Colt Anal Trainer Kit

4.66 Based On 112 Reviews

Colt Anal Trainer Kit

Based On 112 Reviews

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Great product (Anonymous)

If your looking for butt plugs, this is the set for you. The small is great for beginners and the larger is great for those with experience. The material feels good and is easy to clean.

Moveslikeswagger (Anonymous)

AWESOME! great for making way to larger things :)

Colt Anal Trainer Kit (Anonymous)

I love these plugs! I find them very comfortable, also they are perfect for beginners. Such as myself. Definitely recommend this product to anyone looking to explore anal play.

Product description

If you're just starting to experiment with anal toys, or looking to go bigger, the Colt Anal Trainer kit can help get you where you want to be. This 3 pack of traditionally styled butt plugs has 3 sizes, starting off small and ending large, letting work your way toward the biggest. Each is firm and easy to control with a big, safe wide base, while being pliable enough to position perfectly. Use a good water based lube with the Kit, and enjoy.

  • Length: 6.5"
  • Insertable Length: 6"
  • Girth: 5.5" at largest point
  • Width: 1.9" at largest point
  • Color: Black

SKU: CE-6871-03-3 | UPC: 716770034762 | MPN: SE-6871-03-3 (49)

SKU: CE-6871-03-3 | UPC: 716770034762 | MPN: SE-6871-03-3 (49)

Ratings / Reviews

Worth every penny (Anonymous)

super pleased with these plugs. the sizes are great and they really make stretching much easier. would definitely recommend!

My first encounter (Tisha)

The colt anal trainer kit is amazing I can't even explain in words how much i love this kit! This was my first encounter with the anal butt plugs and I been missing out thanks to the guy I been seeing it was him who asked me to try it.

Amazing Toys/Tools (J Jock Boy)

Smallest plug is a little on the small side, but easily slips right in. Its perfect for when you haven't played in a while and need a gentle start. The medium plug is perfect for starting to open up and get comfortable for play. The large plug may look intimidating at first, but with a little teasing and play it slides in and hits all the right spots. Once you get the big boy in you know you are ready for all but the largest toys.

Easy to clean, great quality!

Feel great but dont like to stay in. (Anonymous)

Fun toy to work up orgasm. Don't like to stay in when things get rough though.

Made it enjoyable (Anonymous)

I've tried other toys with my husband similar to this, but nothing worked how we wanted it to. These definitely helped. I'm definitely a beginner with these but want to please my husband in bed and these were just the right toys to help me get there. I'd definitely buy these again if something happens to these ones

Good Buy (Anonymous)

A great product, sides are perfect for a beginners to pros.

awesome! (Anonymous)

these are perfect for the value. even if i didn't know the price i would think they are worth more. very comfy, slick with no hurtful seams. would recommend

Not Bad for Price (MrMalleus)

not a bad set for the price. of course you can do better but it's a matter of how much you're willing to spend to do your explorations. the downside is that an inferior product can give you a negative experience that an otherwise superior prodfuct would make positive.
as for the size, the girth is good. some may find the length too long in that the longest plug will penetrate the inner sphincter. while perhaps less comfortable for extended wear it does serve to make the stretch for more serious anal play.
one thing about this type of vinyl(?) overlaid on rubber(?) product is that while the vinyl is good & smooth, the rubber innards tend to shrink. as such there is noticeable air space (about 10mm) at the tip of the largest.
still you could do worse. hence I'd rate this a 6/10 overall value.

Versatile (Bill)

I have been looking for the next step up for anal toys, something a bit larger than the existing dildos that my wife and I own. This set has filled that need. I have the largest one for myself, and the medium for my wife. I had a bit of slow stretching to do the first time I tried the big one, but managed to get it ALL in. This morning I was able to insert it with a minimal amount of warm-up. Thank you, it was an economic set, yet functional. One of my buddies has a rather large cock, so this is a good tool to use before he visits us.

Excellent Product (MissaJ)

Bought this for my boyfriend and I to try out. I was a beginning and the two smallest plugs are perfect for me. They are easy to clean and are comfortable to use. Definitely recommend it!

Mr (MarcH)

Great set if trainers for the price just wish there was a size inbetween med and large.

Fantastic (MWZA)

This was amongst the best purchase I've made. (Though all of the things I've gotten are really great) I definitely recommend this kit to anyone wanting to dabble in beginner anal play. They are made of quality material, easy to clean, easy to use, easy to.. everything. Love them!

Fantastic (Gord)

Now I’m about good old fashioned stuff, let me begin. Colt is a professionaly strong family name in the pluggin industry. They work harder and smarter so we can continue the pluggin times. Great kit for anyone to try. Use coconut oil for best results don’t waste money on lube.

Nice value (Jake)

A nice high-quality set. The smallest was a bit too small (like a fat finger), so I started on the middle. It's been a couple of weeks of training and I've had the large one in me for at least an hour every night for the past week. No discomfort now, it just slides right in ... the flared base makes sure it doesn't go all the way in.

Must Have (Anonymous)

As a rookie in this type of game, this is a must have, the small one is perfect to start or warm up, but for the real game, I prefer the medium or large, these ones do not fail and depends on your mood; something relaxing or something more extreme you are going to have fun for sure.

best anal trainer besides Me. (Anonymous)

This is the best shaped, priced and quality anal trainer kit there is on the market. Infact, I have purchased it as gifts for many friends. It's shape and nice sized tapours make it super friendly for virgin holes. BEST ONE EVER

Good items (Anonymous)

Good quality and price. Arrived as described

Not bad (Anonymous)

A little jump from the 2nd to 3rd but working on it.

Great (Anonymous)

Tapered shaft makes for easy insertion. Haven't tried the biggest one for its intended purpose but the smaller two were great warm ups

Great Product (Chris)

First anal product bought. It's pretty great. I find the size difference to be really good between 1 and 2 but from 2 to 3 is a pretty big jump. So either less of a jump from 2 to 3 or more of a jump from 1 to 2.

too big a jump in size (Chris)

This kit isn't terrible, but isn't great. I feel like the size difference between 1 and 2 is great, but the jump up to 3 is insane, it's a drastic difference from 1 and 2. I think there should either be a bigger jump between 1 and 2, or less of a jump to 3

Pretty good (Anonymous)

Well, the idea is great... but the smallest one is REALLY small.
The middle one is ok but the big one is the best. I'd recommend the whole set for absolute beginners, but otherwise I'd say just start with a bigger one.

Exceptional (Anonymous)

Colt Anal Trainer Kit really lives up to it's name. Small plug to start, then medium, but it's going to take some time to get to the big one. Just too thick!
For now! Butt I'm enjoying the journey.

Experimenting play (Anonymous)

Haven't quite worked up to the second one yet! Plenty if girth & great material used with lube

Quality product and service (Michael)

Great quality product and service. A little lengthy shipping but totally worth the wait!!

Good for Beginners (Anonymous)

A great way for beginners to ease into anal! Good value for the price.

Great starter kit (Angie)

Great as a beginner set !!!!

Higher education (Anonymous)

I looked online and found this kit to be very useful! I have had the greatest organs anally that even shocked my partner! I can take his full 8.5"!

Great for beginners (Anonymous)

Bought this set for my girlfriend and I to start our foray into anal. She didn't complain about any aspect of the plugs and liked the ability to start off and incrementally increase the size. Perfect for the beginner!

First anal toy (Anonymous)

This is exactly what i was expecting only better. Place a vibrator at the base and it will rock your world!