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Kegel & Ben Wa Tools for Improved Pelvic Pleasure

Love it or hate it, the Fifty Shades of Grey franchise helped shine some light into a few lesser-known corners of playfulness and pleasure. It also helped illuminate a particular pair of silvery balls, bringing us more to our point, kegel tools!

Also known as ben-wa balls, geisha balls, vaginal weights, vagina balls, and pleasure vaginal beads, these weighted sex toy balls have been around for way longer than Christian and Ana. Usually round and almost always weighed, these little tools can help strengthen your pelvic floor, improve bladder control, inspire arousal and contribute to more intense stronger orgasms. Quite the resume for such a little object.

Best known for complementing the kegel exercise (flexing of the pelvic floor), pleasure is usually a secondary effect of the ben wa or kegel ball, but it's definitely a noteworthy one.

Ben Wa for Beginners to Advanced

Ben Wa balls and kegel weights come in different weights and sizes, all the better to suit different levels of experience, tolerances to weight and the effect you desire. For more straightforward kegel workouts, a simple set of sex balls does the trick nicely. Beginners should start with a larger version in a lighter weight- it'll be easier to hold in place. If you are new to vaginal weights, don't go for a smaller ball with heavy kegel weight. Start out slow so you can strengthen your vaginal muscles. You can always graduate to something heavier and smaller as muscles tone and tighten.

Remember that it's physically impossible for ben wa balls to be 'lost' in the vaginal canal. The cervix prevents anything from travelling any further, so don't worry! Lots of beads and balls come with an attached retrieval cord for easier removal and positioning.

Ready to work your pelvic floor muscle in a whole new way? Not only can these geisha balls help improve your pelvic muscles, but it can also help you achieve stronger orgasms and greater sexual pleasure. As always, our best selling kegel tools appear first in your search. Read through the customer reviews for a little inspiration and get that ben wa ball rolling.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are Ben Wa balls?

Ben Wa balls, also known as Kegel balls, are weighted objects that are inserted into the vagina to strengthen the pelvic floor (or PC) muscles.

How are Ben Wa balls used?

When using Ben Wa balls for pelvic floor strengthening, one can simply wear them while moving about naturally or use them as part of the following active pelvic floor strengthening sequence: With the balls in place, squeeze the pelvic floor muscles for 3 seconds, then release for 3 seconds. If possible, repeat 10 times in a row ( work to build up to 10 over time).

What is the difference between Kegel balls and Ben Wa balls?

The main difference lies in how they’re marketed. Generally, Ben Wa balls are promoted as a tool to boost sexual pleasure, while Kegel balls are treated as more medical. Additionally, Ben Wa balls are often made of metal, while Kegel strengtheners are more likely made of silicone. While there are some differences between the two, both are great at strengthening the pelvic floor muscles, ultimately increasing sexual pleasure.

How long can you use Ben Wa balls?

To avoid overexertion or tearing, users should start with lighter balls and squeeze for short periods. Ben Wa balls should never be used for more than 6 hours.

Are Ben Wa balls effective?

Yes. Ben Wa balls allow pelvic floor muscles to strengthen faster than Kegel exercises without weights. Additionally, for folks who are postmenopausal, Ben Wa ball use can help increase the thickness of the vaginal walls and boost natural lubrication.

Are Ben Wa balls safe to use during pregnancy?

Consult with a medical professional before using Ben Wa balls during pregnancy.