6 Best Wearable Vibrators

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6 Best Wearable Vibrators


When you’re shopping for adult sex toys, you’ll probably notice that there are many, many different types, styles and various selections available these days. Vibrators and dildos and impact toys, oh my! With that in mind, how can an intrepid pleasure hunter such as yourself select the right toy for maximum pleasure? Well, your best bet is to study up on the different types so you a) understand what they are and b) can find one that does what you want.

I know, I know! Studying? About sex toys? This isn’t school! It’s true, it’s not. It’s a whole lot more fun than that! Plus, I'm not going to send you off to hunt for all this info yourself, no, no! I, your friendly neighborhood sex writer, am here to break it down for you! In the past we’ve taken in-depth looks at all sorts of toys from thrusters to strokers to anal probes and more. Today we’re going to take another sex toy deep dive! The toy category in question? The best wearable vibrators!

Brace yourself because this is actually a pretty big category that encompasses several different toy styles. We’ll be specifically focusing on wearable vibrators designed to stimulate folks with vulvas (because after all, vibrating cock rings and anal plugs are wearable but we only have so much time!). We’re going to look at what a wearable vibrator is, why you might use one, the different types or wearable vibrators available to you, what you might do with those toys and a whole lot more. Read on to learn everything you didn’t even know you wanted to know about wearable vibrators!


What is a wearable vibrator?

Wearable vibrators are, perhaps obviously, vibrators that are meant to be worn on one’s body, and can stay in place without the user holding them there. There are a lot of different wearable vibrator styles, but many are meant to stimulate the clitoris and, as such, are worn pressed against the vulva. Others, however, are designed for internal stimulation, and at least part of the toy is designed for penetration. Others still are meant to enhance sexual intercourse and can be worn during penetration, providing stimulation for both partners. Finally, many wearable vibrators of all styles can be operated via remote control or, because we live in the future, via an app that allows the user to control the toy from miles and miles away.

That description really just scratches the surface of wearable vibrator options. There are so many different styles, shapes, and sizes available. Whichever kind you use, wearable vibrators can be a fun and unique way to explore stimulation on your own or with a partner. 

Why do people use wearable vibrators?

There are so many different reasons one might use a wearable vibrator! They can provide several different forms of stimulation:

  • Clitoral stimulation. Many wearable vibes sit right against the clitoris, making them perfectly placed for folks who enjoy clitoral stimulation
  • G-spot stimulation. Some wearable vibes penetrate the body allowing them to deliver stimulation directly to the G-spot.
  • Simultaneous dual stimulation of the both clitoris and G-spot. There are even wearable vibrators that are designed for both internal and external stimulation which allows the G-spot and clitoris to be stimulated simultaneously.

Additionally, they can offer a whole array of different experiences. Here are just a couple of suggestions:

  • Hands-free masturbation. As the toy is wearable, once it is in position and turned on, it can do all the work for you as you lay back and enjoy.
  • Hands-free stimulation during partnered sex. That last point is also true for use during partnered sex. A wearable vibrator can stay in place and do its thing while you and your partner focus on each other.
  • Long distance sex play. When you are far away from your partner it can be fun to experiment with ways you can give each other pleasure even when you aren’t in the same place. App-controlled wearable vibrators allow you to do just that.
  • Kinky public experimentation. If you really feel like exploring something a bit risque and exciting, one partner can wear the toy while the other handles the controls. Then you can go to dinner, a movie, whatever and the partner wearing the toy can try to keep their composure while the toy stimulates them. Please note: It is never cool to rope unaware people into your sex play without consent. So no “I’ll make you orgasm while you talk to the waiter!” It’s just not cool. That waiter is just trying to do his job. 

These are just a few of the ways you can explore stimulation and sexual pleasure with a wearable vibrator. Honestly, with a wearable vibe, the potential is limited only by your imagination. 


6 Best Wearable Vibrators

Now that we know what a wearable vibrator is and how they can be beneficial, we can start talking about finding the best one for you. Something to remember is that there’s never a universal “best” toy that works for everyone, it’s always a question of what works best for each individual person. To help you on the journey towards finding your ideal wearable vibe, we’ll take a moment to review some of the different types that exist. 

These are, in my opinion, the 6 quintessential wearable vibrator types, and being familiar with them will help you find your perfect wearable vibe match. Something to keep in mind as you read through these is that while I have separated them into six different types, there’s a lot of overlap between the types. For example egg vibrators can function as panty vibes, couples vibes can also be g-spot stimulating vibes, and literally any of the vibes on this list can be remote control vibes. Okay, now let’s get down to it. 

Panty Vibes/Vibrating Panties:

When it comes to popularity, panty vibes are probably the best known wearable vibrators. It’s important to know that there are actually two different types, thus the “panty vibe” vs ”vibrating panties” distinction. 

A panty vibe is typically a vibrator that is designed to sit securely inside any pair of panties. This can be nice because they can be used with lingerie (or even just cotton undies) that you already have which can make them a bit more comfortable. Additionally, standalone panty vibes like the PinkCherry Pulse-A-Nator Pleasure Panty Vibe tend to be a bit more advanced with more features and benefits - like being waterproof and/or rechargeable.

Vibrating panties, like the My Secret Remote Vibrating Panty Set, on the other hand, are a separate product, and their name is a bit of a misnomer as the panties themselves do not actually vibrate. What they actually are is underwear that features a pouch intended to house a small vibrator like a bullet vibrator or an egg vibe.

Vibrating panties and panty vibes are versatile toys that allow for hands-free stimulation. Many come equipped with a variety of vibration pattern settings and speeds and can be worn discreetly for public play. Many, like the PinkCherry From a Distance Remote Panty Vibe even come with a remote control so you or a partner can discreetly turn them on or off, and some can even be controlled via an app so a long distance partner can be in control of the action. On the downside, vibrating panties tend to be a one-size-fits-all situation, which might not fit comfortably, and panty vibes can require a bit of trial and error in terms of figuring out how to get the toy in the right position and which pair of underwear works best with your toy.

Egg Vibrators

You can recognize an egg vibrator by its distinctive pyramid-like shape. JK, egg vibrators are, of course, shaped like eggs! Often equipped with a retrieval string (for pulling the toy out when using it internally, these popular little powerfully buzzy wonders are also known as vibrating eggs or even “vibrating love eggs”. Yes, really.

Now, truth be told, egg vibes are not strictly wearable vibrators, they can really be used anywhere on your body where intense or powerful vibration might feel good. That said, they are a solid option for use as a panty vibe; most egg vibes can be easily positioned in a pair of panties to provide stimulation to the vulva or clitoris. Additionally, as long as they feature a retrieval string (not all do, so please be aware) they can be inserted vaginally.  

There are a whole lot of features that are available in vibrating eggs that make them a fun addition to your toy box. First off, egg vibes are generally pretty small in size. They can fit easily in the palm of the hand, or as we already mentioned, they can be tucked into a pair of panties. This makes them great picks for folks looking for a discreet hands free vibrator that’s easy to take on the go. Secondly, even though vibrating eggs are small, they can still pack quite a punch. Many feature multiple vibration mode intensities and speeds as well as vibration patterns. Finally, sex toys, in general, have become more advanced and amassed more and more features. Egg vibrators are no exception. These days there are waterproof eggs, rechargeable eggs, and remote controllable eggs. There are even, as in the case of the Frisky Scrambler Remote Egg Vibe, eggs that are all of the above. Don’t sleep on these little wonders, they may look unassuming, but they can actually be quite impressive.


Butterfly Vibrators

The term butterfly vibrator can actually include a whole number of different sex toys that function by fluttering against the clitoris (sometimes with wings that cover a large amount of the vulva). Some “butterfly vibrators” look like a butterfly while others don’t. Some are wearable while others are not. For the sake of our wearable vibrator deep dive, we will be talking about the wearable forms of butterfly vibrators. There are, generally speaking, 3 different types of wearable butterfly vibrators:

  1. The OG Butterfly Vibrator:  This is the butterfly that started it all! This uber-recognizeable sex toy classic typically features adjustable straps that wrap around the thighs or waist and attach to the wings of the butterfly. These straps hold the remote control vibrator firmly against the clitoris. A prime example of the OG Butterfly is the PinkCherry Wearable Butterfly Vibe.
  2. The Remote Control Operated Butterfly: This one often looks a whole lot like the OG but comes equipped with a remote control. This allows partners to control the vibration speed and intensity. If the remote control range allows, the toy can even be controlled from a distance. The Wireless Venus Butterfly Wearable Vibe is a great example of a remote control butterfly. 
  3. The Penetrating Butterfly: Because sometimes you want to explore multiple levels of penetration, some butterfly vibrators come with a shaft designed to penetrate the vagina. Some of these, like the Fantasy For Her Ultimate G-Spot Butterfly Strap-On Vibe come with the same straps as the other butterflies we have discussed while others, such as the Venus Butterfly Pulsating G Vibe, are held in place by the insertable shaft. 

Wearable G-spot Vibrators

Looking for a wearable g spot vibrator? We just mentioned how some butterfly vibrators have shafts for penetration and G-spot stimulation, but for G-spot lovers out there, butterflies are not your only options. There are several wearable vibrators designed for g-spot stimulation. Some, like the Curve Vibe With Wristband Remote concentrate the stimulation internally. Others, like the Gender X Velvet Hammer Remote Wearable Vibe can deliver powerful clitoral stimulation as well as G-spot lovin’ to help you achieve powerful orgasms that incorporate both parts. If you want even more options, you might consider something like the OMG Plaisir+ Wearable Thrusting Clitoral & G-Spot Vibe, which incorporates thrusting into its internal stimulation game.

Most wearable G-spot vibrators are designed to be held in place via their insertable shaft. Technically these probably could come along with you for a night on the town but it might not be a very comfortable plan in the long term. For frisky public play, I recommend sticking to the clitorally focused wearable vibrators. 

It is also worth noting that many couples vibes (a category we will get to in just a moment) are designed to deliver G-spot stimulation. Some do it via a motor in the internal portion of the toy while others rely on pressure to do the job.


Couples Vibrators

This is a tricky one because it is believed by many-- myself included-- that just about any vibe can be a “couples vibe”. That said, the term Couples Vibrator typically refers to vibrators intended to be worn during intercourse. They typically have a C shape that allows one end to sit outside the body and stimulate the clitoris while the other end goes inside the vagina where it can stay and provide some G-spot stimulation while the wearer engages in penetrative intercourse. 

Of course there’s no rule saying intercourse must happen while wearing a couples vibrator. They stay in place pretty well even when penetration is not happening, and are a popular choice for hands free clitoral stimulation during other activities like spanking, anal sex, BDSM, or while performing oral sex. 

Many couples vibrators come with remote controls or the ability to control the toy via a smartphone app. This makes them super easy to use either long distance via an app, or in the heat of the moment when it might be a bit more convenient to use a small, unobtrusive handheld remote. 


Remote Control Vibrators

This is not really a category unto itself but it’s an important thing to be aware of when you are considering wearable vibrators. Right now the sex toy market features TONS of wearable sex toys that can be controlled remotely. Some, like the PinkCherry Wearable Butterfly Vibe feature a classic wired remote tethered to the toy by a cord. Others, like the PinkCherry Pulse-A-Nator Pleasure Panty Vibe, feature a wireless remote that can control the toy within a certain distance. Some, as is the case with toys from companies We-Vibe and Satisfyer, come with a smartphone app that allows the toy to be controlled from just about anywhere in the world. Options!

When it comes to remote controls there are a whole lot of options! It’s important to know whether you want some remote capabilities when you are shopping, because while many toys offer some version of this feature, others don’t.

So, what’s so great about remote control vibrators? Well there are three big reasons that -- whether you are playing solo or with a partner-- a remote control is a good idea.

  1. Convenience: The thing about wearable sex toys is that once they are in place, reaching down to adjust settings can be awkward and inconvenient, for instance, while masturbation during pregnancy. This makes having a remote control ideal. You can stay comfortable and explore vibration mode speeds, intensities, patterns and more!
  2. Sexy partner play: Masturbating in relationship? There’s something intensely hot about giving a partner total control over your stimulation, and a remote control can do just that. Whether you are at home and just want them to run the show or if you are taking your wearable vibe out on the town and want to give them the opportunity to tease you, remote controls open up a whole new world of partnered fun.
  3. Long distance loving: Speaking of a whole new world of partnered fun, app-enabled toys make it possible to connect with long distance partners like never before. When you and your partner are far apart, it can be frustrating to not be able to touch each other and while nothing can really replicate that experience, toys that allow for long-distance app based control do give you a way to physically stimulate each other across the miles.

As we discussed earlier, these categories are not always totally separate. In fact there can be a TON of overlap. For example the Fantasy For Her Ultimate G-Spot Butterfly Strap-On Vibe is a remote control vibe, a butterfly vibe, a G-spot vibe, and vibrating panties all at once. So if more than one category sounds good to you, have no fear, you can definitely find things that combine multiple features. Make note of the things that appeal to you, and then look for the toys that check your boxes. I understand narrowing down the options in such a huge toy category might still be a bit daunting so let’s take some time to talk about how to make that process as easy as possible, with just a couple of questions! 


Selecting a Wearable Vibrator

Whether you are exploring hands-free masturbation, adding a new sensation to intercourse with a partner, or letting someone who is far away control the toy (and your orgasm!) there’s no question that wearable vibrators can be a whole lot of fun. With so many sexy options, you may wonder how you can zero in on the right one for you. I’ve got you covered! Here are some questions you want to ask yourself before you go shopping for your own wearable vibe:

  • How do I want to use it? (Partnered sex? Solo sex? Long-distance sex? Public play? All of the above? You have options!)
  • What features do I want?
  • How strong do I need it to be?
  • Do I want it to be discreet (i.e. quiet)?
  • What is my budget?

Your selection will come down to personal preference and taking some time to think about what you actually prefer will help you avoid getting pulled in by a toy that looks really fun and cool but isn’t actually what you need. Additionally, these questions can help you narrow your focus as your budget might rule out some toys while wanting your vibe to have a remote control will rule out others. Going through the whole list will help you see which toys fit your criteria and, in doing so, eliminate a bunch of options for you. 

When you’re ready to shop for your very own wearable vibrator, head on over to PinkCherry! Not only do they have an enormous selection of wearable vibes to choose from, but this totally stocked-up website offers lingerie, lubricant, sexual wellness products and much more. It is truly one-stop shopping for all your sexy needs!


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