit I noticed is it is difficult to hold just right but when held "just right" .... Oh my!!!

Definitely not the same as oral, but still gets the job done. (Anonymous)

I read a lot of reviews of this product before purchasing, and they all ranged from 1-5 stars, wonderful and awful; it's really different for everybody. I wanted to give it a shot and see what it could do for me, and I definitely have no regrets! First of all I need to say it doesn't really feel like oral sex, but it is an interesting sensation; I can see how it's not for everyone though. I don't really know how to describe the sensation other than interesting, different and pretty intense! The speeds and directions can vary a lot which I am a huge fan of, the only down side is it's a little painful at first. But once you find the right spot, the right direction and the right speed you're good to go as long as you enjoy the different sensation! And also... you're going to need lots and lots of lube!

Not impressed (Naughty_Mama)

After all the hype, I was very disappointed. As expected, it is challenging to hold until you find the right angle and.position but, even then, the power leaves a lot to be desired!
It moves too slowly and gently to satisfy me, and stops altogether when you apply more pressure for a closer fit.
If it had a power cord instead of being battery-powered, my review might have been a positive one.
Not at all worth the money or the effort to make it work!
Very disappointing :(

Love it (Anonymous)

I love using this on my girlfriend and watching her. She does prefer the real thing, but she loves this!

interesting (M&S)

Wasn't too sure how to rate this. For myself it doesn't a tongue at all. It did it's job in an ackward way. It's awkward to hold comfortably and it's ackward for my man to use.
Guess we need more practice ????
Definitely need water based wet lube for this toy.

AMAZING!!! (Anonymous)

Best product I've bought by far, great price! Works well with the PinkCherry lube,

Excellent (Anonymous)

Meilleur achat que j'ai fais, je l'adore

alright (Anonymous)

once I figured out how to hold it and that you need to be wet.... amazing. it is a big

Good buzzzzz (Anonymous)

Make sure you use lots of lube and have good quality batteries in it. Once down then go to town,

you'll sqweel with delight (k)

I never imagined I would ever have such a mind blowing experience with such a simple toy. I pondered getting it and I'm glad I took a chance. Definitely recommended!

It was decent - but definitely need lube! (Anonymous)

When I first attempted to use the product, the batteries did not work and I had to call support. I was told that if you try to put them in backwards it may work. Once I did - major success! My only suggestion is to use lube! If you do not - it may be too sensitive and you may hurt yourself!

Lick lick! (lana)

Best way to get the feeling of oral without breaking somebody's tongue! Haha!
You have to use a fair amount of lube with this so it runs smoothly because too much force including drying skin will make it stop turning.
There's variable speed, changes spin direction too.
It's bigger than I thought it would be too.
I'd recommend this as a fresh change to regular vibe feeling.

Love it (Anonymous)

I really enjoy my new toy! It gives a great sensation. The only negatives that I also read in other reviews were that it is a bit noisy. Also, it was bigger than I had expected, however, still a great buy!

Not Bad (Emma)

This toy isn't too bad. It's was a little bigger than I expected, but not in a bad way. You need a lot of lube for it,and I found I couldn't orgasm from it alone. It worked great to get me riled up and ready, though! Cleaning it is a chore as well, having to take it apart to wash everything is a little tedious. Overall, it's a fun toy and I like having it in my collection for when I want something a little different.

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