Silver Balls

Based On 34 Reviews

Silver Balls

Based On 34 Reviews


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Amazing!! (Nicki)

I had some doubts at first but wow!
Pleasure guaranteed !!

Awesome! (Steve)

Girlfriend loves these. Good for her alone and us together. Her sex drive has upped since she has been using them.

LOVE my Balls (Stephanie)

OH MY, these balls are great. I enjoy them. I like the suttle vibration that happens when they hit or you bed a certain way. I am comfortable enough to wear them out in public...and in private with a clit vibrator they are wonderful.

Product description

A shiny, simply and pleasurably functional take on the classic ben wa ball, the Silver Balls from Nasstoys combines a weighty, kegel strengthening design with an arousing feel. Your eyes will be immediately drawn to the uniquely ergonomic shape of this tool, each of the two balls is perfectly spherical with a super sleek ABS plastic body; they're perfectly shaped to fit inside you comfortably and pleasurably, sitting precisely in place for maximum muscle strengthening. The weights inside jiggle and jump with movement, creating a naturally vibrating effect that feels amazing, encouraging you to keep them in, and in turn toning up the muscles that are responsible for orgasm and sexual control. A sturdy string holds the balls together in the middle, and forms a long tail which acts as a withdrawal cord. Thanks to the slick, non porous plastic, clean-up is easy once you're finished; a wipe with warm soapy water or toy cleaner will do the trick. Compatible with any type of lubricant.


  • Length - 5"
  • Insertable Length - 5"
  • Girth - 4 1/4" around at largest
  • Width - 1 1/4"
  • Material - ABS plastic
  • Special Features - Hypoallergenic, hygienic, discreet, case included
  • Color - Silver

SKU: NASS-1759-2 | UPC: 782631175929 | MPN: 1759-2 (48)

SKU: NASS-1759-2 | UPC: 782631175929 | MPN: 1759-2 (48)

Ratings / Reviews

Happy (Happy)

Very happy when these came. These were my first pair of these type of balls and I am pleased. Not too heavy but heavy enough to get great sensations, especially when I bend at the waist. Haven't tried sex with them yet but am looking forward to it. They are indeed strengthening my muscles down there.

Rolling Around (ThQnOfHrts)

For the first time trying ben wa balls with these, they were such a wild sensation... imagine feeling the movement of the balls rolling around inside of you, yet there is no object inserting the opening of your vagina... talk about getting wet! Wanna be ready, waiting and dripping wet for your man when he gets home with no effort? Wear these and gyrate your hips a few times. The only downside is that each ball has 6 small holes on each side, making a total of 24 small holes and you can imagine cleaning.. that is the only real complaint I have... why they are there, I have no idea. Otherwise, I totally recommend these smooth, massaging, pleasurable balls!

Mmmmm (Anonymous)

Sometimes I forget that I'm wearing them, and then I move...all I have to say is mmm. What a turn on! I think taking them out has to be the best part, do it slowly ;-) Best toy my boyfriend has bought me!

oh wow! (shelby)

Wore these bad boys out in public, easier to hold in then the smaller ones but I was wet and bending over was a huge turn on!

Perfect (Dien)

These are great. Perfect size and weight

nice toy (vanillabean)

The girlfriend loves it - put them in before going for a jog and is ready to go when she gets back to me! I feel the difference in firmness.

Silver Balls (Scott)

My girlfriend loves them. Got her really excited.

Good (Guy)

Wife likes them - definitely good for the beginner, she's getting tighter by the day!

Very nice but will make noise. (Crazzzygal)

Very nice, good weight and size. Enjoy them lots!

Nice and heavy but the hand tag is annoying (Crazzzygal)

Nice and heavy, not really big but the hang tag is annoying and should be smaller

Perfect size (Anonymous)

Not too big not too small!

Must try! (Anonymous)

Nice subtle sensations, just enough to know they're there!

Great (Chris)

These are a must buy! Wife loves them gets her wet. Easy to remove and great for a tease if you just tug on them during for play.

Good a little large though (Anonymous)

I like them but find they are a little large. The second seems difficult to insert sometimes. And I find it slips out easily. Maybe I need more practice with them lol

Holy crap!!!!!!!!!! (Anonymous)

Absolutely amazing. Perfect for tighting and pleasurable !!!!! Well worth it

Good fit (Anonymous)

These are great for if you want to tighten things up a bit, put them in and walk around no one will ever know!

Awesome (Anon)

Would definetly recommend these, were great.

Super stars (Anonymous)

Exactly what I was looking for- feel great in and seem to be good quality

Let down (Shirley)

Theses were a little disappointing. Never felt them at al while they were in.

Do the Job (Jane)

These certainly work. I'd like to be able to feel the weights move around more consistently - the bumps on the outside keep the weight from moving around too much. However, they do work!

Fun fun!!! (Bec)

I must admit I like the Lelo balls better but these are nice because it is one piece....easier to clean and take along

Jingle bells! (Anonymous)

I had never used pleasure balls before and wanted to try them. Easily inserted, but I thought there might be more sensation while walking around. They felt great bending over and moving while sitting, but a bit disappointed that walking didn't produce the pleasurable feelings I was expecting from the description of the product

Enjoyable and fun (Anonymous)

I had high expectations for these. But it seems to be hit or miss when I can feel them which is why I only gave them 4 stars.

When I can it is good and it is a lot of fun and makes me feel naughty to wear them to work knowing I'll be coming home all hot and bothered to my husband.

Good but want heavier (Anonymous)

I love a challenge... These are great for first timers. Which I thought I was. But I guess kinkiness made my body change. I definitely need something heavier to really work the kegal muscles

Good toy (Anonymous)

It was my fiesta time trying these. It was fun to wear but i've except something more intense than that. They are also pretty small.

ahhhhmazing (Anonymous)

Only ordered these so I could get free shipping on my main item.... And wowzers, after reading the 50 shades of Grey books I had been DYING to try them, and boy am I glad I did! Feeling them move around is awesome... Very glad I picked these!

Wonderful (LM)

First time trying these little balls, slightly bigger than I had thought, but still easy to use. Love the feeling while I'm using them.

they're ok (Anonymous)

I had never tried these before and was curious, so ordered them. I figured for the price I paid that I couldnt go wrong. I find they are to large to serve the purpose of just wearing them, as they are so large that they just stay in, with little to no effort. We also used them during intercourse, and that made a world of difference ! The fullness feeling that you get is unbeatable.


Don't let their size intimidate you. This bad boys are AWESOME!
Just insert one at a time. It really helps to have a leg propped up. Anyways, as you move they do too. They feel great plus they have this extra weight to them that make it that much for exciting. If you shake hard enough, you can actually hear them. I really recommend these for an alone time trying to explore your body.

first time trying and love them! (Anonymous)

I absolutely love them! After a couple times of having them in, they strengthen your muscles amazingly! Highly recommend!!