Metallic Weighted Steel Orgasm Balls in Silver

Based On 17 Reviews

Metallic Weighted Steel Orgasm Balls in Silver

Based On 17 Reviews

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Giddy up! (Lynn)

Great for a warm up!

Great weight (Kim)

Love them... ones I had were too light, those are perfect

Weighty and tantalizing (Jayne)

These are amazing. I have tried lighter balls that did nothing for me and larger balls that were really too big to move around much. I keep coming back to these as they are much more difficult to keep inside due to the weight and that gives my pelvic muscles a good workout. Being a little smaller, these rattle around inside and get me lubricated, making it even more difficult to hold them in. I love, love, love these.

Product description

Rolling in on the buzz created by a certain steamy trilogy, the advanced Metallic Weighted Orgasm Balls were specifically designed to strengthen and tone the pelvic floor muscles, but they double as a pleasure tool, too.

Worn internally, these heaver-than-average steel Balls inspire contractions of the pelvic muscles as they rock and roll agasint sensitive areas. Many women find that wearing the Balls adds lots of sexy awareness and arousal, not to mention the toning effect. Beginners can start with one Ball before graduating to both- the smooth metallic surface inserts comfortably.

Wash well before and after use using warm soapy water or a good toy care fluid/foam. The slick nickel-free steel is compatible with any lubricant desired.

*The Metallic Weighted Orgasm Balls are 4.6 oz (136g) combined, each Ball is 1 inch (2.5cm) in diameter

SKU: CE-1301-00-3 | UPC: 716770042309 | MPN: SE-1301-00-3 (24)

SKU: CE-1301-00-3 | UPC: 716770042309 | MPN: SE-1301-00-3 (24)

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Too small for me (Anonymous)

I definitely have some work to do before I can hold these in for any length of time. They seem like they'll be great once I work up to them though.

Small but heavy (K)

Firstly, the name isn't literal. These will not make you orgasm, using them to firm your pelvic floor makes it easier to orgasm during sex. That being said they do get you "ready" in a short period of time ;)
I bought a lighter, connected set of Ben Wah balls a couple weeks before I got these. I didn't feel they were heavy enough, even if you relaxed around them they'd stay in and the way the were designed made cleaning a hassle. So I looked and compared and found these. These were the heaviest I found here, at the time I ordered. I do kegels regularly without weights, and just one ball makes me concentrate on not dropping it.
On a side note, you cannot use these while using the bathroom. So make sure you go before or can release them before you have to REALLY go or you'll be fishing them out of the toilet :)

great results (Anonymous)

These things are really heavy and give my lady parts a great workout, I'm sure my man will enjoy my hard efforts! !

Just right (TripleD)

These felt so great, the extra weight makes me work harder to keep them in, strengthening the muscles. Its helped to enhance my organisms. Great little tool....

Rather nice, but not what I was looking for (Elissa)

They're small, smooth, and heavy. Nice! But I had been hoping for something with a moving weight inside, and these were solid. So, that was disappointing for me.

Works! (GraceB)

I received these and the first day I put them in they kept dropping out and I knew I had a lot of work to do. I started the process twice a day and I must say week 3 I'm holding them in like a champ. They work as I definitely can tell my muscles have strengthened. I find walking with them while squeezing actually does help to get that vagina tighter. Haven't got to try out how i would feel during sex but I think it would be great

Best out of my Collection! (Lila L.)

I have at least 5 sets of Benwa balls now, from stone to glass to metal. These are the most comfortable for me and the heavy weight makes me feel like I'm actually doing something when they're inside as opposed to my other lighter sets which I feel - though pretty - don't really do much for training my kegels!

Terrifically Tight (Jenn and Tim)

Jenn loves these little balls. They truly are her hidden secret. These can be worn anytime...even during her daily walk on trails. They really do work. Love these ❤

Excellent product (Anonymous)

Excellent little things to add a bit of spice. Nice weight for the size making them useful in many ways...

Just what I needed (Anonymous)

I have a set of small light benwa balls that did nothing for me, so I bought these as they were the heaviest that I could find. I was not disappointed, when I first got them, I could only keep one in at a time, and have been working my way towards both. Trying to do household chores with them has been a fun challenge, that makes me super wet!! By the time I'm done, I want to jump by hunny so bad that I'm already dripping for him!! These were exactly what I wanted and needed :)

Amazing (kayla)

These are just what I was looking for!! Very sleak and non-tarnishing. Very heavy! They are perfect for someone who is looking for a heavier kegal exerciser. I will defiantly recommend this product !

Sooo good! (Desiree)

So these were the first I bought on pink cherry. I wanted something that will last forever and that will give me a great work out for my baby box.. And I will say it is! I have had them for a week now and I'm getting better at holding one in for a long time holding in two is still hard but that's okay I know I'll get better over time. Anyway they are heavy just like the description which I like a lot! defenetly feel my kegel so trying to keep it in! I will for sure be buying more from pink cherry

Feel great! (Anonymous)

Great for strengthing your pelvic floor and making you really wet!!

Ball do what they should! (thordora)

If you want to focus on your kegels, these will help. But I didn't find them as exciting as I thought I would.