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No one's debating the tried and true pleasure power of clitoral stimulation. For a long time, buzzes, pulses and tingles from a favorite clitoral vibe were the best known means to a guaranteed orgasm end. That's still very true for many, but it's also true that some vagina owners find on-the-spot vibration annoying, numbing or just too intense to enjoy. Enter the suction stimulator! A clit sucker vibrator, also known as 'clit sucker' or 'sucking vibrator,' is a great sex toy that offers clitoral stimulation like you’ve never experienced before. While clit suckers vary in shape, intensity, and vibration mode, they're designed to simulate oral sex by delivering a sucking sensation that increases blood flow through the use of air pressure, resulting in an explosive orgasm that will keep you coming back for more.

Experience Undeniable Pleasure with Clit Suction Sex Toys

More subtle than the powerful vibration of some sex toys, a clit sucking sex toy gently sucks and pulses with a light touch to guarantee you an orgasm. Whether you are new to the adult sex toy game or not, adding a clit sucking vibrator to your toolkit is an excellent way to take you pleasure to a whole new level. Shop clit suckers from today's top brands; some of our favorite suction sex toys include the Satisfyer Pro, Womanizer Premium, and our very own PinkCherry Rose Vibrator.

At PinkCherry, your pleasure is our number one priority. Whether you go for a clitoral sucking vibrator, thrusting vibrator or another type of stimulator, we know you'll find superior satisfaction when using our products. Here you'll also find more classically designed clitoral pumps, some featuring vibration as a complement to plumping, stimulating gentle suction.

Looking for a clit sucking toy with varying intensity levels? We'd recommend the Satisfyer Pro 2 Air Pulse Stimulator for contactless stimulation with 11 pressure modes and a guaranteed orgasm. What about a clit sucker for couples? Try the We-Vibe Melt Pleasure Air Clitoral Stimulator - a rechargeable vibrator designed for erotic adventures and playful experiments. On that note, some of the newer suction stimulators are featuring powerful vibration as well, great news for sensation seekers! Have a browse through the clit sucking toy bestsellers- they'll appear at the top of your search, but be sure to scroll down for the latest clitoral suction and stimulation tools.