Colt Anal Douche

4.63 Based On 120 Reviews

Colt Anal Douche

Based On 120 Reviews

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Must have (Anonymous)

If you are doing anal play you need to buy this . No ifs ands or butts

First timer (Kelly)

Good product, great price. Does what it advertises. A little lube helps with the insertion to get started.

Easy to use and does the job. (Anonymous)

I was confused at how it works at first because of the extra pipe, but it cleans well and is easy to use.

Product description

A top selling cleansing system featuring a choice of two nozzle attachments, simple, quick assembly and an incomparably user-friendly design, Colt Gear's Anal Douche provides squeaky clean results and uniquely pleasurable operation.

Consisting of a pliable squeeze bulb and a very slender 3 inch default nozzle tip, the Colt System easily reaches deep into the anal canal, rinsing and refreshing with warm water or a chosen cleansing solution. A second nozzle attachment can be slipped over the thinner tip if desired- it's nice and lengthy, showcasing ripply swells and a removable head for easier clean-up. To use, fill the bulb before or after affixing the thin tip- slide the ripply attachment over top if desired.

In skin safe ABS plastic along with supple latex rubber, this Colt piece cleans easily and thoroughly, disassembling completely during clean-up. Please note that this product contains natural rubber latex, and should be avoided by those with allergies.

* Measurements provided represent the Douche with larger nozzle attached

  • Length: 9.75"
  • Insertable Length: 4"
  • Girth: 2.75" at largest point
  • Width: 0.9" at largest point
  • Color: Black, Red

SKU: CE-6875-00-3 | UPC: 716770031471 | MPN: SE-6875-00-3 (10)

SKU: CE-6875-00-3 | UPC: 716770031471 | MPN: SE-6875-00-3 (10)

Ratings / Reviews

Great (Anonymous)

Works great

Great Douche (J Jock Boy)

Perfect tool for cleaning out. Like that it offers option of two nozzles. The slim nozzle that attaches to the bulb is perfect for quick rinses. The bumps on the larger nozzle that slides over it are great stimulation and feel amazing sliding in and out.

Cleaning can be fun (Trysexual)

This is a great douche for making anal play less messy. It's comfortable and modular so you can use the small or larger nozzle..the larger one is very comfortable, though the twist nozzle has some sharp-ish edges. It's easy to insert with lube though and has a good size bulb. Easy to clean.

Great lil douche for your behind (grizzleyadams)

I bought this to replace the home made one I had. It is decent and it does the job. I was hoping for the beaded part to be slightly bigger than it is. This is a must have if you do anal often,

Amazing (Robert)

My wife and I just recently got into pegging and suddenly I've become very concerned with how clean things are back there. This product worked great and felt awesome! My wife really likes the end results too.

Sooo good (Anonymous)

First time using a anal dushe it really works so good to get me really clean.i used the one with the ridges and it feels so AMAZING I couldn't stop playing with my ass after that . So now im going to get some big dildos with ridges i want to cum and keep having orgasm after orgasm

Refreshing & Fun (Anonymous)

I have found the Colt Anal Duche to be very satisfying - both refreshing & fun! Easy to use and easy to clean - I highly recommend it!

best anal cleaner (dj)

simple to clean and use....holds just the right amount of water

great item (Anonymous)

Works just like it's suppose to. Feels great. No complaints.

Excellent! (happy customer)

My boyfriend loves using it to squirt baby oil in my ass before we have sex or to put a butt plug in. More comfortable than i thought!

It works (S)

It does the job it's designed to do!

Works well (Car)

Good at cleaning the spot you can’t

Ass Trap (Anonymous)

Great product, easy to insert and use!

Pretty great (Anonymous)

I love the size and texture of the alternate nozzle. The only complain I have with the alt nozzle is that the way it opens to spray water can catch on your o-ring while you're withdrawing it.

Simple and Clean (Lala)

Simple to use, gets the job done decently and is the right size. The extra attachment is just an added bnus

Easy to use, easy to clean, (A)

My backdoor has never felt so clean! Extra tip feels amazing to insert, and can even be used to start your playtime ;)

Good (Anonymous)

Does the job pretty well

Works as advertised (Dee)

It does what it's supposed to. I do the warm water enema to my wife once or twice.. depending on her. Then anal is clean and she isnt worried and enjoys it so much more.

not to bad (Anonymous)

feels great with the extension on but not to comfortable with out it, a little pointy. they should have rounded the tip a little. so if you use the extension enjoy

Easy to use and clean and high quality (Anonymous)

This has gotten very regular use for years and still works well. I haven't felt the need to consider anything else. Great price too.

Great bottoms cleaning device! (Torontodude)

Good quality Product - fun to use - easy to use. Takes no time at all to get clean and ready for action.

Does what it's supposed to (N.P.)

Really like the extra attachment, feels really good using it in the shower.

Clean and ready !!!! (Anonymous)

Feeling clean and ready to please !!

Works (Anonymous)

For price great buy

Works (Anonymous)

product works just as advertised.

Great product (Anonymous)

Easy to use and gets the job done. I'm not a big fan of the nozzle extension, but the small nozzle goes in easy.

Beginner (Anonymous)

Not much to say other then it works.
Didn't use the bumpy attachment and just followed the instructions it came with.

Cleansing (Anonymous)

Works like it was designed too

Extremely Helpful (Lizzie)

I use this purely for cleaning purposes. I use it to perform enema's on myself. Mostly so my boyfriend and I can enjoy anal without it being gross or messy. But this is extremely helpful even if it's just for the use of feeling clean back there.

Best anal shower I tried so far (Soso)

Easy to insert and clean , but some water stayed inside of me for a long time and felt bloat it . Maybe not douching right before sex because the water keeps coming out for a while .