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Stainless Steel Balls

The Steele Balls

  • The Steele Balls
  • The Steele Balls
  • The Steele Balls
  • The Steele Balls
  • The Steele Balls
  • The Steele Balls

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Stainless Steel Balls

On Sale: $5.99


Great! (Me )

Great price,great quality!
Would recommend this product

difficult (Anonymous)

Never tried these before and found the size to be very small for me - did not know that upon ordering what i would like
they are very well made and the weight was good
however i found them too small for myself and a little intimidating

Good :) (Anonymous)

A simple item well made for a good price.

Product Description

I asked her to close her eyes and hold out her hand. She gave me a look, but did as I requested. I opened the small box I had hidden in my pocket and tipped the contents into her palm. I liked the delicate sound the metal balls made as they rolled around in her hand, sensual and alluring. How could something so small offer so much promise?

Rolling pleasurably into the spotlight thanks in part to a very memorable appearance in the Fifty Shades legacy, these perfectly weighty 100% stainless steel classics offer a deeply indulgent way to prime for pleasure, strengthen sex muscles and increase sexual awareness.

Long before they catapulted into the public eye thanks to a titillating appearance in the ultra erotic Shades trilogy, ben wa balls have held a place in history, both sexually and in health-related scenarios. In Japan, elite courtesans were thought to wear the balls constantly as a way to strengthen the pelvic floor muscles, giving the courtesan's 'pleasure quarters' a very literal meaning. Today, this type of sexual tool is still used in a variety of ways, but most often, the balls are used as kegel weights for vaginal strengthening and to increase sexual awareness. The weighted balls help you exercise the muscles in the pelvic floor responsible for sexual pleasure, while keeping the vaginal walls elastic and responsive to stimulation and pleasure.

The pretty silver 100% Stainless Steel set is ideally designed for customized use and enjoyment. If you're a true beginner, you may want to start out with a single bead, the set combined is 56.6 grams, with each bead weighing in at 1 oz (28.3) grams. Once you have the Balls inside you, in whichever combination of weight you desire, they'll naturally pinpoint the muscles needed to create a stronger pelvic floor, as you'll need to contract these muscles to keep the bead(s) in place. For those who already practice kegels and vaginal strengthening, the weighty spheres can help further tone and highlight some of the more subtle contraction combinations and muscle reactions.

Since this set is so incredibly discreet, you'll be able to wear it unbeknownst to anyone, letting you get your workout (or simple pleasure) secretly and enjoyably. The temperature sensitive, naturally warming Balls are completely hypoallergenic, compatible with any type of lubricant, and are extremely hygienic.

Product Code: SS10084
UPC Code: 646709100841
ITEM: ZSS-100841


Customer Reviews

Amazing Price and Great Quality (Anonymous)

Quality was not spared on this product despite the inexpensive price. They even come with a velvet bag for safe keeping. They are seemless and easy to insert. I will say they were a little on the small side for me, so if you are just beginning I would suggest a larger ball size.

Balls (Anonymous)


Perfect (Anonymous)

Great size and weight for starting out

Lovely (Anonymous)

Pretty good quality, steel was smooth. Nice weight for advanced and beginner users.

Not bad, could be better (Anonymous)

Nicely weighted balls get the job done. Don't worry, they fall out from time to time if you are a beginner or standing up. Only thing is a bit of packaging stick that adheres to the balls which is difficult to clean away before initial use.

Fun! (Anonymous)

Great way to spice up whatever you are doing!

Exceptional Quality (Kayla)

My dislike for this product is entirely on my end. The balls are very small, I didn't read the dimensions and was a little surprised when I received them. They are a good weight, very high quality, and seamless. They smell VERY strongly of chemicals however after the first wash with antibacterial soap and water the smell immediately dissipated. I found that lube was not needed for insertion and it still went smoothly. I would not recommend for beginners, and I am excited to work myself to the point that I can hold them with ease.

Good (Anonymous)

Clean and simple.

Just weights (Scribe)

These are just weighted balls but appear to be good quality. They fit fine. They stayed in without much concentration so I look forward to trying them for a longer time. There are no balls inside of them that move though which I had expected.

Still good for a beginner! (Grey)

The balls are fairly small, and this is my first pair, however I found it incredibly easy to hold them in, even standing and walking upright. They are weighted nicely and feel nice simply in the palm of your hand, but are great for the muscles if you let them start to slip out for a split second before pulling them back in again.

Good (Bret)

They are a nice set of balls, not having used anything like them before I wasn't sure what to expect. I don't regret buying them.

A bit small (Anonymous)

A bit small compared to the mentioned dimensions... It's just better of a workout :-)

Steele balls (Anonymous)

Good! But I probably should have started with something smaller. (Especially after 3 kids.. )
I tried to walk around with them in and they fell on the floor.
Just ordered bigger ones :)

Nice balls (Anonymous)

Good weight and size . Included ball sack !

Challenging balls (DCM)

First time trying anything like these. After having kids, thought it would be a good exercise. Pros, They are well made, smooth & seamless, easy to clean & come with a storage bag. I have tried them once. Cons, I found them heavy and small for a beginner. I found it difficult to keep even just one in, guess I need more practice. Will keep using as I feel they are well made to serve their purpose.

Small but great! (Anonymous)

These are small but they are weighted perfectly.

Wonderful Product! (Nikkie)

These are a wonderful addition to a collection of toys or on there own if you are looking for a fun way to tighten your muscles! I really liked the fact that you could use them on their own or during intercourse. Was a great new experience for me and my partner! The black velvet bag was an unexpected surprise and very pretty!

kinda small (peek-a-boo)

kinda small but easy to clean and very smooth

Not for beginner (Anonymous)

Love the weight, but not for a beginner. Will need to work up to these :)

Fun! (Larissa)

Great fun, and a good weight! I'm a beginner so these were a little tough for me, but I'm sure I'll get there!

Good :) (Anonymous)

A simple item well made for a good price.

Great! (Me )

Great price,great quality!
Would recommend this product

Harder than I thought (Anonymous)

Very small and difficult to hold while standing but I like them and will keep working on it

difficult (Anonymous)

Never tried these before and found the size to be very small for me - did not know that upon ordering what i would like
they are very well made and the weight was good
however i found them too small for myself and a little intimidating

Great quality (J)

Smaller than we thought but the weight and quality is perfect. Girlfriend has told me they're harder than she thought and she keeps one in all the time to work up to keeping both in. They feel great for me if we leave them in during penetration.

Challenging (Anonymous)

These were a bit hard for me to use, after reading other reviews I am optimistic that with more practice I'll love these!

Good :) (Kaitlin)

It was my first time using these and I'm definitely going to need to get used to them but I love them!!! Totally worth it, happy I bought them :)

Nice Weight (Anonymous)

These are nicely weighted. Need a little practice using them but that's half the fun!

Small balls (Anonymous)

These were smaller than I expected! But that's ok not something I would recommend for a beginner. They have some decent weight to them so it take some muscle to hold them in (but isn't that the point?) Very good price though!! I couldn't say no ;)

Rather small but does the trick (Anonymous)

The balls are smaller than I expected and the packaging was rather difficult to open. The metal makes for wonderful temperature play - especially cold!

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