PinkCherry Cooling and Arousal Balm in .45oz/12.75g

Based On 290 Reviews

PinkCherry Cooling and Arousal Balm in .45oz/12.75g

Based On 290 Reviews


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Minty and tingly! (Anonymous)

I've used a few products that are similar to this and most are disappointing. This one however was quite delightful!

Love! (Anonymous)

Worth every penny!

Tasty Tip (Anonymous)

I make sure i put a little on my tip each time. The wife loves the taste... so how could i complain?

Product description

A silky smooth, naturally based, excitingly tingly treat that quickly increases sensitivity and enhances desire for both playmates, our signature Cherry Balm is the absolute perfect accompaniment to sex, foreplay and self-love.

Just a dab on the clitoris, nipples or head of the penis will naturally increase blood flow to the area, awakening nerve endings and making the body part in question much more sensitive to touch, breath, and overall sensation. A blend of natural ingredients makes Cherry Balm an ideal choice for delicate, easily irritated skin- skincare purists will love the fact that each ingredient is recognizable and naturally sourced. Included in this stimulating mix is soybean, cocoa, apricot hemp seed, jojoba, avocado and peppermint oils as well as shea butter. The discreet, portable little tin contains .3 oz (8.5g). *

*This product should not be used in combination with latex condoms.

  • Size: 0.45 oz
  • Flavor: Fruit, Spices
  • Special Features: Cooling

SKU: ZPC-006797 | UPC: 879959006797 | MPN: XPCLB001 (1273)

SKU: ZPC-006797 | UPC: 879959006797 | MPN: XPCLB001 (1273)

Ratings / Reviews

Works wonders (Anonymous)

Only need a little bit to feel the effect. Can last a while. feels great and would recommend.

Tingly fun (Anonymous)

Oooo the hot cool sensation tingles so add on

Not bad (Anonymous)

Not terrible but was definitely expecting more out of it. However for $3 you cant hurt it too much. Feels like a strong minty/cooling sensation. Minimal needed for the effect and the cooling doesn't get too bad I've found. All put together it doesn't do much for me but might for someone else.

Great! (Anonymous)

For what it's worth it's a pretty good product. Does what it's suppose to, but takes a while for it to work.

Amazing (Anonymous)

Gets me in the mood when I'm alone or with my husband. He enjoys it alone if I'm not home. Definitely gets the job done!

Minty (Anonymous)

container is pretty small, kind of like a lip balm container. Product is peppermint flavored and kind of waxy/ sticky. It worked well, heating and cooling with kissing and sucking. For the price it is very fun.

A little goes a long way (Nau)

First time using an arrousal balm and was not disappointed. The cooling sensation is perfect for a hot summer day. The tin is small and discreet so slip it in your purse so you have it on hand at any occasion!

Works great (Anonymous)

Warms things up nicely alone play or with a partner

WOW!!! (Heather)

Wow!!! A little sure does go a long way! It smells lightly of peppermint & has no taste. It will be a wonderful addition to oral.

Cool perfection (Anonymous)

Love the icy arousal this provides! Whether playing alone or with a partner it sure spices things up!

minty (Anonymous)

taking a guess saying it's peppermint based. i love peppermint so i don't mind. works great for me and her little goes a long way. if you don't notice a change add a little more and blow onto the area

Truly Incredible (Anonymous)

Not going to lie, I've always loved the idea of using a sensitizing balm, and finally worked up the courage to get one, and wow, why did I wait so long?

The balm is incredible. It works almost instantly for me, making everything cool and tingly. It's most intense for the first 5 minutes, however, the cool tingly feeling does last about 10 minutes, disappearing completely after no longer than 15 minutes.

As all of the other reviews say, a little does go a long way. The only downside is that is doesn't really do anything for my nipples. That being said, this is still one of my favourite, just not my favourite, product

Great Feeling! (Patrick)

Does what it says and well. Who could complain!

Amazing (Anonymous)

I was skeptical of it. I always am left disappointed with this type of product. I tried it on my husband and after he reported no change I thought great another miss. Man was I wrong! I tried a little anyways and now I'm addicted. If this came in a larger size id be so thrilled.

little box, great result! (Stéphanie)

Compact and easy to carry! Love to put it on my lips before pleasuring my boyfriend. Also great on my clit, but I don't fell much on my nipples. Nice flavor.

So so worth it! (Krista)

Got as an add on by chance, and I LOVE it! I've tried a few tingle products but this one is the only one that I find enjoyable! It's super convenient and can be used as lip glass too! Really good for the nipples and clit- I have trouble getting excited but this product works like a charm! Love it! Seriously its worth it!

a little goes a long way! (Deanna)

This stuff is great! Within seconds, I was feeling the effect and it just kept getting better and better. I'll definitely be ordering more because I just would not want to run out.

Great (Anonymous)

I get these pretty regularly, awesome for an add-on to make it to free shipping or a bachelorette party gift bag

Agréable (Sophie)

Très bon produit, moi et mon conjoint avons eu beaucoup de plaisir à l'essayer.

Amazing (Nat)

I was skeptical of buying it at first because it's like "c'mon, how is a balm made from herbs and oils going to do anything?" but OMG, it is fantastic. When applied to the sensitive areas, it provides a very nice tingling that really wakes up the nerves. Would highly recommend.

Works nicely (Anonymous)

I almost immediately felt it start to cool me down where applied and man was it intense! It also smells nice. I like it!

Love it (Anonymous)

I'm really impressed buy this item. Nice and cooling sensation. Worth trying for sure

Balm (Marlene)


Feels amazing (Anonymous)

My only complaint is that you can't use it with condoms, so I can only use it for solo play, but when I do it feels amazing. Great product and value, just wish it was usable for sex too.

Wow (Josie)

Ce produit est aussi bon que les autres aux prix exorbitant.

5 stars (Anonymous)

Ordered late on a Friday and it was here by Tuesday. Very nice peppermint smell

Awesome (Anonymous)

I love putting this on myself and my hubby. Makes the extra sensitive. Great lip balm too. If you order, order more then 1.

Ok (Anonymous)

More of just a cooling balm for me. Feels nice though

Feels great (Anonymous)

The tingling sensation feels awesome but I found it could sting at some points

Warming effect (No name)

Applied it on myself and gave an instant warming feeling. I love it. Now to try it tonight on the boyfriend. I'm sure he will love it. Yesterday he used the horny honey cream from this site and made him so sensitive! You only need a bit of these products and worth the price.