5 Best Sex Swings for a Little More Fun in the Bedroom

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5 Best Sex Swings for a Little More Fun in the Bedroom


These days, it seems a whole lot of us are looking for ways to get in touch with our wild side and heat up our sex life. Even if you are already 100% satisfied, there’s something alluring about exploring, experimenting and taking it to the next level. 

There are certainly tons of products out there to help you with all that erotic exploration from vibrators, to dildos, to cock rings, to sex swings… wait, what? Okay, I understand that last one might have caught some of you off guard. 

Sex swings are often treated like something appeals to only the kinkiest of people and has no place outside of a sex club or dungeon. This is, however, not accurate. Sex swings can be a fun, exciting, and surprisingly comfortable way to add something new to your bedroom play. What’s more, today’s sex swings are more accessible than ever. There are options for every taste and budget. 

Today we’re going to take a long hard look at sex swings. We’ll talk about what exactly they are, why people like them, how to choose the best one for you, and even what sex positions you can try to make the most of your swinging adventures. So, get ready, it’s time to get down and dirty with sex swings!


What Is A Sex Swing?

So, what exactly is a sex swing? It’s a hanging or suspension apparatus that involves straps, supports and springs that can hold you or you and a partner in certain sexual positions that aren’t (easily) possible on the ground. They allow for a supported weightless sensation because, well, they take gravity out of the equation.

Yes, they are sometimes viewed as kinky BDSM  items, but that’s definitely not the whole story. Sure, you might find a sex swing in a dungeon and you could definitely use one in an intense BDSM scene, but sex swings can also be simple sexual positioning devices that help make different positions comfortable and accessible, especially when you are experimenting with a new adult sex toys. That’s right, sex swings can be used to enhance any type of sexual play and can be, in some ways, extremely practical. 

There are multiple types of swings: suspension sex swings, door-mounted sex swings, and sex slings and each type has its own benefit. We will look into the different types in detail in just a minute but first, let’s take a little time to explore the the appeal of sex swings and ways they might be used. 

Why Do People Use Sex Swings?

Honestly, this is one of those “there are as many reasons as there are people who do it” scenarios. You could ask one hundred sex swing users why they choose to use a swing and get different answers from everyone. Most commonly, lots of folks try them out of curiosity or a desire to try something new and exciting. But there are a whole lot of other reasons folks take their sexy times into the air!


So we’ve discussed how, contrary to popular opinion, sex swings are not soley in the domain of kinkster. While that is true, sex swings are aesome for BDSM play. Some swings even include parts designed for restraining a partner. While it’s not the only reason folks use sex swings, BDSM play can be a terrific reason to use one!

To Try New Positions

Sex swings make it possible to try out positions that would have been impossible otherwise. Some positions require folks to be incredibly flexible acrobats to pull them off. Sex swings allow you to try out some of those very positions without pulling muscles or falling down. When one partner is suspended from a swing while the other is standing, things like standing sex are suddenly significantly easier. Sex swings let you expand your sexual horizons by working smarter not harder, and who doesn’t love that?

Zero Gravity

Let’s face it, most of use will never get the opportunity to have sex in space, but that doesn’t mean we have to surrender our dreams of zero gravity sexy times! When you use a swing, the partner who is suspended in said swing can recline fully, release their weight into the swing and enjoy the sensation of floating in the air while also enjoying sex. 

Practical Reasons

I know, what a dull way to talk about something as inherently exciting as a sex swing! That said, there are several legitimate and purely practical reasons why using a sex swing could be beneficial. For partners of very different heights, a swing can make sex more comfortable by helping everything line up a bit better. For people with disabilities, the support of a swing can be game changing when it comes to comfortably engaging in sex. Really, when you think about it, a sex swing can be a pretty practical addition to your bedroom!


5 Best Sex Swings

When you are shopping for a sex swing, there are a couple things you should know in order to make the right choice for you, your home, and your partner. First things first, there are different types of sex swings. So, let’s take moment to talk a bit about each different type of sex swing:


Suspension Sex Swing

Suspension sex swings which are probably what you first picture when you think of a sex swing. They are suspended from the ceiling or sometimes with a  sex swing stand and they really allow for that weightless flying sensation


Door Sex Swing

Door sex swings are more affordable, accessible, and easier to set up as they simply attach to a door. There are also fun door sex swing positions you can try. That said, they can be limiting in terms of sex swing position options. 


Sex Sling

This type of swing looks a bit like a hammock, and lets you or a partner lay or lean while being supported. These are the best for that “zero gravity sex” sensation we talked about, but they too have a bit less versatility when it comes to positions.

Things to consider when choosing a sex swing

Okay so now that you know what types of swings exist, you need to think about a couple of things to zero in on the best sex swing for you:



I don’t usually advise folks to start with budget as a first concern. As with many products, you can narrow your pickings down in other ways and then choose what fits your budget from that smaller field. However, sex swings can be a big financial commitment, so in this case, starting from “how much do I want to spend on this?” and seeing what your budget can get you makes sense. From there, you can pick a swing that checks all (or most of) your boxes.



How much space do you have? If the answer is “not much”, that might steer you to a door-mounted swing. If the answer is “TONS” you might want to consider a sex swing stand, as they allow you to have a fun suspension swing without screwing into your ceiling. 



Speaking of screws in your ceiling, how do you want to install your swing? Some options will require some tools and a bit of know-how, while others just require a good sturdy door. It’s really about choosing what will work best for you and your home. 


Weight Limit

In order to use your swing safely, you’ll want to know the sex swing weight limit. Swing weight limits tend to fall anywhere between 200 and 400 pounds. That might sound like a lot but if you and a partner are curious about positions where both of you are in the swing, a swing with a 200 pound limit might not be great for you.  



Do you want your body sex swing to have restraints? Should it spin? What if you could mount a dildo on the seat? Today’s sex swing selection has all of those options and more so think about what you might enjoy and go for it!

Still feel like you could use a little help deciding? No problem! Here are some of my favorite sex swing picks based on the above list:

Best Sex Swing on a Budget: Ouch! Deluxe Door Swing In Black

Best Sex Swing for Larger Spaces: Black & White Door Swing

Best No-Fuss Installation Sex Swing: The Trinity Sex Swing

Best Higher Weight Limit Sex Swing: Fantasy Bondage Pleasure Swing (up to 400lbs)

Best Sex Swing with Bonus Features: Special Edition Door Jam Sex Sling

Hopefully that helped get you a bit closer to finding the swing for you! Now let’s make sure you know how to use a sex swing safely!


Sex Swing Safety

More so that other bedroom accoutrement, sex swings warrant a talk about safety. There is a lot more to it than picking the right swing and installing it properly. Sex swing safety is something you have to pay attention to each and every time you use your swing-- from the first time to the hundredth. Here are some steps you can take to insure that your sex swing time is fun, sexy, and, above all, safe. 

Follow the instructions and take you time

Of course, make sure you always follow the instructions for the specific sex swing you're using and, especially when you first get it, take the time to set it up properly. Proper installation is a huge step towards safe sex swing use. 

Check your swing every. single. time

Even once you’ve gotten used to using your swing, keep checking it over before each and every use. Look for fraying, tearing, cracked or loose parts; check the stitching, the hardware, and your mounting point-- before every use. Safety first. 

Do not remove ceiling hooks

If you have a swing that is hanging from the ceiling, DO NOT remove your ceiling hook between uses. It can be tempting to do this as a means of being discreet but it will make your whole setup significantly weaker and, frankly, make you (or your partner) way more likely to get hurt.  If there is a reason you absolutely HAVE to take out your ceiling hook, be aware that you’ll need to reinstall your swing in a different location. 

Be kind to your body

This is something you’ll want to keep in mind any time you get on your swing. Sex swings allow us to contort our bodies in new and intersting ways which can be fun, but can also lead to injury. If your muscles start crying out, alert your partner and make adjustments to your arm or leg straps and your limb position. NOTE: Never adjust a swing that has someone on it. Dismount, then adjust.

Respect boundaries and provide aftercare

Discuss boundaries and agree on a safeword BEFORE anyone is in the air. This is especially true for BDSM play, but not a bad idea for everyone. Also, don’t forget aftercare. Check in with your partner to make sure everyone enjoyed the experience. 

Now that you know a bit about how to use a sex swing safely, let’s get to the fun stuff: sex positions! Read on to check out my favorite positions for suspension and door jam sex swings!


Sex Swing Positions To Get You Started

Suspension swings are fun and versatile. There are tons and tons of sex swing positions but these are some of my absolute favorites!


For Suspension Sex Swings



Your sex swing can help you experience the weightless sensation of flight AND it can help your partner hold you in positions that might cause one or both of you injury if you tried them on your own. A sex swing can make you both feel like sexual superheroes and this is one of the best positions for that! 

How it works:

The receiving partner lies face down on the swing’s harness so that their lower belly is resting on the seat and their chest is resting on the back support. The partner doing the penetration gets behind the receiving partner,  stands between their legs and holds onto their hips so they can safely put their feet into the harness’s stirrups. Once everyone is in sex position, the penetrating partner can use the swinging motion of the harness to go as hard and deep as both partners enjoy. 


Cowpoke Swing

If you like a good “receiving partner on top” sex position, this one’s for you. A big bonus of taking your cowpoke up onto a swing is that there are levels to it. Depending on your comfort, experience, or stamina, you can decide to take it easy and make it about rocking and grinding together, possibly with the penetrating partner’s feet planted on the ground or you can go hard, with both partners’ feet off the ground as the partner on top controls the intensity.  

How it works:

Start off with the penetrating partner sitting back in the swing with their feet on the floor. The receiving partner then straddles them and holds on to the swing’s adjustable straps for support as both partners grind and rock against each other. 

To take it to the next level, have the penetrating partner lie back in the swing and place their feet in the stirrups. The receiving partner straddles them so both partners are suspended in the air. Once in position, the receiving partner can start riding the penetrating partner, holding onto the swing’s strap both for support and to build a little momentum. Be aware that in this variation, the penetration can get quite deep. 


Spirit of 69

69 is a super fun position to do with a swing because, honestly, it sets you both up for comfort!

How it works:

One partner is on their back in the swing, with the adjustable straps around their back and the lower part of their seat and their feet in the stirrups leaving them completely suspended. The other partner stands, straddling the suspended partner’s head and keeps their feet planted on the ground. From there, the standing partner simply bends over and -- voila!-- 69.

For Door Jam Sex Swings

Door jam swings don’t offer quite as much versatility as suspension swings but there’s still a whole lot of fun to be had! These are my three absolute favorite positions for door jam sex swings. 


Stand and Deliver

Having sex standing up can come with a super-hot urgency that really takes things to the next level. Logistically, however, it can get a little tricky. Thankfully, a door sex swing can make stand up sex not only doable but super easy and fun!

How it works:

The receiving partner sits on the swing with their back facing the door. The penetrating partner comes to stand between their legs and penetrates them. The receiving partner can wrap their legs around the penetrating partner’s waist or you can experiment with different positions knowing the swing and the door are holding them in place. 

Supported Superhero

I’m not going to lie, the Superhero position that we discussed in the last section is one of my all-time favorite recommendations so OF COURSE I found a way to adapt it for a door jam swing! The bonus of this variation is that the receiving partner can place their feet on the wall/door giving them a bit more support and stability. 

How it works:

The receiving partner stands with their back to the door and their lower belly on the swing’s seat. The penetrating partner comes to stand behind them, between their body and the door. With the penetrating partner supporting them, the receiving partner leans forward to rest their weight on the swing and takes hold of the hand straps. From here the receiving partner can walk their feet up the door, coming into a horizontal position. The penetrating partner takes hold of their hips or thighs and starts thrusting. Once you get going the receiving partner can bend their knees to remove their feet from the wall for a free-floating experience.


G- Whiz

If you are ready to get flexible and you enjoy G-spot stimulation this is one you will want to check out!

How it works:

The receiving partner lies down on the swing on their back, placing one strap behind their mid-back and the other behind their tush. Then they place their legs atop the penetrating partner's shoulders (The penetrating partner can be either standing or kneeling depending on what works best for your specific swing) The penetrating partner leans forward causing the receiving partner’s legs to come toward their body and their hips to lift, making for super-deep penetration. If this doesn’t feel stable, the receiving partner can lean into the door for support. 


BONUS: To make the penetration even deeper the receiving partner can move the soles of their feet to the penetrating partner’s chest and keep their knees bent.

No matter why you choose to use one, sex swings can bring more fun into your bedroom. From wacky position experiments, to providing comfortable support, to allowing you to enjoy some zero gravity sexy time, sex swings have a lot to offer. Plus, but these days, sex swings are more accessible than ever with options that fit any taste or budget. So, what are you waiting for? Shop around to find the swing that fits your needs, take the time to install it properly, and get ready to explore!  

PinkCherry has a huge selection of suspension and door jam swings as well as restraints, blindfolds, vibrators, lubricant, and more! Let them hook you up with everything you need to have your best sex ever!

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