Colt Shower Shot Douche System

4.39 Based On 28 Reviews

Colt Shower Shot Douche System

Based On 28 Reviews

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It’s awesome (Anonymous)

It’s awesome! Cleaned our bottom out nicely! He felt all the holes cleaning while using it!

Perfect! (Long John)

Although this product is complete in one box, the buyer will need a diverter valve installed in the shower. A most excellent item that hits all the right spots for a squeaky clean feel, I highly recommend it!

Excellent (Anonymous)

Easy to use get a diverter and a longer hose other than that great really cleans you up real nice, your partner will thank you.

Product description

Providing pleasurable prep before or after anal play, Colt's Shower Shot was designed to deliver quick, easy clean up along with deep stimulation.

Installing in literal seconds, the Shower Shot includes a nice long (3.75/1.25m) hose in non-tarnishing nickel free steel. One end connects to the tap in bath, sink or shower, while the other screws snugly to a grey dildo attachment. Perforated all along and around the shaft and tip, the dildo sprays water at a force that depends on tap water pressure. Rubber washers are included to ensure a water-tight seal.

In body safe PVC, the dildo cleans easily and thoroughly using warm soapy water or a good toy care fluid/foam. Compatible with water and silicone based lubricants.

  • Length: 4.5"
  • Insertable Length: 6.5"
  • Girth: 4.25" at largest point
  • Width: 1.4" at largest point
  • Color: Gray

SKU: CE-6876-00-3 | UPC: 716770034380 | MPN: SE-6876-00-3 (11)

SKU: CE-6876-00-3 | UPC: 716770034380 | MPN: SE-6876-00-3 (11)

Ratings / Reviews

whooosh!!! (Marcy)

This is a great product! I will be forever squeaky clean. It gets everything so you are all so fresh. Thanks so much! Oh one thing the line is to short but easy enough to pick up offI of ebay.

Shower fun!! (Anonymous)

Super fun to play with in the shower! Cord should be longer. Great for anal play!

love it (jem)

Just love great after a long day and all you want to do is play with your toys !!

Perfect fit (Anonymous)

This toy works really well the only down fall is the hose is to short if you have a tall shower but still amazing

Ideal (Anonymous)

Works very well, only thing I would like to add is a pressure control

Awesome (Kristie)

This came in the mail very fast ...and discreetly...thanks . works great!

Something nice to play with (Loving it)

Love how it cleans and keeps me fresh ... Would love it more if it had a longer attachment hose but standing can be just as good.

Keeps things clean! (Anonymous)

I had some issues with the pressure, so I have to make sure the water is turned down, but it is amazing for keeping things clean while you play.

Oh Dear! (Msj)

For some reason we weren't prepared for water to go every where! It was a little difficult for two of us to play with it so we just both jumped in the shower and had some clean fun

Needs a divertor valve and more hose (BigToyBox)

Decent enough product, but really needs a valve to switch flow from the shower head to this so you can easily switch to shower when you "need it" without fumbling around with washers and such. Also, the hose would be too short for some. Low settings do a nice job of rinsing out and cleaning up your "backyard playground", whereas higher ones give you a full fledged enema, so your setting will depend on your agenda.

Works great (Anonymous)

This system works great and is comfortable to use.

So Good (Matt)

This works amazing. I was a little hesitant at first but it leaves you feeling refreshed .. highly recommend it

Satisfied (Anonymous)

The only issue with this purchase is the length of the hose. I found it to be short. The issue was solved by purchasing another shower hose for hand-held shower from local hardware store.

Wow!! (Anonymous)

Wow works great to flush you out, and I came pretty hard from the stimulation!!

Cleaned and then some. (MelDommed)

If you want to get cleaned out and feeling great this is the best product.

On a hot day its great to leave the water on cold and get cooled down in a few seconds.

Works great, and feels so good (Deena)

If only it were longer is my only suggestion. It feels great and leaves my bum squeaky clean ;)

Make sure to give your bum a good workout with a dildo after (while you are still in the shower). Otherwise, you will have lots of dirty water left inside you that will leak out later into your clothes...ewwww!

Awesome (Sharon)

I really like this. Beat way to get nice and clean before some anal playtime. Easy to install and use. Cleans up easy and comes apart quickly so it can be put away discreetly.

Excellent. Just make sure your water pressure isn't too high. (Kris)

Works really well for cleaning 360 degrees and then some. The only problem I had was that if the water pressure in your shower is too high, the dildo shaped nozzle will rip right off from the power. It's not the most durable thing. My old shower was standard pressure and it worked very well. It's just a matter of being careful. Installs well and the hose is excellent.

It's amazing (Anonymous)

Wow, easily installed with my existing hose, Didnt need to use the one that comes in a box, I'm saving the new hose as a spare. Might be a little bit awkward and feels funny on first use but u will get there. Highly recommended no more messy backdoor scene.

Installs in Less Than a Minute (Anonymous)

Simple to install. Should fit almost all showers and probably lots of threaded faucets. Didn't even need to use any other tools or supplies.

The hose just reaches in my shower, but the end could be attached to a longer shower hose from the hardware store.

Water sprays in all directions, so make sure you pull the shower curtain before you turn it on...

It's on the small side, the perfect size to pop it right in. The sensation of water coming from more than just the tip is heavenly.

Different. (Anonymous)

I have used enema bags before but this is no comparision. Many holes could have been reduced. This product should have had a shaft built so a sleeve goes over.
All and all though its not a bad product for a once and a while change.

Works well (Greg)

Hesitant when i bought it but someone referred me to it and was pleasantly surprised is has holes all over the cock douche cleans really well as well real enjoyment would def recommed to purchase one

The Hose is Way Too Short (DON)

If you have no choice and the hose has to be hooked up to the upper head level shower- The hose is a good 2 feet short ! My sweetie's 5' 5" and I wanted it for her to be able to lay on her back in the tub and for on her hands and knees for both douching purposes . Reguardless , The Hose is only 47 " long and it's barely long enough for her when she's just standing in there !!! It needs to be a minimum of 6 feet long ! Looks long enough in pic , " It's not "

Very Very Good (Koinu)

This works perfectly i thought that it only pushed water out the tip ,and was pleasantly surprised when i found out there are holes throughout the shaft that get every inch and clean you thoroughly...just make sure you use the hose that comes with it as i had some pressure issues when using the one already on my shower.

oh my god (Alx)

This is extremely good.worth every penny -very easy to install