6 Best Anal Vibrators

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6 Best Anal Vibrators


These days, anal sex and butt play is more popular than ever. Once taboo, booty play is getting shout outs in movies and television shows, while anal how-to guides have popped up in even the most mainstream of magazines. It certainly seems that more people than ever are discovering the sexual pleasure potential of their or their partner’s butt! v

Don’t just take my word for it though, the biggest piece of evidence that butt play is more popular than ever is probably the HUGE selection of anal toys we now have at our disposal. Sure anal beads and butt plugs are nothing new, but recent years have seen more tricked out butt toys than ever before. These days it’s easy to find anal toys made with high end materials (like silicone) that are waterproof and rechargeable as well as booty toys that thrust, vibrate, rotate and more.

It can be a lot to take in but don’t be overwhelmed. Once you get to know these toys it gets a lot easier to know what’s what and to figure out what you want. To help you out with that, today I am focusing entirely on anal vibrators. There are so many different vibrating anal toys available and the technology is constantly evolving and improving. You can find vibrating anal toys in all different shapes, sizes, and price points. So let’s take some time to talk about anal vibrators. What are they? How do they work? How do you find the best one for you? And a whole lot more!


What Is An Anal Vibrator?

An anal vibrator is, perhaps obviously, a vibrating toy designed for anal stimulation. This can include butt plug-style toys as well as vibrating anal dildo, anal beads, probes, and your more typical vibrators. Now, you want to be VERY picky about which types of anal vibrators you use because, for real, the butt is a place where toys can become lodged, sometimes requiring medical intervention. For this reason, toys designed specifically for anal stimulation often have a flared or extra wide base or a suction-cup mount to anchor the toy securely outside the body during anal use.

Plus, some anal vibrators came with high-end bonus features like rotation, a range of vibration patterns and speeds, thrusting action, remote controls, USB rechargeability and more! These features offer users the ability to not only use the toy conveniently (a remote control means no having to reach back and adjust settings!) but also to mix and match different forms of stimulation to create entirely new and unique sensations.

Don’t get overwhelmed by all these options, though. The truth about anal vibrators-- and really any sex toy-- is that you are in charge of how you use them. So, if a mixture of intense forms of stimulation sounds like too much for you, skip it! Using sex toys should be fun so don’t be afraid to play around and see what you like at your own pace.

6 Best Anal Vibrators

When you are shopping for a sex toy, it’s important to remember that there’s really no such thing as a “best” toy overall, it’s always about what’s best for you. That said, there are 6 types of toys you should know about if you are looking for a vibrating anal toy. They all fall under the banner of “anal vibrators” even though they do some different stuff:


Vibrating Butt Plug

Butt plugs are a sex toy box staple. They typically feature an insertable end with a tapered shape for super easy insertion, a thin neck for comfort and a flared base to keep the plug safely anchored outside the body. There are lots of different butt plug sizes, shapes and designs, but the layout is pretty consistent. Butt plugs can feel good all on their own, but adding good vibrations can take the experience to a whole new level.

Vibrating butt plug pick: Renegade Mach 2 Prostate Stimulator


Vibrating Anal Beads

Anal beads are designed to stimulate the many extremely sensitive nerve endings that reside in the anus. That stimulation becomes even more intense with vibration. Anal beads typically consist of a series of orbs on a flexible cord,  but they can also be a series of orbs on a solid shaft, or they might be stacked directly atop one another to form a solid toy.

Vibrating anal bead pick: PinkCherry Vibrating Pleasure Beads


Vibrating Dildo

Dildos are incredibly versatile sex toys that can be used in a number of ways. They include an insertable shaft that could be made to look like anything from a nondescript smooth rod, to a lifelike penis, to an alien tentacle. A smooth dildo with a flared base is great for introducing vibration with a great depth of anal penetration. Plus, the base makes the dildo harness compatible, making it extra fun for partnered play.

Vibrating dildo pick: WhipSmart Slimline 5 Inch Vibe 


Vibrating Prostate Stimulator 

A prostate stimulator is a toy that assigned male at birth (AMAB) folks can use to stimulate their prostate. They are typically curved to target the prostate, which can also make them useful for assigned female at birth (AFAB) folks who wish to stimulate the G-spot during anal play (because, yeah, you can do that!). Vibrating prostate stimulators take a lot of the work out of the process by handling the stimulation for you.

Vibrating prostate stimulator pick: CalExotics Wireless Pleasure Probe


Multi-Piece Anal Vibrator Set

It can be helpful to have size options, especially for people who are new to butt play, This is why a set that comes with multiple sizes and shapes can be both fun and economical.

Multi-piece anal vibrator set pick: Pink Elite Supreme Anal Play Kit (it comes with 2 sizes of plugs, three sizes of anal beads, and a rechargeable bullet vibe. Pink Elite Supreme Anal Play Kit (it comes with 2 sizes of plugs, three sizes of anal beads, and a rechargeable bullet vibe. Be sure to brush up on how to use a bullet vibe if you do decide to choose this type.


Anal-Safe Wand Massager Attachments

If you already have a powerful wand massager on hand, you have an opportunity to explore intense anal vibrations. A anal massager attachment adds a penetrator to the head of a massage wand. Instant anal vibe!

Anal-safe wand massager attachments pick: Bang! Mini Wand and Silicone Attachment Set


Selecting an Anal Vibrator 

Now that you know the types of anal vibrators that exist, you’re ready to think about what anal sex toy is right for you. There are a couple of things you want to think about when shopping for the best anal vibrator for you.


What is your budget?

You always want to head into sex toy shopping knowing how much money you want to spend. There are so many different sizes, shapes, features, and toy materials available and a super easy way to narrow the field a bit is rule out the ones that fall outside your budget. 

What material is it made of? 

You want to know what material you want the anal vibrator to be made of. In terms of cleanliness, nonporous materials are your best bet. This includes silicone, glass, aluminum and ABS plastic. From there, you can narrow your choice based on things like texture. For example, of those options, only silicone will produce a soft toy with some give to it. You can also think about how different materials can be used. Things like aluminum and glass can be used for temperature play, while silicone and plastic not so much.

What shape do you want?

Anal vibrators come in a lot of different shapes. If you think you might want something girthy, check out butt plugs. If depth is what you are going for, a dildo might do you better. If you’re interested in prostate stimulation or G-spot stimulation during your anal play, look for something with a curve. There are so many different shapes available, so think about what sounds best to you.

Is it safe?

The answer we want here is “yes.” We make sure of that by only choosing adult sex toys with flared bases or strong suction cup mounts. Why is this? As we mentioned earlier, it is possible for toys to become lodged in the rectum, requiring medical intervention to get them out. That is, obviously, no fun at all. So, remove that possibility from the equation by making sure whatever anal vibrator you choose has a base that is significantly larger than the widest part of the vibe. That base will keep your toy securely anchored outside the body. Think of this fun little rhyme:  Without a base, without a trace!


How big should it be?

Sometimes, toys look like they will feel awesome. Then we get them home and they are just too big to use comfortably. Bummer. So, if you are just starting out with anal sex toys, start small. Consider a plug set with multiple sizes, that way you can start small, then move on to bigger options when you’re ready.


Rechargeable or Batteries?

With vibrating toys, there’s always the question of how that vibration is powered. There can be pros and cons to each answer. Rechargeable toys never require new batteries, but they can cost a bit more up front. Plus, when they do die, you’ll have to wait for them to recharge again. Battery operated toys can be powered back up as quickly as you can change the batteries, but you’ll be buying batteries over the lifetime of the toy.


Do you want extras?

These days, sex toys - anal vibrators definitely included - come with all sorts of bells and whistles. This can run the gamut from remote control operation, to boasting all sorts of functions in addition to the vibration, like thrusting or swirling. There are even long distance vibrators for anal play as well! Think about what you’d like your toy to do, and use that info to help zero in on your best pick. 


How Do You Use An Anal Vibrator?

Okay, so you’re ready to try an anal vibrator, but how do you do it? Good news! This is almost entirely up to you! Apart from some safety precautions which we will address here, you are the captain of your own pleasure ship! So let’s talk about how to safely and pleasurably use an anal vibrator.

Wash up

If you are concerned about encountering poop, try to time your anal vibe session for at least an hour after a bowel movement. Also, have a warm shower and thoroughly wash the anal area. 

It’s not just you that should be washed up, you want to clean your toys too. Seriously. Do it before and after each use. This will help avoid infection and generally keep everything comfortable.


Keep things slippery

Lubricant is awesome! It keeps things slippery and comfortable, which is great for any sex act. When it comes to butt play, however, using anal lube is non-negotiable. While the vagina can self-lubricate, the anus cannot, so you always want to have plenty of lube at the ready when you are engaging in anal play. I recommend a thick water-based anal lube or a silicone anal lubricant. Just be sure to check that the anal lube you use is compatible with your toy material.


Start with what you know

Try out your typical masturbation routine (if you have one). It’s good to start with something you are comfortable with and an orgasm may help relax your sphincter muscles. You can even try guided masturbation to help you relax.


Go slow

Give your body plenty of time to warm up, relax, and get comfortable before you insert anything. Try some pre-insertion massage with lubed up fingers or a vibrating toy. As you get more comfortable, you can slowly experiment with inserting your toy and then add in the vibration as well as any other fun stuff your toy can do.


Listen to your body

Pain, swelling, and blood are all signs that something is wrong, and you should stop what you are doing and, if the problem persists, see a doctor.

Include other erogenous zones

Is it possible to achieve orgasm via anal masturbation? Absolutely. But that’s no reason to forgo the sexual pleasure you could experience if you add in other kinds of stimulation. If you are up for even more anal pleasure (and, really, who isn’t?), think about combining anal masturbation with simulation of the clitoris, G-spot, penis, scrotum, nipples, or whatever else feels good to you! 


Add on

If you are enjoying yourself, you might consider adding a partner-- or maybe just a different type of sex toy-- to your anal play. There are lots of ways to experiment so once you become comfortable with anal masturbation, feel free to add to your experience.

Anal vibrators are a fun and exciting way to incorporate some experimentation into your sexy time, and now that you know the facts, you can check out PinkCherry’s huge selection of vibes and see what you want to try!


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