Ever Wondered if Your City is One of the Sexiest in America?

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Top Five America’s Sexiest Cities Based On Sex Toy Purchases From PinkCherry


Ever wondered how your city stacks up sexiness-wise? Well, wonder no more, because we’re about to tell you! Every year around Valentine’s Day, we tally up our sales results from the year before to figure out which bigger (population 150,000+) American cities bought up the most sex toys per person.


Coming in (we’re not even sorry about the pun!) at #1, we’ve got Atlanta, Georgia. The South is sexy, it’s official!

Orlando, Florida claims the 2nd top spot, with Salt Lake City, Washington, DC and Minneapolis rounding out the Top 5.


The infographic below provides some entertaining facts about the Top 5 winners. How happy are the residents? What are the popular phallic sex toy lengths, and what does this have to do with the Ypsilanti Water Tower? What are the favourite sexual fantasies? Have a look:


Top America’s Sexiest Cities Based On Sex Toy Purchases From PinkCherry


Click here for the list of 168 larger cities ranked by sexiness.


Don’t see your city? That doesn't mean it’s not sexy! Click here to find how your city ranks for sexiness in the 499 list of American cities where people bought sex toys from PinkCherry in 2018, regardless of population.

Oh, and speaking of top spots, the three sex toys most purchased from www.PinkCherry.com in all the USA last year were the original Magic Wand massager, the a Satisfyer clitoral stimulator and the Triple G Jack Rabbit Vibe In Blue They’re favorites for a reason, folks!


The Original Magic Wand Satisfyer Pro 2 Next Generation 

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