Anal Training Kits & Starter Toys

Anal toys and butt plugs are more popular than ever before. Be sure you're diving in the right way with an anal training kit. Discover the perfect anal starter kit to get you comfortable with anal action and primed for bigger and more satisfying toys.

84 Products

    84 Products

Train Your Tush with a New Anal Starter Kit

If you're partaking in anal play for the first time, it's important to never rush or force anything. To get your body trained to take in bigger and better butt plugs and sex toys, it's important to use an anal sex kit. Each anal kit comes with varying sizes of trainer plugs or anal probes to "train" your body to the stretch and exciting sensation of anal play. Once you've become comfortable with the feeling of having an anal sex toy inside of you, you can start to use standalone starter toys.

At PinkCherry, we carry a massive selection of anal training kits and starter toys to choose from. Discover products from popular brands like CalExotics, Pipedream and even our own PinkCherry line of anal training kits. We even offer multi-function anal training kits and textured anal kits. Get your booty primed, prepped and ready to be pleasured with your very own anal starter kit.