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Anal Douching vs. Anal Enema

Looking to keep your butt nice and clean for anal play? Our selection of enemas and anal douche products will keep you squeaky clean and comfortable during any type of backdoor action.

In terms of proper tush hygiene products, you typically have two options: an anal douche and an anal enema. For anal sex, most people want to be completely clean, so they can feel totally comfortable and free to enjoy the experience without worry.

While both an anal douche and an anal enema consist of a bulb or bag and nozzle, the differences lie with the size and use. An anal douche is the smaller of the two. Liquid is put into the bulb and squeezed into the rectum through the anus. It then expels any bacteria in the anus and rectum out of the body. An anal enema is larger and consists of a bag instead of a bulb to hold the liquid. An enema goes deeper into the body, as far as the colon or even lower intestine. Gravity then naturally pulls the liquid down the tube and into the rectum and colon to thoroughly clean and flush out bacteria.

At PinkCherry, we offer a wide selection of anal douching and enema products. We even carry shower douche systems and lube tube applicators. Discover anal douche products and enemas from the brands you trust, like CalExotics and PinkCherry. Keep it clean with the help of PinkCherry.